There is yet another thing to be added to a parent’s list of worries when it comes to cell phone use, and this is one more reason to better acquaint yourself with a phone monitoring software to better protect your children. Many parents are already using this technology to keep their kids safe from the many harmful effects of advancing technology, more specifically, from mobile devices.

Aside from the dangers of online predators, inappropriate content, cyberbullying and more, ADHD can also be seen in kids who are exposed to too much cell phone use. And this is another thing to be concerned about. So are you going to spy on kids cell phone yet?

ADHD and Too Much Screen Time

We all know kids are in danger of being exposed to unsuitable content and within easier reach of predators when they are on their cell phones. Moreover, using this device increasing can affect their mental health in a negative way. If not guided properly, children will definitely be victims of all these harmful effects.

And now, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a part of the mix.

A new study has just revealed that frequent use of digital tools might increase their chances of developing symptoms of ADHD.

More than 2,500 grade 10 students were followed over the course of two years. No symptoms of ADHD were seen prior to the study. But by the end of it, children with more exposure to digital media were more likely seen to have symptoms of the condition.

Children with 6 of more digital activities (based on a questionnaire) daily have higher chances of developing ADHD symptoms.

The study not only showed the connection between ADHD and increased screen time, but also how attached kids are to their mobile devices. If this is not a reason for parents to learn how to spy on text messages and their children’s phones, then what will?

While this symptoms do not necessarily mean being diagnosed with ADHD, it simply shows more and more health conditions are being associated with use of technology.

So, will you let your child be victims of it? Proper guidance, monitoring and education may just be the key for a child’s responsible use of digital media. This is what your child should be getting from you. And the best cell phone spy software remote install, like Auto Forward, does the job well. Find out more about this tool and visit Auto Forward now.

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Controlling a child's screen time is an important reason adults have for using a cell phone spy. So what is screen time? Screen time is the amount of time one spends in a day using devices such as video consoles, TV, tablets, and smartphones. While there are certain benefits to using such devices, there are risks that come with it as well. Thus, having limits on daily screen time is essential for maintaining a healthy family lifestyle.

Guidelines for Screen Time

According to child development experts, limiting a child's daily screen time is crucial to make sure exposure to various gadgets won't have negative effects on the growth and development of young children. Parents are also reminded that real-life interactions with different people are beneficial for a child's learning, development, and general well-being.

As suggested by the American Academy of Pediatrics, these guidelines should be followed:

  • Kids under 18 months are not supposed to have screen time, but video-chatting can be an exception.
  • Children between the ages of 18 months to 2 years may use programs or apps and can watch videos or TV programs as long as they do so with the supervision of adults who can help them understand whatever it is they're seeing.
  • Children between 2 and 5 years of age shouldn't have more than one hour of screen time a day. They should be with adults when watching or playing using the mentioned devices.
  • Children who are 6 years of age need consistent limits on the amount of time they spend on gadgets and electronic media.

So what do these limits on screen time mean for your kids?

Setting limits on screen time is just as effective as knowing how to spy text messages on cell phones for free. When you limit your child's screen time, you are technically taking control of the kind of content your child is accessing on the Internet. With a cell phone spy program like AutoForward, this is the same thing you can do.

After a cell phone spy software remote install, you can start monitoring everything your child does online. You can read their text messages on their phone, the emails they send and receive, their social media accounts, and you can even listen to their phone conversations. AutoForward cell phone spy is perfect for parents who want to make sure that their young kids remain safe when using their mobile devices.

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Unless organizations apply stricter rules and use appropriate tools such as cell phones spy software, data breach and theft by employees may not be prevented, which can eventually result in lost profits for the organization.

There are many practices for protecting data on mobile devices used by company executives, such as wiping lost devices and enforcing encryption. But more importantly, business data that is accessible through employee devices must be protected without requiring IT ownership or procurement.

Let's now talk about the most essential data protection practices for employees using cell phones and other mobile devices.

1. Locks for Mobile Devices

Mobile device locks are one of the most important tools against unauthorized access to business documents and data stored on the devices owned by employees. The problem here, however, is that not all mobile devices used by workers have device locks that are strong enough. It is also possible for employees to reset complicated passwords so that it will be easier for them to use their devices. Thus, it's important for organizations to address such needs of employees so they could come up with a solution that will not compromise the security of company data.

2. Remote Data Wipe

The moment an employee leaves your company, you want to remove all business accounts and information stored on their devices. This is possible using mobile device data wipe. Companies, however, cannot do this without the consent of the owner of the device. By having employees sign an agreement to this procedure, it will avoid any conflicts in the future.

3. Mobile Tracking and Locationing

Mobile tracking remains as one of the most efficient and effective ways of protecting company data. The most common issue against this practice is the claim of some employees about their personal privacy being violated. As a solution, many business owners decide to use cell phone spy software remote install to monitor employees' cell phone usage and even their geographic location.

4. Data Encryption on Employee Devices

Especially for workers who deal with sensitive and confidential information, their mobile devices need to have data encryption. This way, all files or bits of information from and on their devices will not be easily accessed without permission.

By applying these important mobile device data protection practices, employers will have a better sense of security and safety. Learning how to spy text messages on cell phones for free using Auto Forward for the purpose of employee monitoring is also an effective way of boosting productivity in the workplace. When workers are aware that they are being monitored, they feel a sense of responsibility, and as a result, they become more committed to their jobs. This is one of the biggest benefits of phone monitoring at work.


According to study, the number of employees who waste company time by using social media just keeps on increasing, which is one of the main reasons employers are learning how to spy text messages on cell phones for free. They do this not only to monitor the text messaging habits of their employees, but their Internet surfing and social media habits as well.

