Watch Out! Children are Buying Weapons Through Facebook! Prevent Such Thing and Spy on a Phone Now

If there has ever been a time that parents need to spy on a phone, that time is now. Of course, many parents have been using such a method in their parenting ways just to keep their children safe from the many dangers of the digital age. But now, another danger looks parents in the eyes. And this will definitely have you resorting to using a spy app like Auto Forward.

Recently, it has been known that kids are purchasing bladed weapons, some being over 6 inches long, on Facebook. These are then delivered to the child’s school gates. A pretty sneaky move by illegal sellers and the kids, if you ask me. But one that is also quite dangerous and can bring serious consequences.

How are they able to do this, even with the strict laws regarding selling such things to minors?

  • Facebook Marketplace, with its buy-and-sell feature, allows kids to get around the age restrictions that they face when buying the same stuff in physical stores.
  • There is no age verification on Facebook regarding transactions involving dangerous weapons such as knives.
  • Facebook does not warn sellers about laws and punishments on selling bladed weapons to buyers under 18 years old.
  • Promos such as buy one take one are being offered to young buyers.
  • Deliveries of knives to schools gates and other inconspicuous places can be arranged.

Because of Facebook, kids are gaining access and the confidence to purchase dangerous things for whatever purpose it may serve them. Unfortunately, this behavior is being associated to crimes by kids. A number of students and teachers are falling victims to kids wielding knives in school premises and even beyond.

While, Facebook has yet to do something about this, parents need to monitor their children’s activities on the social media platform. If they can spy to mobile app such as this internet giant, they can help prevent crimes by stepping in when dangerous transactions are being made.

And as cell phone spy software reviews reveal that Auto Forward is quite effective for this purpose and very easy to use, it is the recommended app for parents to monitor their children remotely and protect them from illegal activities as well as keep them safe.

Learn how to use Auto Forward now so you can have peace of mind that your child won’t be a part of the knife crime scandal in schools today.