Parents have been using a cell phone spy ever since kids, really young ones at that, started getting on the internet. The dangers that young children can face while going online is vast, and this is where parents base their action of resorting to spy apps to properly monitor their kids’ cell phone activities.

Benefits of Using Spy Apps

Young children having their own mobile devices have given them the power to explore the world wide web where, unguided, they can be exposed to inappropriate content and can face dangerous situations. While the benefits of technology and the internet are countless, especially for education, its evils can be seriously harmful.

And if you’re a parent, this is where you get to appreciate the help that a cell phone spy tracker such as Auto Forward provides.

  • The thorough monitoring that a cell phone spy app allows help parents to see what their child sees on the internet. If any unsuitable content pops up or any inappropriate site is visited, parents will know and proper guidance can be enforced.
  • Spy apps give parents access to their child’s text messages, call logs, and even messages on messaging apps. They can scrutinize who they kids contact and communicates with. If they see something suspicious or dangerous, parents can easily intervene. 
  • Being able to track your kids’ locations wherever they are, like how spy apps allow you to do, is a big help to parents especially when they become secretive or rebellious, most importantly, when something untoward happens.

These are the most important benefits of a cell phone spying app that parents are grateful for. And for the best data extractor that will give you access to your kid’s cell phone activities, use Auto Forward.

How to Use Auto Forward

Auto Forward is the ultimate data extractor that gives you access to any device remotely. It works on all Apple and Android devices and is easy to install and use. 

  • First, you have to download the software, which is 100% virus-free.
  • Then, select or add a back up from your local drive or iCloud.
  • Lastly, choose the specific data categories you want to see and start extracting.

It’s as easy as 1,2,3. You can then go through the things your child sees or does on his device.Protect your children from the dangers of the mobile devices and the internet and make use of Auto Forward. Learn more about this helpful software today. Visit their website.

Gone were the days when Apple can actually be proud of being virus-free and never tagged as an easy cell phone spy. Today, just like any other mobile device, iPhones and your Mac computers can also be infected with malware. These malicious software can be found in apps readily available for download and installation from the App Store.

What’s worse is that these malware can turn your device against you and spy on your every move.

How your Apple Devices Spy on You

Your Apple devices are pretty much vulnerable to spyware disguised as apps that can spy on everything you do even when you’re not using it. How did Apple devices turn from being one of the most secure mobile devices to one that’s easily compromised by hackers?

Hackers and cyber criminals turned their focus and efforts on Apple’s operating system which gave them access to your mobile devices and computers through apps.from the App Store. You may think you’re downloading safe programs but be aware that any third-party apps can contain this anomalous software that can put you and your data in the wrong hands.

How can You Stop this Unwarranted Spy Activity?

It is necessary that you put a stop to these malware-laden apps because of the terrible consequences it can put you in.

  • These apps can take screenshots of your cell phone data or any other activity.
  • Certain software can automatically read any text included in the screenshots taken.
  • Criminals and hackers can use your data and steal passwords.
  • Your emails can be read and your banking information as well as other important data  will be known to these attackers.

And while Apple is the only one who can put a complete stop to these criminals, you can practice some ways to keep yourself, your data and your device protected.

  • Be wary of the apps you use. Manually close every app after using it.
  • Download only from reputable software companies.
  • Make use of trusted software like Auto Forward to spy on kids cell phone and get rid of suspicious apps.

Having a spy device for cell phone can be helpful when it comes to protecting your children from damaging apps. Since kids can be quite secretive and rebellious, the only way to know which apps they use is through spy apps.

If you want to learn more about the practices of hackers and criminals as well as the ways to stop them, just visit Auto Forward. Be aware and monitor your family’s device use too. Check out Auto Forward now.

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If your potential employer told you that employee monitoring using a cell phone spy program is being implemented in their organization, would you still want to be part of the team? Many people might not like the idea that they will be monitored during work hours, but if you know your priorities and you're committed to your job, this shouldn't bother you.

Companies are always in search for ways to improve productivity among their employees, and having an employee monitoring system is one of the more popular methods to do this. But doesn't it affect how loyal employees become to their employers?

