Remotely Monitor Everything On The Target Cell Phone

Now you can remotely monitor, record, and store all important data on your online account. You will also receive important notifications when information is updated. You DO NOT need a computer to use Auto Forward. Everything can be done right from your cell phone or tablet. Download the app and start monitoring any iPhone, iPad, or Android device!

Auto Forward Features

All-In-One Monitoring Features For All Devices

Auto Forward gives you continuous coverage and information of the device you are monitoring. Texts, calls, GPS, social media, and more can be seen right on your own cell phone, tablet, or laptop.

Key Features

Auto Forward SMS Feature

SMS Text Messages

All text (SMS) messages are retrieved even if they have been deleted!

An average user sends/receives over a thousand messages every month. If your child or employees is texting, are you sure they are safe? From sexting and bullying to private business information, a lot could go wrong. Find out the details of alltext messages and filter them to protect your children and business assets.

Auto Forward GPS Location

GPS Location

Easily track the phone on a Google Map in regular, periodic intervals.

Location, location, location. Do you know where your kids are? Are they away from home when they should be in bed? Is your employee at home when they should be at a job site? Our GPS feature can help. With frequent updates (every ten minutes) and precise location information, you can be assured that you know exactly where they are.

Control Panel Auto Forward

Control Panel

Auto Forward has built its reputation as a highly sophisticated, user-friendly cell phone monitoring solution.

Our Live Control Panel deserves all the credit behind making Auto Forward the favorite choice among our customers. This Live Control Panel makes it possible for the users to dynamically access all details relating to the target phone. Users can opt for the advanced settings for logs, time triggers, display options, and more.

Auto Forward iMessages


For those looking to monitor an iPhone or iPad, the iMessage monitoring feature is key. View all iMessage and their contents sent and received from, including the phone numbers involved. Of course, messages from other apps on an iPhone or iPad can be monitored as well using Auto Forward.

Call Log Auto Forward

Call Logs

Monitor and filter all call logs on the monitored device.

It is so easy to delete call logs (history of incoming/outgoing calls) after every conversation, but if you use Auto Forward, it would be impossible for the target phone to fool you. Auto Forward’s state-of-the-art call log feature will capture details about every phone call.

Auto Forward Browser History

Browser History

Get access to a phone’s entire internet history on Chrome, Safari, and other browsers.

Is your child or employees visiting sites that put them at risk? It is so easy to delete browsing history and cookies to avoid detection, but with our technology, that would be a thing of the past. Auto Forward gives you all the details you need to know about someone’s browsing history including recent searches and websites visited.

All Popular Messenger Auto Forward

All Popular Messenger

Track every text, image, and video exchanged in popular messaging apps.

Easily track WhatsApp, Kik Facebook, Skype, and Instagram messages. Get an exact copy of every chat that occurs within the app. You can monitor, filter, and control all conversations, files, and activities at the touch of a button.

Monitor and record email Auto Forward

Monitor & Record Email

Get access to every incoming and outgoing emails easily.

E-mails can be a safe haven for those wanting to exploit your child or harm your business. Block unwanted e-mail access, monitor contacts, prevent destructive conversations, and protect your interests. Don’t let a disgruntled employee send loads of confidential data via their personal e-mail.

Multi Media Files Auto Forward

Multimedia Files

Easy access to all pictures, audio and video files.

Don’t let an employee scan and send important office files or your child view/send pictures and videos without your approval. View (online, e-mail, or your phone) every picture and video sent/received and save them as needed (USB, DVD, hard drive, and other devices)*

Additional Features

Monitor all emails being sent or received by your employees, children, or loved ones.

Monitor the target phone’s contacts and calendar appointments.

Remotely uninstall our software from the target phone with ease.

Set alerts when certain terms are used on the target cell phone.

Monitor all installed and running applications on the target phone easily.

Never let phone updates get ahead of you! With free lifetime upgrades, you can monitor your device regardless of manufacturer OS updates.

You can remotely lock the target phone anytime and from anywhere. This feature is especially useful if the device is lost or stolen.

Blocks the installation of pre-designated apps on the target phone.

You can activate the target phone to take a picture of its surroundings.

Upload GPS coordinates of the device’s real-time location, which is viewed on a Google Map.

Access social media applications like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and many other platforms on the target phone.

Highster Mobile makes it possible to read all WhatsApp messages easily, along with other messaging apps.

Join over 1,000,000 satisfied Auto Forward Users and download today!