People have differing opinions about the use of cell phones spy in the workplace. For workers, it is considered unfair and unreasonable, but for most business owners, it is a necessity to ensure workplace productivity and efficiency.

If you are planning to implement this kind of system in your company to motivate your workers to work better and harder, perhaps it would help also if you could explain to them your rules for social media at work.

Things to Remember When Using Social Media in the Workplace

Never Take Advantage of the Company's Lack of Social Media Policy

Social media is a relatively new platform, which is why many companies are yet to enforce a strict policy for social media use among employees. That's why employees are free to use social media leisurely without being reprimanded.

Have a Sense of Self-Control in Using Social Media

You may need to remind your employees that if they don't want any cell phone spy software remote install on their devices, they should practice discipline in using the Internet and social media. They should always remember that just because nobody's regulating their social media use doesn't mean they are allowed to waste all their time on it.

Wasting Company Time on Social Media is Wasting Company Money

Employees should realize that every minute wasted means profit lost for the company. They need to care about it because it is the company that provides them with employment. It is also every worker's responsibility to make sure that he or she contributes to the company's success and shouldn't be the reason for its loss.

Workers Are Paid to Work, Not to Be Active on Social Media

Workers should be reminded that they are being paid for every second they are in the workplace. They are faithfully paid by their employers, so they should also keep up their side of the bargain. Also, if they don't want to be in danger of losing their jobs, they need to be more sincere in fulfilling their roles in the organization.

Social Media Must Be for Work-Related Use Only

Companies are now making use of social media to boost their brand. Thus, when employees are allowed to use it in the workplace, it should only be for business use. The good thing about Auto Forward cell phone spy is that it helps business owners know exactly how employees are using social media when they are at work.

Child at Great Risk.jpg

If you haven't seriously considered using cell phones spy software, you might not be doing enough to ensure your loved ones, especially your kids are safe from the dangers of modern technology. The fact that human beings have never been more dependent on technology than they are today is a clear sign that there's now a need for parents to monitor how their young children use their gadgets, particularly their mobile phones.

When the Internet started to gain popularity, the biggest worry of its users is that it makes their computers and laptops more vulnerable to viruses. But today, people are more worried about their own security as well as the safety of their young kids who can easily get access to the Internet. That's why it's now even more necessary for parents to use cell phone spy software remote install on their child's mobile phones.

Common Threats We're Facing Today

Aside from computer viruses, there's also a threat to our own security and safety. We can't deny the fact that there are lawbreakers out there who are constantly looking for ways to use technology to do harm to others. As a parent, you should be concerned about the rampant incidence of online phedophilia and cyberbullying. These crimes are prevalent because of the unregulated access people have to the Internet and social networking sites. Your children are exposed to these threats because it's not all the time that you can see how they are using their smartphones.

Technology and the Internet can also have huge negative effects on your child's life. When a child has unlimited access to the Internet, he or she is likely to spend several hours a day exploring different web content, chatting with friends, and even communicating with whoever they meet online.

Possible Solutions

One of the things you can do to monitor your child's use of technology is to learn how to spy text messages on cell phones for free. All you need to do is install a cell phone spy program on your child's phone, and then you can start monitoring all his or her activities on the cell phone and the Internet.

The moment you install software like Auto Forward mobile phone spy, you will be able to document everything they're doing with their cell phone. You can read text messages, emails, private messages, and so on. You will also gain access to your child's phonebook, social media accounts, videos, photos, and more. More importantly, Auto Forward lets you track the GPS location of your child in real time.

Even if the idea of spying on your own child using a cell phones spy isn't too attractive for you, that is what you need to do to ensure your child is safe. After all, it is your primary responsibility as a parent to keep your child away from harm at all times.


There’s nothing in this modern world that angers me more than people who text and drive. Yeah sure, it’s illegal, but there’s never a cop around to catch these jackasses when they’re doing it—and they are all doing it. All the time. Look around you when you’re on the road. No one is paying attention. They all have their eyes down on their cells. I tell you, it makes me want to crash right into them and pull them out of the car and beat them. Now you know where road rage really comes from these days.

These people are driving 3,000-pound killing machines around and they’re not doing it responsibly. I would love to say that it’s just the teens and twenty-somethings, but it’s not. It’s middle-agers and older folks too. People who should know better, but they don’t, because they’re all wrapped up in their own little selfish worlds. They don’t think about the harm they could cause. They don’t think about the traffic they are creating by not focusing on the road and stepping on the gas. All these vapid idiots care about is their stupid iPhones and their petty lives.

It angers me so much that I vowed to make sure my teen daughter never ended up being one of these jerks—and hopefully not being with one of these jerks. Oh sure, I’ve had the talk with her many times about not driving and looking at her phone. She always said that she never does, but I didn’t believe her, so I installed a cell phone spy app on her iPhone to see if she’s lying.

The cell phone spy software remote install app allowed me to access her phone’s control panel so that I could see if she was using the device when I though she might be driving. Is she talking on it, texting, tweeting, surfing the net? It also let me activate her microphone so that I could listen in on her environment to see if her friends were using their phones while driving. It also let me snap pictures with her phone’s camera to view what’s going on each time.

So far, she’s proven me wrong—and I couldn’t be happier about it. After all, she’s seen me lose it time and time again when I’m behind some idiot on his phone. You would assume she would knows better, but you never know with teenagers.

There are so many things that I wish would happen in this world. I wish that someone would develop some tech that makes using a smartphone while driving impossible. I wish that the police would work harder to catch these self-centered d-bags in the act. I wish that my family would always be safe from these horrible drivers. And I wish that everyone would install a cheap cell phone spy software  on every single phone in the world, like me, and stop these self-centered idiots from using their devices while on the road.