When it comes to building employee loyalty, there are actually a number of things managers and company owners can do. Below are some of them:

1. Don't rush the hiring process.

Hiring takes time, and it shouldn't be cut short or rushed. The more careful you are during the recruitment process, the more chances you get of hiring the right person. As you hire, it's recommended that you introduce the potential employee to some members of your team. Don't forget to ask for samples of their work also, and be patient in checking their personality.

2. Give many opportunities for promotion.

It's not enough that you spy on iPhone without installing software to boost your workers' performance. You need to find a way to motivate them, and one is by allowing several paths to promotion. When they're presented with many opportunities to play more important roles in the company, they will feel inspired and motivated to work harder and remain loyal to you.

3. Allow your employees to make decisions.

Giving employees a sense of control and freedom is another effective way of inspiring loyalty among workers. When a person feels trusted, he or she responds positively to it. When you allow your employees to make decisions on their own, they feel a sense of responsibility and loyalty to you as well. Even when you're using phone tracking free to monitor them, letting them make choices will make them feel they are being trusted.

4. Give them room to have fun at work.

Using a cell phone spy for your employees doesn't have to mean they can't have fun at work! You need to emphasize to them that you're monitoring not how they behave at work, but how their work is done. This will help ease the pressure on their part, which is essential in developing loyalty to your company as well.


If you think that using a cell phone tracker to monitor employees will have negative effects on their performance and loyalty to the organization, think again! According to studies, employee monitoring systems, including computer and cell phone tracking, are effective in reducing wasted time at work.

But of course, keeping your workers motivated is not limited to using a spy phone app. As a business owner, there are other things you can do to urge your team to work to their fullest potential. To be a good motivator and a better leader, use the following tactics:

a. Communicate Better

It's a must that you make sure your employees understand what's expected of them. Let them know what their job is as well as your expectations. For new employees, it may be necessary to reiterate such expectations on a daily basis. Avoid being vague or generalizing. Be specific so that your team will know what they are supposed to do.

b. Train Your Employees

Find time to give your employees training on how business is done. Have a training process in place so that every new employee goes through the same quality training. This will be time-consuming at first, of course, but all your effort will certainly pay off.

c. Believe in Your People

Your employees make mistakes not because they want to piss you off or to make your business fail. They are human beings so committing mistakes is inevitable. But this shouldn't make you think that they do not mean well for your business. Good leaders make their people feel they trust them and believe in their capacity.

d. Never Forget to Appreciate Them

Even if you're using a cell phone spy to monitor your employees, they wouldn't take it against you if you know how to give recognition where it's due. It's important for leaders to value the contributions of their employees because even the simplest gestures of gratitude and appreciation can go a long way in keeping workers inspired.

e. Provide a Comfortable Workplace

You can't expect your employees to be efficient and happy with their work if their offices are a mess and uncomfortable. You need to invest in their wellbeing as well if you want to benefit from their job satisfaction and loyalty. Give them a workplace that will give them a sense of pride.

f. Be More Approachable

Implementing an employee monitoring system like using a cell phone spy does make you a scary boss, and it's not always good for your business. You need to make yourself more approachable. Encourage your people to ask questions, make suggestions, or raise an opinion because at the end of the day, it is your business that can benefit from this kind of collaboration.


When choosing a certain spy phone app in the market, you should not only focus on its price – but most importantly – on its features. Knowing the functions of your spy phone brand makes your user experience more satisfying and worth the price you have paid for.

Spy Phone App in Short Detail

Spy phone apps may either be offered for free or with a price.

  1. Free. Free trial options don’t require any payment on your part, but these are only available for a limited period of time. Most spy phone brands offering free trial options give users the chance to monitor basic information such as text messages and calls.
  2. Premium. This type of tracking package offers intensive monitoring features. Depending on the brand of your choice, the information and functions that can be accessed involves the following:
  • Text messages. This involves sent and received messages.
  • Calls. This involves incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Call recording and playback. The cell phone spy app records the entire conversation and plays it back anytime you wish. Real-time calls are also recorded.
  • Emails. This includes email threads in popular platforms such as Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, OneDrive and a whole lot more.
  • Messaging platform conversations. This includes message threads on Skype, BBM, Google Hangouts, iMessages, Whatsapp, Viber and a whole lot more.
  • Social media activity. This includes social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and many others.
  • Browser activity. This includes all websites visited by the phone owner.
  • Website blocking. This allows you to block the target phone owner’s access to certain websites of your choice.
  • Phone distance and location. Thru the built-in GPS tracking system, your app can serve as a cell phone tracker in case you want to monitor the location of the target device on the map.

