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A friend of mine recently asked me "How do I spy on my boyfriends cell phone?" My initial reaction was that of shock, mainly because I used to envy the kind of relationship this couple had. They were inseparable, and they had been together for more than 5 years. So, I really wondered what could have made her decide to spy on her boyfriend. Well, apparently, she felt that he was cheating, and she wanted to prove it!

Having worked for a tech company for several years already, I am fully aware that there are so many tools, gadgets and software that enables one to spy on another person. I know for a fact that Auto Forward cell phone spy is a popular piece of software for cell phone monitoring. But before I taught her how do you spy on a cell phone to monitor her boyfriend, I decided to share with her what I read in a blog about why men cheat.

After doing some research, I realized that men cheat because of the following reasons:

1. To avoid intimacy…

A lot of men find intimacy very scary. This fear actually causes them to distance themselves from their girlfriends or even wives, and they do this by cheating on her. For some men, cheating allows them to not totally rely on one person, which also spares them from getting hurt in the end.

2. To have intimacy…

On the contrary, there are men who tend to look for intimacy outside of their own relationship. According to relationship experts, couples are likely to drift apart after some time, and they end up not talking about their lack of intimacy. And when this happens, it becomes more likely that men will choose to cheat rather than talk about their problems with their wife or girlfriend.

3. To gain control…

Especially in a relationship where the woman is dominant, men are likely to become unfaithful because they don't feel a sense of power in their relationship. These men end up thinking that cheating puts them back in control, and they just love this kind of feeling.

4. They are weak…

There are men who are just too weak to resist the temptation of cheating. These men easily get into an affair because they feel that they aren't strong enough to say no.

5. They have done it once or several times before…

Some men who cheat just don't care about other people but themselves. These repeat offenders find happiness in doing something they aren't supposed to do. Now, if you are in a relationship with a guy whom you have caught cheating several times using your iPhone spy, you had better think twice and harder about keeping your relationship with him.

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If you find yourself asking, "how can I spy on my boyfriends cell phone?" it's very likely that you have reasons to doubt that he is doing something inappropriate using his cell phone. Yes, cell phones can be a reason for couples to lose trust on each other, and studies show that it can destroy relationships.

While it's clear that smartphones and the Internet are very useful in many situations, they can also damage relationships in different ways. Thus, it's important for individuals to set boundaries for smartphone usage.

Here are the ways smartphones can ruin people's relationships:

Lack of Attention and Mindfulness

Smartphones are a huge distraction, and it's so common that we hardly notice this truth anymore. We have our mobile phones everywhere we go, and we pay too much attention to it almost all the time. Yes, we have become excessively immersed in the digital world and we consider it the most important thing of all.

One of the ways cell phones and other mobile devices get in the way of relationships is by making it impossible for us to pay attention to what's happening around us at the moment. Consequently, we lose opportunities to appreciate many wonderful things around us, and even the special people in our lives.

Lack of True Communication

For many couples, smartphones can cause the breakdown of their communication. How can you enjoy some intimate moment with your partner if your phone won't stop beeping with reminders, notifications, and so on. Sadly, cell phone communications have replaced those heartfelt, meaningful talks and conversations between couples, which are considered essential factors for a strong relationship.

Now also, it's common for people in relationships to wonder iPhone spy. When your partner spends too much time using his phone, you wonder what he could be doing or who he could be exchanging messages with. Clearly, one's addiction to smartphones can cause doubts and mistrust among partners.

Less Stable Relationships

For a relationship to last, there must be constant 'give and take'. Smartphones, however, destroys this balance. Addiction to cell phones can make a person self-centered and non-empathetic. They only worry about what they see on their social media accounts, and all they think of is how they can gain more followers online. Because of this, couples become indifferent to each other, they become more attached to the many meaningless things online, and they lost their connections with real people.

If you are guilty of spending too much time on your cell phone, you actually have no reason to think about using remote install cell phone spy software on your partner's phone. If you want to save your relationship from the devastating effects of cell phone addiction, you need to start with yourself so you could constantly remind your partner of the importance of spending time together.

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If the question, "how can I spy on my boyfriends cell phone?" keeps popping in your head, perhaps it's because you have a feeling that your boyfriend is cheating on you. If you have reasons to believe your partner is having an affair and you want to confirm it by using a spy app, be aware first that there are federal and state laws that are intended to protect every individual's right to privacy and confidentiality.

