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A friend of mine recently asked me "How do I spy on my boyfriends cell phone?" My initial reaction was that of shock, mainly because I used to envy the kind of relationship this couple had. They were inseparable, and they had been together for more than 5 years. So, I really wondered what could have made her decide to spy on her boyfriend. Well, apparently, she felt that he was cheating, and she wanted to prove it!

Having worked for a tech company for several years already, I am fully aware that there are so many tools, gadgets and software that enables one to spy on another person. I know for a fact that Auto Forward cell phone spy is a popular piece of software for cell phone monitoring. But before I taught her how do you spy on a cell phone to monitor her boyfriend, I decided to share with her what I read in a blog about why men cheat.

After doing some research, I realized that men cheat because of the following reasons:

1. To avoid intimacy…

A lot of men find intimacy very scary. This fear actually causes them to distance themselves from their girlfriends or even wives, and they do this by cheating on her. For some men, cheating allows them to not totally rely on one person, which also spares them from getting hurt in the end.

2. To have intimacy…

On the contrary, there are men who tend to look for intimacy outside of their own relationship. According to relationship experts, couples are likely to drift apart after some time, and they end up not talking about their lack of intimacy. And when this happens, it becomes more likely that men will choose to cheat rather than talk about their problems with their wife or girlfriend.

3. To gain control…

Especially in a relationship where the woman is dominant, men are likely to become unfaithful because they don't feel a sense of power in their relationship. These men end up thinking that cheating puts them back in control, and they just love this kind of feeling.

4. They are weak…

There are men who are just too weak to resist the temptation of cheating. These men easily get into an affair because they feel that they aren't strong enough to say no.

5. They have done it once or several times before…

Some men who cheat just don't care about other people but themselves. These repeat offenders find happiness in doing something they aren't supposed to do. Now, if you are in a relationship with a guy whom you have caught cheating several times using your iPhone spy, you had better think twice and harder about keeping your relationship with him.

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If you find yourself asking, "how can I spy on my boyfriends cell phone?" it's very likely that you have reasons to doubt that he is doing something inappropriate using his cell phone. Yes, cell phones can be a reason for couples to lose trust on each other, and studies show that it can destroy relationships.

While it's clear that smartphones and the Internet are very useful in many situations, they can also damage relationships in different ways. Thus, it's important for individuals to set boundaries for smartphone usage.

Here are the ways smartphones can ruin people's relationships:

Lack of Attention and Mindfulness

Smartphones are a huge distraction, and it's so common that we hardly notice this truth anymore. We have our mobile phones everywhere we go, and we pay too much attention to it almost all the time. Yes, we have become excessively immersed in the digital world and we consider it the most important thing of all.

One of the ways cell phones and other mobile devices get in the way of relationships is by making it impossible for us to pay attention to what's happening around us at the moment. Consequently, we lose opportunities to appreciate many wonderful things around us, and even the special people in our lives.

Lack of True Communication

For many couples, smartphones can cause the breakdown of their communication. How can you enjoy some intimate moment with your partner if your phone won't stop beeping with reminders, notifications, and so on. Sadly, cell phone communications have replaced those heartfelt, meaningful talks and conversations between couples, which are considered essential factors for a strong relationship.

Now also, it's common for people in relationships to wonder iPhone spy. When your partner spends too much time using his phone, you wonder what he could be doing or who he could be exchanging messages with. Clearly, one's addiction to smartphones can cause doubts and mistrust among partners.

Less Stable Relationships

For a relationship to last, there must be constant 'give and take'. Smartphones, however, destroys this balance. Addiction to cell phones can make a person self-centered and non-empathetic. They only worry about what they see on their social media accounts, and all they think of is how they can gain more followers online. Because of this, couples become indifferent to each other, they become more attached to the many meaningless things online, and they lost their connections with real people.

If you are guilty of spending too much time on your cell phone, you actually have no reason to think about using remote install cell phone spy software on your partner's phone. If you want to save your relationship from the devastating effects of cell phone addiction, you need to start with yourself so you could constantly remind your partner of the importance of spending time together.

