You’ve heard it time and time again—maybe you’ve even said it yourself—the world is a dangerous place. No one knows that more than a parent. Ask any mom or dad and they’ll tell you that their child’s health and safety are their number one priority in life. They worry endlessly about a plethora of things. And when said mom and dad have to leave their pride and joy in order to go to work so that they can provide for them, they worry even more.

 Who are they with? What are they doing? How safe are they?

If you are the parent of a young child, you probably worry constantly about how safe they are when out of your sight. How well do you know your babysitter or nanny? Can you really trust her? Even if you do, do you really think that she is capable of protecting your child in an emergency situation or in handling the extreme stress of day-long parenting?

If you have a teenager—especially one who drives—you surely worry about them getting into a car accident. And those kids who don’t yet drive still come with plenty of reasons for a parent to fret. Are they safe when they’re playing outside? What about when they’re just walking home from school or getting off the bus? Should you have stayed at their sports practice instead of just dropping them off?

The danger has expanded!

Thanks to the advent of the Internet and the smartphone, the physical threats of the outside world are now in. If you have a child that has his or her very own smartphone, there is no longer anywhere safe for them to hide.

The cyber world is filled with all types of horrible people—pedophiles, hackers, bullies, stalkers, thieves, and more—and they’re all being toted around in your child’s hand, pocket, backpack and so on. Those who are old enough to have a cell phone have instant access to inappropriate websites, social media outlets, apps and more. What makes it worse is that it never goes away. The digital world is constant. Unending. And it never stops its siren call.

What you can do.

So what can you do? Well … there aren’t many options that work too well. Sure, you could—and should—sit down with your child and talk about the dangers of the cyber realm and how you expect them to behave, but kids are human and humans err. You could also ban them from using smart devices altogether, but we’re sure you know how that will turn out. No, the only true way to combat the perils of a perpetual cyber life is to install a high-quality mobile monitoring app on their cell phone, like Auto Forward.

Mobile monitoring is good

Look, when your kid is playing in the front of the house, you peek out every now and then to make sure he’s okay. Right? Well, this is sort of the same thing. “Playing” in the digital world has a lot more hidden dangers that your child may not be able to see or deal with. Top-of-the-line cell phone monitoring software lets you see who is communicating with your loved one via email, text, SMS messaging, social media, and more. It gives you complete access to their smartphone’s entire dashboard so that you can discretely monitor their swipes, types, likes, pics, posts, uploads, calls, and everything else in order to make sure they are okay.

 The truth is that if you’re not using a mobile monitoring program to watch over your kids, then you’re not doing enough as a parent. The dangerous world outside your door is now inside—all day and all night. It lives in the family room, the bathroom, and the kitchen. What’s more, it lives in your child’s bedroom too. Do whatever you need to protect your baby from being harmed. Put a mobile monitoring app on their phone today.