Before you install spy cell phone software on his mobile phone to prove that he's guilty of cheating, it's a good idea to gather some evidence first. Take a look at the following clues that your boyfriend is cheating on you:

a. Frequent calls on your partner's cell phone

Is your partner making calls to unknown numbers frequently? Is someone anonymous making calls to your partner as well? If you notice that a lot of unknown numbers are appearing on your boyfriend's phone and yet he still receives such calls, this could be a sign he's trying to hide the identity of the person he's talking to.

b. Incriminating emails and text messages

Gone are the days when lovers would write letters to each other. Today, couples would simply send emails or text messages to express their affection for each other. You should regularly check on your boyfriend's emails and text messages to see if he's exchanging love messages with another woman. If you want to read even the deleted messages on his phone, then you should install spy cell phone software on his device.

c. Another SIM card or cell phone

You should be surprised if you catch your boyfriend using another mobile phone or another SIM card. If you're sure that it's his and he never mentioned to you anything about it, then you have a good reason to believe that he's trying to hide something.

d. Apps for hiding messages and other apps

Yes, there are apps that will let you hide phone contacts, text messages, and even photos from unauthorized users of your phone. You should do some research about these types of apps, and if you end up finding one installed on your boyfriend's phone, it could mean he's having an affair.

e. New password to social media accounts and other apps

It is common for couples to allow each other to know their passwords on their social media accounts. If you find out that your boyfriend has changed his password to any of his account, this could mean that he doesn't want you to know who he's been exchanging messages with.

If you want proof that your boyfriend is cheating on you so you could be ready to confront him about his affair, perhaps you should start spying on his phone. And how do you spy on a cell phone? All you need to do is install Auto Forward on his smartphone so you can start secretly monitoring his phone activities.

It’s been, basically, 18 years since my wife and I went on a vacation without the kids. That may not seem that unusual to a lot of people, but it might be to some. My oldest daughter Sam is now 17—and we feel she’s now old enough to stay home alone and watch our 14-year old son Steven. See, up until now, we’ve always had one of our parents come and stay with the kids, but this year is different.

My father passed away last year and my mother isn’t doing so well now. She’s in a group home. My in-laws moved down to Florida three years ago and don’t get back up north much. My wife and I haven’t taken many vacations as it is. When we did, we usually went to something kid-friendly or kid-oriented like Great Adventure, Hershey Park, Great Wolf Lodge, or Disney World. I think we’d gone away alone maybe four times over the last decade—and not for more than a night. This year we’re leaving the kids alone and I’m a little worried.

Leaving Sam alone is one thing, but leaving her alone to watch over Steve is another. I know, in my heart, that they will be fine, but there’s always that shred of doubt…. How can I be 100% sure? Well, I asked neighbors to check in a couple of times—so that helps. And my kids both have smartphones to stay in touch. That’s huge too. But I did one extra thing to make sure they are safe—and I didn’t just do it this weekend to watch over them.

I was curious about spying software, asking myself "how do you spy on a cell phone without them knowing?" A year ago, I installed a mobile surveillance app on their phones so that I can make sure they aren’t being preyed on or bullied over the Internet. This remote install cell phone spy software app lets me check their social media activity, texts, SMS messages, calls and more. I can see what pictures and videos they are taking, sending and receiving and even track them via GPS if they wander off. Best of all, I can activate their phone’s camera to snap a picture remotely in order to see if they are okay—and I can even turn their microphone on to listen in on their surroundings. It’s all very cool and it helps me sleep at night.

This weekend, my wife and I are heading to Mohegan Sun. I’ll be sure to use the spy cell phone software app from time to time to make sure that Sam and Steve are safe. Of course, I’ll call and check up on them in person first—I just don’t want to be dialing them every second that I’m worried about them.

You may think it’s overkill or sneaky, but I look at installing a mobile monitoring app as a way to increase my parental zone of protection. It’s a wise decision that I believe every parent should consider. One that may not only save you from a lot of sleepless nights, but actually save your kids’ lives as well.

