Everywhere you look today, somebody is playing video games. This activity offers people endless hours of entertainment. But be prepared for the consequences that this technology has. Arm yourself with a phone monitor like Auto Forward so the dangers of gaming won’t seriously affect your child. This article will give you some great ideas to help you get the most from your video game experience and keep safe, as well.

When playing video games for long periods of time, make sure your child takes a stretch break every fifteen minutes. You might get cramped if you keep playing in the same position. Thus, muscles should be stretched to prevent clotting and cramping. However, it would be better to limit his playing hours. With a cell spy, you will be able to know how long your child has been on the device and you can remind him to stop.

Look at the ESRB rating before buying a game for your kids. Lots of games appear to be good for kids, but they are actually quite inappropriate. Make your purchase decision after you have reviewed what aspects the rating is applied on, like violence or language. Even so, always check up on the games your children play since they can borrow from their friends or buy on their own. Utilize cell phone monitoring for this.

Turn off the chat if young children are playing. A very young child does not need the interaction of a strangers and it can cause them to hear language that is not appropriate for their age. You can reinforce this rule by using a phone and text spy to keep your children from stranger danger and online predators.

Sit down and play some video games together with your children. You will get to know your children better and find out more about things they like. When you like the same things, you can strike up a conversation with your kids. Choosing the right games to play with your child can also foster his physical and intellectual development.

Thanks to these tips, you would never worry about your child’s games again. This article should guide you into his world of gaming and keep him safe from the negative consequences that this activity has. Just make sure you use the best spyware like Auto Forward for it.


Nothing can stop an employer from making sure that productivity in the workplace is at its finest; that is basically why spyware for cell phones subsist to help them on this regard. This technological development has made possible the seizing of employees who utilize work phones for personal purposes.

While spyware usage has continuously remained to be a topic of debate; concerning privacy of target employees, let us not forget why it has been a highly favored tool by hundreds and thousands of business owners. A manifestation of its usefulness is the positive reviews online and notably this certain spyware called Auto Forward which has a functionality superior as compared to many other cell phone spy software.

As we go along, I will be discussing more about the usefulness of Auto Forward for employers.

Companies on Work Phones: Expectations / Significant Problems

One issue that has always been a dilemma of the human resource department in every company is how employees use cell phones in general; especially nowadays wherein a lot can be done with this device. Be it personal or work phones; the latter being provided for the intent of enhanced corporate operations so that employees will do away with using personal phones during work hours.

But because of the utterly extensive capacities of this handy gadget, work and personal phone usage cause similar problems in the workplace unless otherwise employers use a cell spy software like Auto Forward that does data extraction as well as recovery of intently deleted phone activities (personal-linked that is).

Yes, you heard that right! It can retrieve even a year old erased data or those lost due to phone damage. This is something that sets Auto-Forward apart; it does meet both ends, as satisfied users say. The link provided connects you to its website wherein everything else you need to know about Auto Forward (from features, how-it-works, customer support, etc.) can be found.

List of usual work phone usage setbacks:

  • Employees regularly checking cell phones
  • Lessened actual time spent for actual working
  • Security issues on unmerited use of company-given devices even so internet connection

How Spyware Work for Employers

Spyware when used by employers help identify who among their employees work as ordered from those who are inefficient. In relation tounproductiveness is the tracking of excessive, untimely or askew usage of work phones for non-business purposes. Specifically, spy cell phone like Auto Forward, as soon as installed successfully, are designed to monitor activities on work phones such as:

  • Emails
  • Text and Call logs
  • Social Media Account logs / posts
  • Web searches
  • GPS location

The data employers get out of the mentioned accessible, are great evidences for sanctions to be filed or such-like.


One of the greatest reasons why parents decide to cell spy programs would be to find out whether their adolescents are lying to them. According to research, more than 96 percent of teens lie to their parents. They lie about numerous things, like drug use, drinking alcohol, where they go after school, how they’re performing at school, the kinds of films they see, who they hang out with, and even what they do online.

If you’re a parent of a teenager, you shouldn’t be surprised to know that your teen has lied to you at some point. It’s simply natural for adolescents to be not so honest with their parents, and there’s nothing you can do about that. What you could do, nevertheless, would be to reduce the frequency of your teen’s lying.

In this post, you’ll learn some suggestions on how it is possible to limit the times your adolescent will lie to you. Here they are:

1. Communicate openly with your teenager.

Having honest and open communication with teens is among the hardest things to do for parents, but it is crucial in case you wish to know your kid more and his or her life. Of course, you can select spy on iPhone without jailbreaking to understand your teen’s on-line actions, their whereabouts, etc, but however, nothing beats staying connected with your adolescent.

2. Be a role model of honesty.

If your child frequently hears you telling lies, she or he will believe it’s okay to lie. Kids who watch their parents lie learn that lying is the easiest way to avoid battles. Thus, when they grow up and become adolescents, they are going to tell lies simply to prevent trouble and disturbing other people. As a parent, you need to model truthfulness. Your spy cell phone actions have a great impact on how honest your child will probably be in the future.

3. Discipline your teenager prudently.

In case the punishment you give your teenager for lying is out of proportion to the blunder committed, your adolescent could be more likely to tell the same lie in the future. Therefore, if you would like to support your teenager to be honest with you, make sure you discipline your kid in a way which will educate him or her a lesson.

4. Be open to negotiating.

Among the best methods to form a favorable relationship with your kids and teens is to be eager to negotiate borders and rules. According to research, teenagers lie to their parents since they do not think their parents will listen to them. In case your teenager feels that the rules you have for them are unfair and that there’s not any means for them to negotiate them with you, they’re likely to conceal the truth from you. You may tell your adolescent about the spyware for cell phones you are using on him or her, and be sure to clarify why it is needed.

choosing_the_best_spy_apps_auto_forward.jpgIf you have been searching the web for the most reliable cell phone spy software program, perhaps you have come across those websites promoting remote install spy software. You may then feel so intrigued and interested to know how to spy on a cell phone without having access to it. Well, as exciting as it may seem, this is just not possible. There is no way you can spy on someone else’s mobile phone without actually getting hold of it, accessing it and downloading the software in it.

Mobile phone spy apps or software could be quite an investment. Thus, you prevent yourself from falling victim to scammers who only want your money. Read on and learn how you can be a smart consumer.

Things to Watch Out for When Buying Cell Phone Spy Software

Onetime payment/no monthly charges

If a website offers cell spy mobile programs that you need to pay for only once and with no monthly charges, you should think twice. Legitimate mobile phone spies or trackers come with a license that you should pay for a certain period of time. This is vital for companies to continue with their development of new and more modern versions of their software.

Sales page

When dealing with an online merchant, it is important that you check the website to verify its existence, validity and reliability. Look for the company details, particularly the contact details. You would also want to see several articles on the site to see how long it has been in the business.

Very low price

You will surely be pleased to receive special offers from online sellers, but to be offered an extremely inexpensive mobile spy program should make you suspicious. Be aware also that many scammers sell spy apps and software at low prices and in combination with other bonuses. Do not be blinded by all these offers because this is a classic strategy used by online scammers.

Payment methods available

Legitimate sellers of cell spy mobile programs usually offer various payment methods. Scammers, on the other hand, would often require that you pay only through credit cards. The best thing you can do is deal with a website that makes it possible for you to pay through PayPal, which is a very reliable payment gateway.


Knowing how to spy on a cell phone without having access to it and actually being able to do it can have a lot of great benefits for you, especially if you are an employer or a parent. While it is a good thing that many websites are offering various types of cell phone spy apps and software programs, you have to make sure that you deal only with the legitimate ones.