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If the question, "how can I spy on my boyfriends cell phone?" keeps popping in your head, perhaps it's because you have a feeling that your boyfriend is cheating on you. If you have reasons to believe your partner is having an affair and you want to confirm it by using a spy app, be aware first that there are federal and state laws that are intended to protect every individual's right to privacy and confidentiality.

Before you install spy cell phone software on his mobile phone to prove that he's guilty of cheating, it's a good idea to gather some evidence first. Take a look at the following clues that your boyfriend is cheating on you:

a. Frequent calls on your partner's cell phone

Is your partner making calls to unknown numbers frequently? Is someone anonymous making calls to your partner as well? If you notice that a lot of unknown numbers are appearing on your boyfriend's phone and yet he still receives such calls, this could be a sign he's trying to hide the identity of the person he's talking to.

b. Incriminating emails and text messages

Gone are the days when lovers would write letters to each other. Today, couples would simply send emails or text messages to express their affection for each other. You should regularly check on your boyfriend's emails and text messages to see if he's exchanging love messages with another woman. If you want to read even the deleted messages on his phone, then you should install spy cell phone software on his device.

c. Another SIM card or cell phone

You should be surprised if you catch your boyfriend using another mobile phone or another SIM card. If you're sure that it's his and he never mentioned to you anything about it, then you have a good reason to believe that he's trying to hide something.

d. Apps for hiding messages and other apps

Yes, there are apps that will let you hide phone contacts, text messages, and even photos from unauthorized users of your phone. You should do some research about these types of apps, and if you end up finding one installed on your boyfriend's phone, it could mean he's having an affair.

e. New password to social media accounts and other apps

It is common for couples to allow each other to know their passwords on their social media accounts. If you find out that your boyfriend has changed his password to any of his account, this could mean that he doesn't want you to know who he's been exchanging messages with.

If you want proof that your boyfriend is cheating on you so you could be ready to confront him about his affair, perhaps you should start spying on his phone. And how do you spy on a cell phone? All you need to do is install Auto Forward on his smartphone so you can start secretly monitoring his phone activities.

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If you're planning to use spy cell phone software to find out if your partner or spouse is cheating on you, you are just one of the many people out there who are left with no other choice but to spy on their partners so they can know the truth. While it's unfortunate that you have to do it this way, you also have the right to know whether your partner is being loyal to you or not.

Warning Signs that Your Partner Is Cheating

When I decided to spy on my boyfriends cell phone, it was because I had seen signs that he was cheating on me. It's important that you have a valid reason for wanting to secretly monitor your boyfriend's or girlfriend's cell phone.

The first signs that a person is being unfaithful to their lovers are actually minor and rather insignificant. For instance, they may need to stay late in the office from time to time, or they choose to spend more time with their friends.

If such things happen occasionally and not on a regular basis, then you might not have any reason to worry. However, if you notice that your partner is working late almost every day, and he or she then chooses to spend their free time with friends, then you need to do something to know what's going on.

Another reason you may start feeling suspicious is when your partner suddenly becomes too conscious of his or her appearance. If, for example, your wife was never concerned about her weight, and just suddenly, she is serious about becoming sexy once again, it could be a sign.

Those are just some of the many signs that your partner may be cheating on you. But perhaps the most important thing here is when your gut feel says there could be something wrong. The stronger your suspicions grow, the more necessary it will be for you to use spy cell phone software to monitor your partner's cell phone.

How Do You Spy on a Cell Phone?

There are many ways you can spy on your partner's cell phone. If he or she is using an iPhone, for instance, it has features that will allow you to track his or her location, so you can be sure your partner is where he or she says they are.

You should also consider monitoring your partner's cell phone secretly. Auto Forward cell phone spy software, to be specific, is a tool many people are using to spy on their loved one's mobile phone. Using this spy cell phone software, you can read all the messages on your partner's phone, and you may also listen to the recorded phone calls made or received by your partner. For sure, what you'll find out through this software can give you peace of mind.