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If you're planning to use spy cell phone software to find out if your partner or spouse is cheating on you, you are just one of the many people out there who are left with no other choice but to spy on their partners so they can know the truth. While it's unfortunate that you have to do it this way, you also have the right to know whether your partner is being loyal to you or not.

Warning Signs that Your Partner Is Cheating

When I decided to spy on my boyfriends cell phone, it was because I had seen signs that he was cheating on me. It's important that you have a valid reason for wanting to secretly monitor your boyfriend's or girlfriend's cell phone.

The first signs that a person is being unfaithful to their lovers are actually minor and rather insignificant. For instance, they may need to stay late in the office from time to time, or they choose to spend more time with their friends.

If such things happen occasionally and not on a regular basis, then you might not have any reason to worry. However, if you notice that your partner is working late almost every day, and he or she then chooses to spend their free time with friends, then you need to do something to know what's going on.

Another reason you may start feeling suspicious is when your partner suddenly becomes too conscious of his or her appearance. If, for example, your wife was never concerned about her weight, and just suddenly, she is serious about becoming sexy once again, it could be a sign.

Those are just some of the many signs that your partner may be cheating on you. But perhaps the most important thing here is when your gut feel says there could be something wrong. The stronger your suspicions grow, the more necessary it will be for you to use spy cell phone software to monitor your partner's cell phone.

How Do You Spy on a Cell Phone?

There are many ways you can spy on your partner's cell phone. If he or she is using an iPhone, for instance, it has features that will allow you to track his or her location, so you can be sure your partner is where he or she says they are.

You should also consider monitoring your partner's cell phone secretly. Auto Forward cell phone spy software, to be specific, is a tool many people are using to spy on their loved one's mobile phone. Using this spy cell phone software, you can read all the messages on your partner's phone, and you may also listen to the recorded phone calls made or received by your partner. For sure, what you'll find out through this software can give you peace of mind.

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It’s summer and I just sent my kids off to camp. It’s a day camp. All day. While many parents love the idea of an all-day camp I don’t … but it’s a necessity. My wife and I work. We have to. We’re not well off—we’re right in the middle. Barely in the middle these days. Like a lot of people. We need both incomes to support us—especially after the series of lay-offs we experienced which depleted our savings and dented our 401ks. We’re a new breed of middle class. And we’re not alone.

Thousands and thousands of American households are barely holding on these days since the economy started tanking back in 2008. Sometimes you wouldn’t know it though by the amount of houses going up or being renovated and the multiple new SUVs in each driveway—but it’s true. My household isn’t one of those. We’re basically living paycheck to paycheck—so it kills me to have to pay for full-time camp for two kids each summer.

I have to send my kids to camp, because we don’t have any family living nearby. My wife and I have to be in our respective offices—no telecommuting allowed—and we really don’t have a lot of time off. We moved into our nearby just last year and really don’t know a lot of people that could or would babysit our children. We looked at a hundred different nannies from different sites, but just weren’t happy about it. I don’t trust an individual whom I don’t know with the most precious things in my life: my children. I’d rather send them to a camp with a hundred other kids and a bunch of counselors where they’re seen by everyone than leave them with a stranger all day. Unfortunately, that costs a bit more.

And the monetary cost isn’t everything. There’s also the cost to my soul. My psyche. My heart. It pains me to not be there for, and with, my kids. I love being a dad. I love it more than I love myself. I want to be there every minute of their day and it kills me not to. It scares me not knowing if they’re safe. It really does. So here’s what I did to ease my pain a bit.

Our kids, of course, have smartphones—Androids not expensive iPhones. So remote install cell phone spy software app on their phones so that we can see how they are doing throughout the day. The camp allows the use of spy cell phone software and my kids promised to check in several times a day, but the app allows me to check in at any time of the day. Yes, I can use it on how do you spy on a cell phone to see who they’re texting and calling and talking to on social media, but I’m really using it for the ability to listen in on their surroundings with the phones’ microphone and to snap a picture with their camera so that I can actually confirm that they are safe and happy. I can even see their own pictures on their phones!