Maximizing Your Spy Phone App

You can use your spy phone app for a variety of functions in order to maximize its performance. Here are some ways to do so:

  1. Track your spouse. Find out where your partner is currently located with the help of the built-in GPS tracking system.
  2. Monitor your children’s location. Knowing whether your kids are at school or at home gives you better peace of mind knowing they are where they’re supposed to be at a certain hour.
  3. Read messages and monitor calls. Knowing the identities of the people your loved ones are commonly communicating with gives you better chance of knowing them more.
  4. Block access to mature-content sites. Blocking pornography sites and mature-content apps such as Tinder gives you better chance of keeping your kids away from online content that are not advisable for their age.
  5. Retrieve lost phone. In case the target phone gets lost, there’s a better chance of recovering it with the help of the GPS tracking system.

cell phone spy

Why use a cell phone spy app? The most common thing all parents share is their love for their children, the same love that mostly turns into worry. The primary focus of a parent once their children start to grow is to keep them safe from the dangers of the world. They want to make sure their children don’t fall into bad company, and do not hang out with negative influences. Unfortunately for parents, all humans are different and unique and so are their children. Due to this, there is no pre-defined absolute age where you can consider them to be responsible. Some children are more mature and responsible than others and if your kid can demonstrate these two key traits, you are one of the few lucky parents out there. But what if you’re not that lucky? That’s where a cell phone spy app comes in.

Most children or teens are not particularly mature or responsible, and it’s okay, because as children that is exactly what is expected of them. But since our modern day world is highly connected, even a tiny mistake can be blown out of proportion and because of that parents nowadays have to take more precautions compared to back in the 80s. For example, if a child is saying something inappropriate online, everything is documented and available for everyone to see and scrutinize, whereas the same thing said in person wouldn’t have similar implications. Similarly, teens nowadays engage in sending explicitly suggestive pictures, which can be leaked and dispersed through the internet. A small mistake at a person’s early years can be documented and remembered forever.

So with all of these worries faced by parents, they end up wondering about the ways to spy on text messaging and how a cell phone spy application could help them, and for good reason. Of course, all parents wonder about the privacy their young children deserve. However, in the face of these challenges, privacy seems quite insignificant. Social media has been advancing at a rapid rate and parents need to keep up with the changing trends among their children, for example:


Snapchat is a relatively new entrant to the video and picture sharing arena. It allows the users to capture and send pictures that, after a predetermined time, self-destruct. While sending a message, the user has the option to decide whether the picture should be shown from between one to ten seconds, after which the picture ceases to exist. Such an option sounds really attractive, especially to the younger lot. However, it is completely possible for the receiver to save the picture through a screen capture option. Although, the app itself doesn’t support the feature, all smartphone operating systems do.

As the app grew in popularity, a myriad of reports over Snapchat flooded the internet regarding its use for sexting and the ability of the receiver to exploit these pictures through a screen capture. Such abuse of picture sharing can cause embarrassing pictures to be leaked on the internet, potentially causing severe mental anguish or trauma to the person(s) affected. Moreover, the possibility of blackmailing is also a frightening thought for these worried parents. Hence, the increasing need to use the best cell phone spy.

Another thing kids fail to realize is that it is unwise to assume that an electronic file can truly vanish once deleted. Just as there are many utilities available to retrieve deleted computer files, the same can also be done with Snapchat. Recently a Utah based software company has demonstrated that they can restore deleted Snapchap pictures. Since our kids do not possess the maturity to consider the consequences of their actions, it is our job as their parents to make sure we keep them safe from themselves even if it means we have to use apps that spy on text messages.

My advice for parents is that, they be transparent with your children and try to communicate about the apps and its implications on their lives. But it’s important to not panic and remember that they are still quite young and lecturing them will do them no good. Instead, talk to them about the apps and impart some adult wisdom while at the same time keep a close eye on them using a cell phone spy application.

