cell phone monitoring app
Cell Phone Monitoring
With Auto Forward

See texts, messages, GPS location, and more.

cell phone monitoring app
Cell Phone Monitoring
With Auto Forward

See texts, messages, GPS location, and more.

cell phone monitoring app auto forward

iPhone and Android Phone Monitoring

The Auto Forward Cell Phone Monitoring Softwares for Android and iPhone can be used by parents and employers. If you’re monitoring an iPhone, you don’t have to jailbreak the device and have access to the device.
You’ll be able to monitor a cell phone’s activities with ease. Just access your software dashboard from your computer, tablet, or phone, and see the phone’s information. It’s that easy!
Auto Forward should only be used by parents to monitor their children and employers to monitor their company owned devices. Employers must gain consent before monitoring the company owned devices used by employees.

What You Get

Text Messages

You will be able to view an exact copy of every text that has been sent or received by the target device even if they’ve been deleted.


You can view all the incoming and outgoing calls on the target device’s call log with all the data including the name, date and time.

GPS Tracking

From your dashboard you can view all locations of the target device on a Google Maps format. The target device can be tracked within 50 feet.

Photos & Videos

You can view all photos and videos on the target phone whether they were taken or received by the target phone.

Social Media

All messages and content from social media platforms can be seen on your dashboard exactly how they appear on the target device.


You can view every email sent to or received by the target device. You will be able to see the date, time and contact information.

Browser History

You can view the websites visited with web addresses, duration, etc. on your remote dashboard.


You can view full diagnostics of the target phone including battery life, data usage, Bluetooth connectivity, etc.

Installed Apps

You can view all the applications currently installed and running on the target device. You may also be able to block applications.

Search Alerts

From your dashboard account you can see when a certain word or term is searched on the target device’s web browser.

Remote Lock

You can lock the target phone from any remote location using any web-enabled device. This can all be done from your dashboard.

24/7 Access

From a web-enabled device you can sign in to your dashboard, view all data and see exactly what’s happening on the target device 24/7.


  • Works On Android Phones Including Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, HTC, LG, and Google Pixel.
  • Works On iPhone 5 – 13 and all iPads.
  • Operating Systems: Android 3 – 11 & iOS 7 – 15
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