What Effects Does Online Reading Have on Your Child?

Reading for pleasure has always been a significant factor in a child’s academic excellence at school. Children who love to read are known to do better with their school work and exams as compared to those who don’t. However, today’s digital era, with the popularity of cell phones and other mobile devices, make it harder for children to read for pleasure. And digital reading has become the trend. What effects does this have on kids? Use a phone monitoring app like Auto Forward to find out now.

As always, reading feeds a child’s imagination and makes him more resourceful, with great problem-solving skills. This is a plus when your child goes out into the real world and deal with real-life situations. But is this the same case with online reading? And what kind of writings does your child read online?

When you utilize cell phone monitoring and find out what your kids read online and how long they have been on their device, you will know what effects this activity has, whether they are positive or negative.

But do think about these when you allow your kids ample time to use their mobile device for reading.

  • They can read fake news and be influenced to think negatively of something that wasn’t verified.
  • E-reading takes up more mental energy and decreases actual content retention.
  • It can be disorienting to kids and can cause headaches.
  • Eye strain, dry eyes and neck pain are among the physical effects of online reading.
  • It has more negative effects on young children which can lead to even more problems.

A study revealed that children who read books offline are found to perform better when it comes to concentration, comprehension, absorption and recall. While those who read digitally are only better at one criteria: number of words consumed.

So, are you ready to substitute traditional reading with e-reading? Check on your child with a cell phone tracker and see if online reading affects him negatively. When it does, entice him to limit digital reading and make him love books more.

A phone and text monitoring app can help parents know of their children’s activities on their gadgets and help them to promptly step in when their actions compromise their safety and health.

And the best monitoring app, Auto Forward, is your perfect parenting ally for this. Check this software out today.

Author: Michelle Whalen

I am a mother two who has had her ups and downs raising them. I want to share my words of wisdom with other struggling parents.