Reports of certain messaging apps spying on cell phones text messages have circulated the web recently. In fact, one popular messaging platform has been fined for keeping tabs on its users’ messages. The app owners were quick to deny the accusations but it was evident from the company’s statements that they have indeed been monitoring and keeping chat logs for government surveillance purposes.

The public is crying foul over this revelation and wants their private conversations to remain just that, private. Moreover, this controversy has placed other cell phone messaging programs under suspicion of spying.

Is your messaging app spying on you?

Cell phone spying scandals have instilled fear in many people and have them asking “is someone spying on my cell phone?” “Are my private messages compromised?” “Are all messaging apps spyware?”

Because one social media app was confirmed to spy on its users’ private conversations, people have been reviewing their downloaded and installed apps just to make sure nothing invades their privacy. As it was revealed, many spyware are hiding under the pretense of being an app just so they can spy on you.

These apps are able to access your:

  • Text messages
  • Call logs
  • Location
  • Social media activity and messages
  • Browsing activity

Depending on the spy software, they can access more or less data than those mentioned above.

This situation has caused messaging apps to rethink and revamp their programs so they can change the way users are thinking about them and the negative impact that spying controversies tainted them with.

What can you do to avoid these types of spyware?

Just make sure your device security is tight. Use a password and update your operating system as soon as an update is available.

These spyware do invade a person’s privacy, especially when you don’t know it’s already doing that. Certain cell phone spy app has also been tainted with the negativity that these programs caused.

Although cell phone spy apps were made for monitoring purposes of parents over their children as well as employers over their workers, some use it for the wrong reasons. As long as you have nothing to hide from legal authorities and your reason for the use of a spy app is noble, there is nothing to be worried about.

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Everyone knows that their mobile devices can be turned into a cell phone spy app. You can now easily monitor just about anyone as long as you get the software installed on their phones. Today’s advanced technology has made our devices capable of almost anything.

But since spy apps can be used remotely and discreetly, you wouldn’t know if you are being the target of spies. Jealous partners and malicious acquaintances can easily track your every move. And they can turn your private data against you and use it to their advantage.

Now, wouldn’t it be great to be able to spy on these spies? Turn your cell phone into the ultimate spy tracker and protect your data. You will also be able to catch the infiltrator in the process.

An Android App to Spy on Spies

Many mobile device users are now turning to cell phone spyware in order to monitor loved ones, especially parents on their children. However, vindictive persons can also take advantage of this technology to track their ex partners or anyone they want just so they can get ahead.

What can you do in order to protect yourself from these spiteful people?

Auto Forward, the trusted Android extractor, is your answer. Read on to know how this software can help you keep your data safe.

  • It can be a lost cell phone locator. When your device gets lost or stolen, you can easily track it and even lock it up in case someone decides to steal your data.
  • It can retrieve your lost data. Damage to the device or failed updates causes loss in saved data. With Auto Forward you can easily recover important files.
  • It gives you access to all data on the phone as well as to most apps.

Auto Forward enables you to access data in case it gets lost or becomes inaccessible. This also helps you protect your privacy since certain unverified activities will alert you that someone is tampering with your device. You can then report this spy activity to the proper authorities and work with them to catch the spy.

Don’t let anyone get away with your private data. Easily retrieve and back it up with Auto Forward. Keep your files confidential and protect your privacy. Learn more about this topnotch cell phone software today and let your gadget use be as safe as possible. Visit their website now.


cell phone spy app

Although the reason behind this is valid since a lot of people use cell phone spy app it for personal and business transactions, a constant exposure in the virtual world can also be a ticket for deceit and entrapment by the various molesters and abusers on the internet.

How Hard Is It to Trust Someone?

In the world today, it is not easy to trust other people. If you are living in the real world, you would get to know and realize how hard it is to trust and be trusted. Trust is that five letter word that you have to earn through years of dedication, bond, fidelity and strong foundation with the people you surround yourself with. It is not something that a person can attain in a day and neither it can easily be bought by money for a person’s satisfaction.

What happens, in reality, teaches a lot of hard lessons in life. But just imagine how tougher it is to trust people in a virtual world wherein the emotions and physical appearances are masked by the screen. People are easily entrapped with the different baits mischievously made by various abusers and molesters in the world of internet.

Knowing that the virtual world is an unsafe place to be in, why is it that a lot of people are still being victimized? Perhaps the reason behind this is the fact that most individuals submerge themselves more in the virtual world than in real life. Research has shown 70% of people are spending most of the hours in a day in front of their laptops and mobile devices.

How Is a Spy App Relevant to this Situation?

Cell phone spy apps have been on the market for quite some time now and they can be the ideal tools that any person can use whenever dealing with trust issues not only in real life but more in the virtual world. How is it relevant?

As discussed earlier, it is both hard to establish trust within the surroundings both in reality and virtually.That is why there is a need of for some kind of monitoring especially if there is someone close to you that you want to check out.

How Can This Software Help You?

This kind of monitoring software would be able to teach you if the other party can be trusted or not. This spyware will be the one that will guide you with the latest happenings on the target user as well as his or her current status and location. To spy on iPhone without installing a software becomes attainable. Androids too are also no exception.

By taking hold of this phone tracking free and premium app, you would be able to verify if the information you are getting is true or not. For example, if you are a parent and your child asks permission to go for a group study, a simple click on Auto Forward will help you locate where your kid is really going, simple as that!


If by using a spy text messages you discovered that your child is being bullied, you need to seek support to do something to stop it. But before you do so, it's important that you first know the basic facts about cyberbullying so that you will know what to do and where to go for help.

