UNICEF Shows Children how Important it is to Think Before you Post on Social Media, and Parents Realize the Importance of Cell Phone Surveillance on Kids

Everyone knows how dangerous the online world can be to children, and this has led to the increase of parents’ cell phone surveillance on their kids. Strict monitoring of cell phone use, especially on social media is a necessity these days.

This small hand-held device is becoming quite indispensable, even for children, that restrictions and proper guidance on its use should be practiced diligently

And UNICEF just showed some kids how dangerous their online endeavors are, and shared it on their social media so everyone gets to see it.

This might just be the push some parents need so they start keeping tabs on their children’s social media and online activity with the use of an app to spy on phone.

UNICEF on Kid’s Online Activities

Just recently, UNICEF posted a video of some kids’ unexpected conference.These kids get a surprise conference complete with lights, cameras and a reporter asking them questions. As each child enters the room, he or she is greeted with flashing lights and the questions started right after he sits down.

It is not long before it becomes clear to the child that the interviewer knows so much about him.

And that’s when UNICEF imparts the message of “think before you post.”

It is so easy for everyone to see what you upload online. And criminals can get a hold of all these information and use it to their benefit or even against you. That’s why parents can’t be blamed for using a monitoring software like Auto Forward.

And this is why UNICEF is sharing this video for everyone to see the consequences of irresponsible posting. And that’s not the only danger that social media is capable of.

Social Media’s Dark Side

Getting access to someone’s social media and seeing everything posted there as well as the information you entered is no problem to most people in this digital age. A simple knowledge on computers is sometimes enough to get the data you need on some. And this can led to dangerous consequences.

  • Identity Theft
  • Predators
  • Cyberbullying
  • Sexting

There are so many more harmful effects that a child can get exposed to when going online and using social media. And it is a parent’s responsibility to protect her child from these dangers.

So start using the best monitoring software Auto Forward, and get inside your child’s online world. Protect them better with spy apps.