Parental Monitoring

Who Are The Top Users of Android and iPhone Monitoring Software?

The best iPhone monitoring software Auto Forward can, no doubt, be used by anyone. But of course, they are made for specific people. And, when you ask software developers, cell phone monitoring apps are actually intended for parental and employer use. They are the top two users of such tools.

And here are the reasons why.

Parental Monitoring

Everyone knows how the digital revolution has given way to more comfortable living where we get our needs easier and faster. Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks to the advancement of technology.

Cell phone and internet use have exposed more and more people, especially children, to different kinds of digital dangers. And these dangers include:

  1. Sexual predators who hide behind their mobile device screen and prey on innocent children. They start their crimes by simply befriending kids through social media and other online platforms and groom them into lowering their guard. Once trust is established, the abuse comes in. And it brings serious consequences to the victims, which they can bring with them well into their adult life.
  2. Cyberbullies and trolls abound in social media pages. And they are there to make other people’s lives difficult. They harass and throw insulting messages and posts degrading comments about others. While adults can dismiss such remarks, children are a different story. They are easily affected and they can succumb to depression, which can send their worlds spiraling downwards. When that happens, it can be quite difficult to bring them back to their old, happy selves.
  3. Cybercriminals like identity thieves and child traffickers can lure children into giving them what they want. This would include sensitive personal information or even that of their families. The worst part is that child traffickers can entice children into meeting up alone, pretending to be someone else, and catch them off guard.
  4. There is also harmful information that can exploit children’s minds on the internet. And these negative content, like violence and pornography, can be easily found. When children get to see and read such things, the effects on their minds can be disturbing, which is what parents would not want to happen.

This is how important monitoring apps are for parents and children.

Moreover, family members can make use of cell phone spy software if they have elderly loved ones who tend to wander. Monitoring apps can trace the location of people who easily get lost. This is quite helpful for those with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Employee Monitoring

It is no secret how monitoring apps are helping companies achieve their goals and be successful. This is why more and more employers are utilizing these tools.

Here’s how employee monitoring apps contribute greatly to businesses.

  1. Employee productivity can be significantly increased. Knowing that company higher-ups are monitoring their work can motivate employees to work harder and prevent slacking off on the job. Plus, errors can be seen as they are being made, which can be stopped.
  2. Different workplace problems can be prevented. These include bullying, harassment, and theft. When employers utilize monitoring apps, they can discover problems that don’t usually reach their attention. And these can be greatly reduced and avoided.
  3. Security within the company will be effectively established. Company secrets will be guarded well from unauthorized usage and from hackers. So, confidential data that belongs to the company stays with the company. Also, employers can ensure that safety protocols and company rules are followed, which can strengthen the security of both the workers and bosses.

Using computer and monitoring software is not as easy as you think, though. Sure, it is easy to use, technically-speaking, especially when Auto Forward is the app you utilize. The user-friendly design and simple navigation allow for effortless usage.

However, the monitoring is where the easy part lies. You need to know that there are rules to comply when you decide to track someone’s cell phone use, whether it’s your children or employees.

And this is usually where the problem with monitoring apps lies. Since basically anyone can get their hands on this software, they, unfortunately, abuse the supposedly helpful features that monitoring apps offer. Their use goes way beyond what is helpful, which gives way to negative effects, where dangerous consequences follow.

And who are these people who abuse Android and iPhone monitoring software?

  1. Suspicious spouse or partner. Problems in relationships cannot be avoided. But when trust is broken and spy apps get into the picture, especially when one is not aware of the monitoring, abuse soon follows. There are already a number of reports about spy apps being used as a tool for abuse. And this is something that is illegal.
  2. Controlling and abusive parents. No matter how parents say they use spy apps to protect children, too much use of it is already considered abuse of power. And it usually does more harm than good. No matter how young children are, they need to know they are being monitored and why. Plus, constant monitoring is considered a no-no.

There is no denying the usefulness of cell phone spy apps. They can indeed help in the protection of the target phone user.

And, thankfully, the GDPR exists to limit the abusive use of monitoring software. This law protects both the user and the one being monitored.

But what is the GDPR all about?

According to Wikipedia, the General Data Protection Regulation is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy. It aims primarily to give control to individuals over their personal data and to simplify the regulatory environment for international business by unifying the regulation within the EU.

With the help of the GDPR, every person’s data is protected and the use of monitoring software will be regulated.

So, when you have the need to monitor your children’s cell phone activities or your employees’ work during working hours, there is no reason for you to second thought your decision. As long as you comply with the GDPR, everyone will greatly benefit.

Now, you only need to find out more about Auto Forward. Learn how to use it and make sure you do use it for the right reasons. Check out the website today.

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