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The Best Parental Control Monitoring Software Are The Best Things Since Sliced Bread

There is no point denying the fact that there are now so many things better than sliced bread, and the best parental phone monitoring software, Auto Forward, is just that, for parents that is. This is what advancement in technology has given us, a chance to better take care of our kids through effective monitoring of their mobile devices. Every parent would jump at the opportunity to do so.

With all the dangers of cell phones and the internet that you hear and read about, it is just right that you find stricter and better ways to handle your parenting so that such dangers are kept at bay and your children stay safe. But since children can be quite secretive and would not get caught sharing what goes on in their social lives with their parents, parenting got a lot harder.

Fortunately, that thing way better than sliced bread, or simply called monitoring apps, is our weapon against technology and against children, themselves. After all, it is mostly our children’s actions that get them into trouble. And if parents don’t do their part and monitor kids’ cell phone activities, children will definitely fall into dangerous situations.

But Just What is it that Makes Cell Phone Monitoring Apps The Best Parenting Tool Today?

Let Us Know The Top Reasons Why.

  1. It lets you know who your child texts or calls. Of course, you will want to know who your children’s acquaintances are. And what better way to do that than to simply check their contacts list, messages, and call history? You don’t have to monitor all these all the time. Doing random checks and only reading those that seem suspicious can be enough to thwart the dangers such as scammers and sexual predators that prey on children through text messages and calls, pretending to be someone else.
  2. It can warn you of sexting. If you don’t know what this term means, you might be shocked when you find out that your child sends and receives sexually explicit messages, images, and even videos. This kind of activity can have negative consequences, especially for a young child. And the effects can haunt everyone for years. Imagine if your teenage daughter sends nudes photos of herself to her “boyfriend”. Then, she finds out that her picture is being disseminated everywhere online. Even if it gets deleted and those who shared it were punished, her picture can still pop up somewhere in the World Wide Web, even after many years.
  3. It will let you know when your children use their device longer than you allowed. If you have banned the use of cell phones during bedtime, at school, and during study sessions, you will want to make sure that your rules are being followed. Unfortunately, kids have a way around such rules and they can even sneak in some phone time way after bedtime. If you don’t want your children to use their mobile devices excessively and prevent the harmful effects of such use, monitoring their phones when they are not allowed to use it is an effective method.
  4. It will help you screen the content your child is being exposed to. With cell phones and the internet, who knows what children are seeing and reading? It can be anything from violent stuff to pornography and other inappropriate things. And it can do a lot to influence and even damage a young child’s way of thinking. Moreover, apps and games can have the same unsuitable content, too. You may think your child is safe playing a children’s game on his device. But some of these games can be a medium for sexual predators to harm them. And it can show gory, bloody things, as well as sexual images and videos.
  5. It can let you in on any incidence of cyberbullying. This is something that has been happening more frequently, especially with teens. And now, even young children are capable of being bullies. However, victims of bullying are sometimes afraid to speak out for fear of being harassed or humiliated even more. Thus, parents become unaware of the problems that their children are suffering from. When it continues, depression might ensue. And this can be deadly for children because there are people who resorted to taking their own lives due to bullying. Whether your child is a victim or the bully, it is important to identify the presence of this act.

This list sums up the top reasons why cell phone monitoring apps like Auto Forward are some of the greatest parenting tools today. With its help, children can stay safe and secure even with all the digital threats around them. They can enjoy the benefits of cell phones and the internet and be entertained with all that they can do with it, as long as they use it responsibly.

But while Auto Forward is always available to help us with our monitoring needs, it is still important, and probably the best strategy, to educate children about the dangers they face when they use their mobile devices. Make sure they know how to recognize these dangers and how to keep themselves safe when they are in these kinds of situations.

And don’t abuse these parental aides. Respect your children’s privacy, all the while letting them know why you are checking their phones. When they have proven their responsibility, you can give them a little slack with your monitoring. Just keep your parental instincts up so you can catch anything suspicious or potentially risky and step in before it gets ahold of your child.

So, who wants sliced bread when you have the best cell phone spy apps to help keep your children safe?

Learn more about Auto Forward and what else it can help you with, other than as a parental tool because it has other uses than just being your partner in protecting your children. And start helping your children stay safe and become responsible cell phone users.

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