The Only Monitoring Software For iPhone That You’ll Ever Need

It’s hard to install a cell phone monitoring app on Apple devices and that’s a fact. You gotta love the Apple company. When they make their iOS or “I” operating system, they’re really thorough. If you’re a long time Apple user, you’ll find that you really can’t just install any software or app on your device without at least getting a warning. That’s when you get tempted to jailbreak your device. Installing a monitoring app is one why you’d need to resort to jailbreaking.

What are Jailbreaking and Why

Jailbreaking is a neologism or made up worth to describe something else. In this case, it’s to “break” out of the restrictive iOS and finally lets you install any app even if they’re not in the Apple app store.  You can also finally have apps have root access.

Monitoring apps usually require “root” access which basically means the applications want to have system privileges to make serious changes to your phone. The reason why Apple prevents apps from getting root privileges is for your security. Once an app gets root access, you are opened to a lot of vulnerabilities. This is why if you try to install any app that accesses root privileges without jailbreaking, you are most likely to brick your phone. Essentially, it’s turning your expensive Apple devices into something as useful as a building brick or desk paperweight.

And for monitoring purposes, you need to get the actual iOS device in your hands to perform a jailbreak. Which is essentially useless as you might not have access to it or you might as well announce to the owner that you’re going to monitor him or her.

A Monitoring App You Can Use Right From Your Phone

Auto Forward knows the problem and they have a solution. Introducing their iPhone monitoring app. It’s the best monitoring software in the market today. It does not require the device to be jailbroken and you don’t need to access the phone to install it! It is the best cell phone tracker app that you can use.

iPhone Monitoring App Features

Aside from the number one no jailbreak and remote access feature, the Auto Forward also has the following.

Access to Messages / iMessages / Emails / Messaging App

You can read text messages on the target phone.  For certain apps, you can even get the deleted ones.

Call Logs / Phone Book

The app also lets you see who is calling or what numbers are being dialed. Accessing the phone book is also a breeze

GPS Tracking

A GPS tracking feature basically tells you where the device and owner are 24/7. It can even pinpoint you the location on your own maps.

Social Media Apps / Browser History

Any app is laid bare to your eyes. Find out what he or she is visiting on their chrome browser

Photos and Videos

Finally, access any media content as if it’s on your phone.

There are tons more features and you can visit Auto Forward’s iPhone monitoring page to learn more. Don’t have any iPhone or Apple devices? Auto Forward also has an Android version of the monitoring app. Visit their webpage to find the installation process that’s right for you.

Author: Liam King

I am a tech writer looking to share with the world all of the latest gadgets, apps, and news.