I’m not saying it’s the best-case scenario. It’s just a better case. So until I win the lottery or gain some amazing inheritance from a long lost uncle I never knew I had, I’ll just have to keep working and sending my kids to summer camp. At least I won’t be completely in the dark.

cell phone spy

Why use a cell phone spy app? The most common thing all parents share is their love for their children, the same love that mostly turns into worry. The primary focus of a parent once their children start to grow is to keep them safe from the dangers of the world. They want to make sure their children don’t fall into bad company, and do not hang out with negative influences. Unfortunately for parents, all humans are different and unique and so are their children. Due to this, there is no pre-defined absolute age where you can consider them to be responsible. Some children are more mature and responsible than others and if your kid can demonstrate these two key traits, you are one of the few lucky parents out there. But what if you’re not that lucky? That’s where a cell phone spy app comes in.

Most children or teens are not particularly mature or responsible, and it’s okay, because as children that is exactly what is expected of them. But since our modern day world is highly connected, even a tiny mistake can be blown out of proportion and because of that parents nowadays have to take more precautions compared to back in the 80s. For example, if a child is saying something inappropriate online, everything is documented and available for everyone to see and scrutinize, whereas the same thing said in person wouldn’t have similar implications. Similarly, teens nowadays engage in sending explicitly suggestive pictures, which can be leaked and dispersed through the internet. A small mistake at a person’s early years can be documented and remembered forever.

So with all of these worries faced by parents, they end up wondering about the ways to spy on text messaging and how a cell phone spy application could help them, and for good reason. Of course, all parents wonder about the privacy their young children deserve. However, in the face of these challenges, privacy seems quite insignificant. Social media has been advancing at a rapid rate and parents need to keep up with the changing trends among their children, for example:


Snapchat is a relatively new entrant to the video and picture sharing arena. It allows the users to capture and send pictures that, after a predetermined time, self-destruct. While sending a message, the user has the option to decide whether the picture should be shown from between one to ten seconds, after which the picture ceases to exist. Such an option sounds really attractive, especially to the younger lot. However, it is completely possible for the receiver to save the picture through a screen capture option. Although, the app itself doesn’t support the feature, all smartphone operating systems do.

As the app grew in popularity, a myriad of reports over Snapchat flooded the internet regarding its use for sexting and the ability of the receiver to exploit these pictures through a screen capture. Such abuse of picture sharing can cause embarrassing pictures to be leaked on the internet, potentially causing severe mental anguish or trauma to the person(s) affected. Moreover, the possibility of blackmailing is also a frightening thought for these worried parents. Hence, the increasing need to use the best cell phone spy.

Another thing kids fail to realize is that it is unwise to assume that an electronic file can truly vanish once deleted. Just as there are many utilities available to retrieve deleted computer files, the same can also be done with Snapchat. Recently a Utah based software company has demonstrated that they can restore deleted Snapchap pictures. Since our kids do not possess the maturity to consider the consequences of their actions, it is our job as their parents to make sure we keep them safe from themselves even if it means we have to use apps that spy on text messages.

My advice for parents is that, they be transparent with your children and try to communicate about the apps and its implications on their lives. But it’s important to not panic and remember that they are still quite young and lecturing them will do them no good. Instead, talk to them about the apps and impart some adult wisdom while at the same time keep a close eye on them using a cell phone spy application.

A Generation of Smartphones Can Handle a Cell Phone Spy Applications

Our childhoods were significantly different from our kids. The younger generations have grown up with technology, and kids as young as five years of age perfectly understand the smartphone technology. In fact, they often use their parent’s phones to play games. It is difficult for us parents to completely understand their dynamics as our childhoods stand in completely stark contrast. But as parents, we have adapted to the changing dynamics of the world and have created a safe environment where our kids indulge in these technologies.

If you are a parent of a school going child, very soon you should expect them to ask you for a smartphone. As kids around them in school start to get their own phones, they will also ask for it, otherwise they would feel left out. The problem with these smartphones is that these are tiny devices capable of performing almost every functionality of the computer. And they’re powerful. These phones can easily handle a cell phone spy application that a parent installs.

Back in our days, there used to be no more than one family computer in the living room which everyone used to share. Such a dynamics allowed for complete transparency. However, with smartphones, there is literally no transparency as it remains at the side of the user, available only at their discretion, everyone else is locked out. This is cause enough for a parent to worry, because the internet is a vast place with incredibly valuable educational knowledge along with toxic information, which we would like to shield our children from.