What is Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is a type of bullying that happens through the use of technology. If, for instance, a mobile phone, camera, or the Internet is used to embarrass or hurt someone, this can be considered cyberbullying. This type of bullying can be hurtful and damaging because it can be shared quickly with a lot of people.

What exactly happens with cyberbullying?

●        A number of people can take part in it

●        It's typically done in secret. The bully tries to hide who he or she is by using fake names or profiles, and sending anonymous messages.

●        It is almost impossible to remove because it is shared online, which means that whatever is shared online can be recorded or saved by anyone.

●        The person being bullied will find it hard to escape it especially if they are always online.

●        The content, which often include videos, photos, and text messages, can be passed on to a number of people.

How might a victim of cyberbullying feel?

●        Guilty that it's their fault

●        Hopeless that they may not get out of the situation

●        Alone and helpless

●        Rejected and not deserving to belong to a group

●        Depressed for being not accepted by other people

●        Afraid and unsafe

●        Confused about why it is happening to them

●        Ashamed that they are being disliked or hated

How to be safe from cyberbullies?

Parents play a very important role in keeping young people safe from cyberbullies. If you're using an app to cell phone spy app on your child's phone and you see signs that he or she is being bullied, you need to talk to your child. These are the things you should advise him or her:

●        Avoid sharing private information such as name, address, phone numbers, and passwords especially to people they hardly know.

●        Do not respond to any messages when they're hurt or angry as this will only encourage bullies to keep harassing them.

●        Remember that they can always block, delete and report those who are harassing them on their cell phone or online.

●        Always keep a record of messages, calls, emails, or posts that are harmful or hurtful to them (which can easily be done by parents using software to spy message).

Parents need to be proactive when it comes to protecting their children from this kind of bullying. That's why it's a good idea to use apps like AutoForwad to spy software on their children's cell phones.


A cell phone spy app can help you check the mobile activities of someone without having to borrow the phone from them. This type of remote monitoring makes it possible to check on someone 24/7 just as long as there is a stable internet connection.

Installation Types

There are two major types of installation and these are the most popular options offered by numerous spy app brands.

  1. Direct access installation. This mode requires you to personally access the phone during the installation phase. Here, you need to upload the software into the target phone and proceed with the rest of the registration process.
  2. Installation through Cloud service. In case direct access isn’t possible, the other option includes Cloud installation. This is a very popular alternative for iPhone target devices given that you have the owner’s Cloud username and password.

Free Payment or Premium

Free spy software features are usually limited to tracking calls and texts offered as time trial options. This usually lasts for 3 to 7 days depending on the brand offering such package. The good thing about free trial apps is the fact that you can try the basic functions before committing to a premium package. 

In case you want to access the full features of a cell phone spy app, you can go for premium. Listed below are just some of the most common features offered by a brand’s premium tracking package.

  • Text message monitoring. This includes the ability to spy text messages  that have been sent and received by the target phone.
  • Call log monitoring. This involves incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Browser activity and site blocking.
  • Email monitoring. This includes popular email platforms such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, OneDrive and iCloud.
  • 3rd party messaging platform monitoring. This includes messaging apps such as Whatsapp, Viber, WeChat, iMessages, BBM, Google Hangouts and Line.
  • Social media monitoring. This includes social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Call recording. This includes recording all call conversations done on the target phone.
  • Live call access. In case you happen to be online when an actual call happens, you can listen to it live from the remote dashboard.
  • Phone location. With a powerful GPS tracking system, the target phone location can be locked on the map.

Payment Options

Most spy app brands offer two major types of payment options: a one-time payment and an installation type premium package. Most payment installations last from 3 months to a year.

Auto Forward is a powerful spy app brand that offers monitoring services for Apple and Android devices. It has countless premium tracking package offers for various monitoring needs.

WhatsApp-Spy-AppApparently, almost everyone finds it really important to have a mobile phone. While it is true that having a means to constantly communicate is a necessity, you wouldn’t agree that your young kids also need to have their own cell phones. If it is unavoidable for your children to use a mobile phone, perhaps the best thing you could do is monitor how they use it. In this case, knowing how to spy on a cell phone without having it will be very helpful.

The use of mobile spy apps has become really common these days. Basically, this is because such software is relatively inexpensive. Plus, you can buy one for yourself without breaking any laws. If you are planning to purchase such software to keep track of your children’s cell phone activities, there is no reason to worry that they would find out you are spying on them. The signs that one’s phone is being spied on are very subtle indeed. Here they are:

Strange phone behavior – one thing you will notice after installing apps that spy on you is the odd behavior of the cell phone. It will be normal for the phone to light up suddenly even when it is not in use. It may also make beeping noises or shut down all of a sudden. These are things that may happen to any regular phone every once in a while, but such things will happen regularly on a phone that has spy software installed in it.

Shorter battery life – it is also common for spy software apps to cause battery rundowns. This is because they increase the use of mobile phone batteries. Take note also that cheaper software programs may run the phone’s battery down more quickly, so investing in more modern software is a much better option.

Unusual text messages – spy software programs come with a remote control feature that sends secret coded text messages to the cell phone, which can actually be seen if the software isn’t working correctly.

Increased usage of data – having spy software apps that spy on you will result in increased data usage of the mobile phone. The reason for this is that some apps need additional data in order to send the gathered information from the phone being spied on. But then again, if you opt for the better types of programs, this should not be something to worry about.

If you have decided that learning how to spy on a cell phone without having it is the best way you can keep an eye on how your kids use their mobile phones, it is definitely beneficial that you first learn what such programs may do to a mobile phone.