The Best Cell Phone Location Tracker For iPhone and Android

With a cell phone locator, free yourself from being burdened with paranoia and curiosity. A locator is just one of the many features of a spy app. There are other features that you might need such as reading text messages, getting the pictures, phone calls and more. Phone spying is essential these days for safety reasons such as finding where your teenager is, or someone stole your phone and many more.

iPhone or Android – Auto Forward Spy Does It All

If there’s an app that can work on two of the major categories of phones, then it’s the Auto Forward app for spying. Made by a company that has more than half a decade of experience in the phone spying business.

How Auto Forward Works

The spy app works much the same for both iPhone and Android. It will give you the following features of phone spying. You don’t need a laptop for the app to work, just download and install it to your phone and input the number you’re spying, and it will start collecting data.

Read Messages – read any type of message from SMS, iMessages, Emails and more. You can even extract old and deleted messages from the phone.

Calls – Get information of the number called/calling, duration and time.

Photos & Videos – Old and deleted media can also be extracted.

GPS data – Auto Forward can get the location of device with an accuracy of up to 50 feet.

Social Media apps – Monitor Facebook, Twitter and all types of social media apps. Even communication apps like Skype and Whatsapp can be monitored.

Phone control – Take control of the phone in emergency situations such as when it gets stolen. You can do the following.

Remotely lock the phone

Remote picture taking

GPS on command

Block installation of apps

Remote uninstall – Pull out the spy app from the phone with one tap and remove traces of the spying easily.

With all these features to choose from, you will get your money’s worth.

How to Install Auto Forward Spy App?

Installation of the application depends on the type of operating system of the target phone.

Installing on Android Phones

Android is an operating system that is open source and can be accessed by anyone. Special apps like spying apps may require rooting to get admin privileges. However, Auto Forward doesn’t need that. These are the installation steps for Android phones.

Purchase the app (one-time fee only)

Use the OTA (over-the-air) installation process

Enter activation key

Type the number you’re going to spy on

Get notifications and data from the target phone

It’s that easy!

Installing on iPhones and Apple Devices

The iOS is a special operating system developed by Apple. It has strong security and tampering with it may require jailbreaking. However, once you jailbreak the iPhone, you won’t be able to get future updates. Not a lot of people like the jailbreaking part even if it is to allow you to install applications like a cell phone location tracker which could go against the security protocol of iOS. Luckily, Auto Forward can skip that.

Purchase the app (one-time fee only)

Follow step by step instructions

With Apple ID and Password

Without Apple ID and Password

Start spying

Auto Forward
truly is the best app for your spying needs. You can visit the website now to know more.

Author: Laura Burke

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