In such a situation, a parent is left with the dilemma of either depriving their children of an aspect that is part of our daily lives or risk allowing our children complete freedom to access the internet and social media platforms.

Due to all of the reasons stated above, parents have increasingly contemplated whether the right thing to do for the sake of their children’s safety is to use a cell phone spy. There are some parents who are staunchly against the idea of spying on their children. However, every child is different and they all have different needs. If you think you would feel better knowing your child’s online activities, you should opt for best spy apps for text and call. Because in the end, the safety of your child trumps all and if you are okay with it then so be it.

There are different approaches you can take when opting for spying apps but this mostly depends on your children and their personalities so only you would understand which approach would better serve you and your children.

Some parents opt for covert spying, which means, spying without their child’s knowledge. This is especially easy if your child still doesn’t have a phone and is about to get one. Before you hand your child the phone, you install the necessary app and hand it to them. Auto-Forward is a leading app in the spying category and it is virtually impossible to detect, unless your child is a software genius. The other approach is to be completely transparent with your child, tell them about your need to track their activities and make them understand that it is for their own safety and it is one of the conditions on which they will get their first phone.

Auto Forward

Auto-Forward is a leading best cell phone spy on the market today. Their service offers by far the best possible experience with an incredibly user-friendly interface and their friendly customer service team is available to help you with any queries you might have. The surveillance app supports all popular operating systems and mobile devices, including iOS and Android.

Through the use of Auto-Forward, you can utilize over 21 powerful features. For example, and this is probably the most important, Auto-Forward uploads all of the relevant information from your child’s phone and uploads it on to a secure account, which will only be accessible to you through your secret password.

You can use your secure account of the cell phone spy app to access the whereabouts of your child and feel ease knowing where your child is. Moreover, the app will allow you to view all of the incoming and outgoing messages in your child’s phone and this includes all of this social media activity including all the private messages on Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. Another amazing thing about the app is that it also tracks Skype activity, which will allow you to be informed of all of the incoming and outgoing calls along with the chat history. You will also receive real time call log information so you can be sure that your child is not interacting with someone he or she shouldn’t.

All of this information will allow you to lookout for your children, whether they are talking to people they shouldn’t on social media platforms or are being bullied at school. This vital information will allow you to help your child in their growth and protect them from the harsh realities of the world. After examining all of this information, hopefully you would have justified the use of a cell phone spy app to monitor text messages and calls.


GPS tracker is used by several individuals these days for the primary purpose of getting directions to wherever they want to go. Due to this, most people thought that this is the only purpose of such gadget. As a matter of fact, there are still more things that it could do rather than providing directions.

Tracking Pets, Shipments and People

Only few people are aware that GPS system could also be used in tracking vehicles, pets, people, inventory and equipment. For businesses, it could be used by keeping tabs on employees who are always on the field; this is not just ideal for logistics but at the same time, making sure that their staffs are doing their  job they are supposed to do. Apart from businesses, GPS devices could also be used in tracking patients especially those with Alzheimer’s disease.

Assistance In Locating Stolen or Misplaced Items

Law enforcement agencies are also integrating GPS device in their operations to quickly find stolen equipment or vehicles. It could even function as a deterrent to crimes.

Saves on Insurance

Majority of the insurance corporations are offering big discounts on their services when a GPS tracker is installed to a vehicle. The discount is also combined with additional savings on petrol through efficient planning on route, which resulted to huge savings on drivers.

Cut Down Time On Emergency Response

Emergency workers will be able to find victims faster than ever if they could pinpoint their current location. This includes fires, road accidents and other sorts of emergency.

Safely Enjoy Outdoor Activities

Do you enjoy wilderness and do some fun activities with nature such as hiking, camping or fishing? Make sure to compliment it by using GPS devices. Being in the wild, let’s face the reality that there could be an instance that one of you could get lost. But none of this would happen if you have GPS. This way, it can be simple to track your current location, find someone who is lost, know what’s beyond the woods etc.


Need to carry out some survey in a distant and unfamiliar location? No worries with the use of GPS tracker, it can make your job much easier as it can define accurate location of a property.

There are several GPS devices that can help in delivering all the said benefits. But if you truly want to enjoy the fullest potential of a GPS device, buying Pathfinder Mini GPS Tracker from 750 Security can do it all for you!

