The Problem with Pop Ads and Why You Should Track Cell Phone Activity of Your Children

Kids today are so fond of using mobile devices, whether for playing, watching videos or surfing the web. Unfortunately, these activities exposes them to a lot of danger. And you may not think twice about it, but pop ads are among the things that will bring problems once children are exposed to them. This is why, apart from setting parental restrictions on your kids’ devices, parents should also track cell phone activity and make sure they don’t stumble upon unnecessary and inappropriate content brought about by such ads.

The Danger of Pop Ads

When you think about the many dangers of mobile devices and the internet, pornography, online predators and cyberbullying are some of the most serious ones. These are the main reasons why parents utilize phone monitoring apps like Auto Forward and keep tabs on their children’s cell phone activities remotely. Doing so allows them to protect their children and avoid the consequences of being exposed to such dangers.

Unfortunately, one problem with the internet is being downplayed by many parents. And this is the effect of pop ads on their children. Who would have thought such things bring negative effects? After all, they are just ads.

Regrettably, such ads may contain content that is not suitable for young viewers. And it can affect these children more than you know. Take the list below as examples.

  • Some pop ads are disruptive and may overwhelm the young user’s experience.
  • There is manipulation going on in such ads where kids are unfairly forced to give their attention to ads they are not even able to understand. And there is no option to skip it. These ads continually push children to purchase things, such as new levels in games, character upgrades and more.
  • Some ads shame kids into believing they are doing something bad when they veer away from it. Imagine an animated character crying when your child tries to click on the “x” button and avoid in-app purchases.
  • Ads also put children at risk for obesity and sleep deprivation. Fast food advertising are known to use toys to lure children into buying their products, for example.

Ads are indeed deceitful, especially when viewers are kids, and when they suddenly pop up in a video or game. So, what are parents to do? While they can utilize pop blockers, the best way would be to monitor their children’s activities using a remote cell phone monitoring software.

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Author: Michelle Whalen

I am a mother two who has had her ups and downs raising them. I want to share my words of wisdom with other struggling parents.