whatsapp monitoring app
WhatsApp Tracking
With Auto Forward

Track your child’s WhatsApp messages instantly!

whatsapp monitoring app
Snapchat Tracking
With Auto Forward
View your child’s Snaps, messages, and more
  • Ability to capture WhatsApp app activities.
  • Capable of tracking WhatsApp messages, including the deleted ones.
  • View all sent, received, uploaded, and downloaded multimedia files.
  • Efficiently monitor and manage WhatsApp contacts list.
  • Grants you real-time access to the target device.

Auto Forward WhatsApp Tracking App

The Auto Forward iPhone and Android Phone Tracking App enable users to view their child’s WhatsApp app account activities. With Auto Forward, parents can view all messages and content exchanged within the app. Also, you can view their contacts to ensure it’s people they know. 
On WhatsApp, your child can communicate with anyone, including their friends and family. However, without proper monitoring, they could be in contact with strangers and criminals targeting them.
whatsapp tracking app
Who Is Your
Child Talking With
On WhatsApp?

Auto Forward Is
Compatible With:

  • Works On Android Phones Including Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, HTC, LG, and Google Pixel.
  • Works On iPhone 5 – 13 and all iPads.
  • Operating Systems: Android 3 – 11 & iOS 7 – 15

Secure & Safe Monitoring Software
Auto Forward is clean of any adware, spyware, or viruses. 

Money Back Guarantee
The Auto Forward iPhone and Android Tracking Apps come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Customer Support
Have questions about Auto Forward? You can contact our expert customer support technicians who would be happy to help.

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Thanks to Auto Forward, I don’t have to stay up the whole night worrying where my kids are or whether they are, indeed, where they told me they will be. Also, my daughter’s a huge fan of WhatsApp and thanks to Auto Forward, I’m at peace that she’s not exposed to inappropriate conversations or content.

Penny, North Carolina

I’ve decided to expand my retail business online and one of the digital platforms we use is WhatsApp. Since I’ve been downloading Auto Forward on the devices I issue to my employees for a couple of years now, I’ve been hitting my desired productivity outputs. The filters and alerts features are super helpful.

Hans, New York

The updates are real-time. I get notified of new WhatsApp messages as soon as they’re received on the target device. And I still get to view chats that are immediately deleted which is really cool!

Rob, Alabama

What Is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a free third-party messaging app that enables users to instantly communicate with other users from anywhere across the globe. This cross-platform communications software allows users to send and receive chat messages, voice messages, video calls, audio calls, GPS locations, photos, videos, files, and any other content.

Aside from its exciting and efficient features, several users choose WhatsApp because of the accessibility and privacy it offers. Despite being mainstream and one of the most trusted messaging apps, WhatsApp is no exemption from the dangers lurking on the internet. This is one of the main reasons why Auto Forward added the WhatsApp tracking tool to its already robust collection of tracking and monitoring features.

WhatsApp Monitoring with Auto Forward

Auto Forward cell phone tracking app for WhatsApp is one of the best tools you could get! And we’re not merely saying this from a biased perspective. We have over a million satisfied customers across the globe to support our statements.

Unlike free or basic WhatsApp tracking apps, Auto Forward offers intricate and efficient monitoring. It’s programmed with algorithms capable of automatic and in-depth data extraction. With minimal to no user input, this monitoring software silently works in the background, automatically extracting and transmitting data without compromising the device or any other installed application. 

Auto Forward makes use of the newest and latest technologies to ensure complete and accurate outputs. Despite the complexity of codes and algorithms utilized, this monitoring software offers one of the most organized and straightforward interfaces. Its smart and intuitive dashboard makes WhatsApp monitoring much easier.

What Does Auto Forward Offer Besides WhatsApp Tracking? 

More than just being an efficient WhatsApps tracking tool, Auto Forward also makes a reliable parenting and business tool. It’s programmed to regulate the use of devices and third-party apps like WhatsApp, resulting in safer and more productive visual access.

Regardless of the package that you’ll be availing of, you’ll surely get great value for your money from what Auto Forward has to offer. 

  • Monitoring Features

Real-time monitoring of GPS locations, SMS text messages, call logs, emails, browser history, photos, video, audio files, social media platforms, and installed apps.

  • Parental Controls

Built-in settings that are meant for safety and security, including search alerts, content blocking, site and app filters, and more.

  • Remote Access

Remotely access and control certain features and tools, including the device’s camera, microphone, and screen lock. The software can also be remotely uninstalled anytime.

  • Customer Support 

In the rare instances that you’ll be needing Auto Forward’s assistance, you may reach out to our customer support anytime. We have a team of live tech experts who are just one call or message away.