kik tracking auto forward

Kik Tracking
With Auto Forward

View your child’s Kik messages


Kik Tracker App Auto Forward

Kik Tracking
With Auto Forward

View your child’s Kik messages


  • View your child’s Kik messages, even if they are deleted.
  • See what groups they’re a part of.
  • Make sure your child is contacting only friends and family members.

Auto Forward Kik Messenger Tracker

The Auto Forward iPhone and Android Phone Monitoring Apps enable you to track your child’s cell phone data, including the Kik App. Auto Forward lets parents track their child’s Kik account remotely. The information that can be viewed includes sent and received messages and media content.
On Kik, your child can communicate with their friends, a group, or with a bot. They can customize their account by having various chat themes to choose from. If you or your child wants to report a specific user or group, you can via the app.
Keep An Eye
On Your Child’s
Kik Account

Auto Forward Is
Compatible With:

  • Works On Android Phones Including Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, HTC, LG, and Google Pixel.
  • Works On iPhone 5 – 13 and all iPads.
  • Operating Systems: Android 3 – 11 & iOS 7 – 15

Secure & Safe Monitoring Software
Auto Forward is clean of any adware, spyware, or viruses. 

Money Back Guarantee
The Auto Forward iPhone and Android Tracking Apps come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Customer Support
Have questions about Auto Forward? You can contact our expert customer support technicians who would be happy to help.

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My daughter sends and receives over 6000 text messages a month! This program sent them all to my gmail! Very good program! Very reliable. A must for any responsible parent.

Heather, New York

I had suspicion that my daughter is engaged in inappropriate behavior online. I purchased Auto Forward and was able to confirm it. Without Auto Forward’s help, I would not have been able to know and correct my teen daughter’s behavior. Highly recommended for parents.

Kim, San Jose

Auto Forward has been very useful in monitoring my son’s text messages and knowing his whereabouts.

Kevin, Miami