If you’re an iPhone user, you must love the way the Apple Company has always tried to give the best features to their users. Just a couple of months back, they announced another upgrade to the iOS, which is expected to come with very interesting refinements and additions. So you must be wondering if it’s now easier perhaps to download various applications like a cell phones spy program.

What’s New in iOS 8.1?

After Apple announced that they will be releasing the upgraded iOS 8.1, users looked forward to having a number of new cool features and bug fixes. For one, the upgrade paved the way for the possibility of using Apple Pay. The update also activated the iCloud Photo Library, as well as the new Continuity Features. Listed below are some of the other minor changes that came with the iOS upgrade:

Continuitywith the OS X Yosemite and the iOS 8.1, certain Continuity features were activated, particularly the Instant Hotspot and SMS Forwarding.

Siri – the new iOS also features Siri, which now has the ability to open credit cards and debit cards, but only for use with Apple Pay.

Camera Roll – another interesting feature of the iOS 8.1 is the availability ‘once again’ of the Camera Roll Feature, which was previously removed by Apple. This feature allows for the viewing of all the photos taken using the iPhone.

Other Cool Features of iOS 8

One feature that appears to be loved by many iPhone users is the ability of the iOS to send the phone’s last known location before the battery dies. Why does it matter? Well, if you ever lose your iPhone, the last thing you want is for its battery to drain as this will prevent you from detecting its location. The new iOS, however, can detect the last location of the phone and hold the data for 24 hours, giving you more time to find your lost phone.

Another amazing addition is the Shazam integration. In the new iOS, Siri can identify what song is playing. You can ask her what song is currently playing, and she will use Shazam to determine what music it is.

If you love shopping online using your phone, you will surely love the credit card scanning capability of the new iOS. You just have to use the camera to scan your credit card number, so you don’t have to manually enter the numbers.

If you don’t think the iOS upgrade gives you the freedom to choose which apps or programs you want to use, jailbreaking your iPhone is your only option. By doing this, you can even perform remote cell phone spying using Auto Forward. You can then start to enjoy the powerful monitoring features of this cell phone spy software.