Summary: The Pathfinder Mini GPS Tracker is enjoyed by tons of people regardless of their status in life.

Author: The author is an expert with various GPS devices and committed to providing information regarding such device.


When it comes to choosing the best spy cell phone app, it is important that you do enough research and read a couple of reviews so you could make an informative decision before you make any purchase. So if you want to know more about the famous Auto-Forward mobile spy software, the following information is what you need:

What is Highster Mobile?

Highster Mobile is spy software cell phones which can be used for a variety of tasks. It is an Android app that you can use to spy on any kind of target phone, including an iPhone. This product is designed to be very easy to use, and it comes with several powerful monitoring features.

Here are the common questions of users regarding Highster Mobile spyware:

1. How much does it cost?

Auto-Forward comes with a One-Time fee that costs only $69.99. This means that you will not incur any extra charges or monthly fees for using the product.

2. How does it work?

This monitoring software uploads information from the phone you wish to spy on to your Secure Online User Control Panel. In your account you will find all the call recordings, text messages, GPS location and all other details you want.

3. How many phones can be monitored using Auto-Forward?

Once you purchase Auto-Forward, you will be given ONE license key, which you will use to spy on just one device. If you wish to monitor another or several devices, you will have to pay for additional license keys.

4. Does Auto-Forward keep my information private?

One guarantee that Auto Forward gives its users is the confidentiality and privacy of all their private information.

5. Do I need to install the app?

You can use Auto Forward by installing it on the target phone. This is not a difficult process, though, because you will only have to enter a link into the target phone through its web browser. This link is downloadable and will lead to the installation of the spyware.

6. Is the GPS tracking system accurate and reliable?

Well, it actually would depend greatly on the target phone’s service provider. But basically, you can expect the GPS to be accurate to up to 50 feet from the actual location of the device. In the report you will receive, the location will be displayed on a Google map.

Is Auto Forward a Good Choice?

Auto-Forward is among the most reliable and best spy cell phone software in the market today. Not only does it come with the best features, it doesn’t cost as much as other spy software out there. Without a doubt, this is the product you need for an efficient mobile phone monitoring.

ios vs andriod lollipop.jpg

Both Google and Apple have recently released their mobile OS updates – iOS 8 and Android Lollipop. If you’re looking to invest in yet another smartphone and want to get the best mobile phone experience, you must be in a dilemma over which operating system to go for. This is not an easy decision to make, actually, especially if you’re aiming to find ways to spy on a cell phone. Both the iOS and Android have strengths and weaknesses you should consider to make sure you’ll be happy with your choice.

Android Lollipop VS iOS 8 – Design

iOS comes with a design that is basically not that different from that of the iOS 7. This is not surprising, however, as so many huge changes in the design came with the iOS 7. What you may like about iOS 8 is its flat design, which is more of minimalist aesthetics.

Android, on the other hand, has decided to make some significant design changes with the Lollipop. Google opted for a material design for the latest Android operating system. The Android Lollipop offers more depth to the appearance of the operating system with the use of shadows. You will also notice that it automatically brings out colors according to the content being displayed.

Android Lollipo VS iOS 8 – Notifications

In Android lollipop, better notifications are available. You will now be able to receive the notifications on your lock screen, plus they will be arranged according to priority. If you want to dismiss them, for instance, all you need to do is swipe them. And if you wish to open them, double tapping will do.

For the iOS 8, notifications have been upgraded as well. They are now very interactive, and so you can receive calendar notifications, reply to text messages and even Like any Facebook status without the need to leave the app you’re using.

Android Lollipop VS iOS 8 – Security

Google in now implementing a personal locking feature, so users can unlock their devices even without entering their passcode. This is possible, however, provided they are close to a device like an Android Smartwatch.

iOS 8, on the other hand, now has Touch ID fingerprint sensor. This allows users to access other apps using their fingerprint.

Which one to choose?

After taking into consideration the main differences between Android Lollipop and iOS 8, you can make a decision based on what your needs and preferences are. Both of them are powerful operating systems and can certainly give you quality mobile phone experience.

To give the necessary protection to your iPhone or Android device, using a mobile phone app is a great option. Once you learn how to download spy software on cell phone using Auto-Forward, you will discover the amazing monitoring features of this software, which will allow you to have control over your device even when you don’t have them.