How To Recover Old and Deleted Text Messages From A Cell Phone

It is absolutely possible to retrieve old and deleted text messages from a cell phone, just like it is possible to retrieve lost information from a personal computer. Smartphones operate very much the same way personal computers do, and deleted data is never truly deleted until it is overwritten by another piece of information. It is absolutely possible to extract this data until it is overwritten, which sometimes never happens.

So, how can one recover old or deleted messages on an iPhone or Android phone? By using the Auto Forward Data Backup & Recovery App. It extracts old and deleted text messages from any smartphone. As long as the original message is not overwritten, it can be recovered. Upwards of 90% of old and deleted text messages can be retrieved from any Android smartphone or iPhone. Below, we describe how to use our product to recover and extract text messages from a cell phone.

How To Recover Deleted Text Messages On Android Using Auto Forward

Using Auto Forward Android Software, you can easily extract deleted sms messages from an Android phone. The devices which you can do this on include:

  • Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Google Pixel, and most other Android smartphones
  • Android devices running on Android 3 (Honeycomb) – Android 11

Now, here are the steps to retrieve and view recovered messages.

#1: Purchase Auto Forward Android Backup Software

#2: Install It

Before starting the installation process, open the email you received from Auto Forward. This will include crucial information you need for this step. After doing so, open the link sent by us on the Android phone you would like to monitor. Then, enter the product license key and password you received from us. After a few other taps, you should receive an on-screen installation confirmation.

#3: Recover The SMS Messages

For this step, you don’t have to do anything except log into your account on your own device. We will take care of recovering and backing up all SMS and private messages stored on the target Android phone. Once done, you’ll be able to view them, including their contents, on your private dashboard.


How To Recover Deleted iMessages On iPhone Using Auto Forward

First, here are the iPhones our product can be used on:

  • iPhone 5, 6, 7, 8, X, 11, 12 and 13 (all versions)
  • iOS 7 – 15 (all versions)

Now for the steps to recover iMessages:

#1: Purchase Auto Forward iPhone Backup Software

#2: Install It

The installation process of this software is super easy, especially with the No-Jailbreak feature. This means you don’t need to jailbreak the iPhone beforehand, and don’t need physical access to the target iPhone. All you have to do is log into your product account, enter the Apple ID and password associated with the target iPhone, and you’re done.

#3: Retrieve iMessages

Like with our Android software, we take care of extracting all iMessages and private messages on the iPhone. Also retrieved are photos and videos sent and received via text. You’ll be able to view all this and more on your Auto Forward dashboard.


Why Recover Old And Deleted Texts?

– To Save Precious Memories

Often, we share precious memories in the form of videos and photos with our friends and family via text. But, what is you phone all of a sudden broke and you lost those memories forever? It wouldn’t feel so great. By having Auto Forward installed, you would never have to worry about losing them.

– To Retrieve Valuable Personal and Business Information

Accidentally deleted a text from a client with pertinent business information? It’s happened to many, all who wish they could have somehow undeleted that message. Auto Forward would be able to save that message before it even gets deleted!

– To Backup Your Cell Phone

Cell phone users have so much data on their phone like videos, photos, emails, texts, contacts, and more. To prevent that phone data, including deleted texts, from disappearing, backup your iPhone or Android using Auto Forward on a regular basis.

That’s how to get old and deleted text messages from Android and iPhone. So, if you have a need to retrieve old and deleted texts from your smartphone, then Auto Forward is the solution you have been looking for! Try it today!