A Generation of Smartphones Can Handle a Cell Phone Spy Applications

Our childhoods were significantly different from our kids. The younger generations have grown up with technology, and kids as young as five years of age perfectly understand the smartphone technology. In fact, they often use their parent’s phones to play games. It is difficult for us parents to completely understand their dynamics as our childhoods stand in completely stark contrast. But as parents, we have adapted to the changing dynamics of the world and have created a safe environment where our kids indulge in these technologies.

If you are a parent of a school going child, very soon you should expect them to ask you for a smartphone. As kids around them in school start to get their own phones, they will also ask for it, otherwise they would feel left out. The problem with these smartphones is that these are tiny devices capable of performing almost every functionality of the computer. And they’re powerful. These phones can easily handle a cell phone spy application that a parent installs.

Back in our days, there used to be no more than one family computer in the living room which everyone used to share. Such a dynamics allowed for complete transparency. However, with smartphones, there is literally no transparency as it remains at the side of the user, available only at their discretion, everyone else is locked out. This is cause enough for a parent to worry, because the internet is a vast place with incredibly valuable educational knowledge along with toxic information, which we would like to shield our children from.

In such a situation, a parent is left with the dilemma of either depriving their children of an aspect that is part of our daily lives or risk allowing our children complete freedom to access the internet and social media platforms.

Due to all of the reasons stated above, parents have increasingly contemplated whether the right thing to do for the sake of their children’s safety is to use a cell phone spy. There are some parents who are staunchly against the idea of spying on their children. However, every child is different and they all have different needs. If you think you would feel better knowing your child’s online activities, you should opt for best spy apps for text and call. Because in the end, the safety of your child trumps all and if you are okay with it then so be it.

There are different approaches you can take when opting for spying apps but this mostly depends on your children and their personalities so only you would understand which approach would better serve you and your children.

Some parents opt for covert spying, which means, spying without their child’s knowledge. This is especially easy if your child still doesn’t have a phone and is about to get one. Before you hand your child the phone, you install the necessary app and hand it to them. Auto-Forward is a leading app in the spying category and it is virtually impossible to detect, unless your child is a software genius. The other approach is to be completely transparent with your child, tell them about your need to track their activities and make them understand that it is for their own safety and it is one of the conditions on which they will get their first phone.

Auto Forward

Auto-Forward is a leading best cell phone spy on the market today. Their service offers by far the best possible experience with an incredibly user-friendly interface and their friendly customer service team is available to help you with any queries you might have. The surveillance app supports all popular operating systems and mobile devices, including iOS and Android.

Through the use of Auto-Forward, you can utilize over 21 powerful features. For example, and this is probably the most important, Auto-Forward uploads all of the relevant information from your child’s phone and uploads it on to a secure account, which will only be accessible to you through your secret password.

You can use your secure account of the cell phone spy app to access the whereabouts of your child and feel ease knowing where your child is. Moreover, the app will allow you to view all of the incoming and outgoing messages in your child’s phone and this includes all of this social media activity including all the private messages on Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. Another amazing thing about the app is that it also tracks Skype activity, which will allow you to be informed of all of the incoming and outgoing calls along with the chat history. You will also receive real time call log information so you can be sure that your child is not interacting with someone he or she shouldn’t.

All of this information will allow you to lookout for your children, whether they are talking to people they shouldn’t on social media platforms or are being bullied at school. This vital information will allow you to help your child in their growth and protect them from the harsh realities of the world. After examining all of this information, hopefully you would have justified the use of a cell phone spy app to monitor text messages and calls.

A lot of people are wondering what Auto Forward is and how it can work for them. Auto Forward is a cell phone monitoring app that allows you to keep tabs on your children, employees and your loved ones without using the target phone to do so. Basically, it’s like having their phone on your phone. Auto Forward works with all iPhone’s and Androids. (You can visit our website to see if your phone is compatible

How does it work? Auto Forward allows you to view text messages (old, deleted, and new), pictures, videos, call logs, What’s App (text, images, audio, Messages), social media including Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Viber and Twitter. While all of Auto Forwards features are extremely useful, one feature seems to be a parent favorite. The GPS tracking feature. This feature gives you a precise location of where the target phone is, updating every 5 minutes. The GPS can be accessed in less than a minute by using the control panel that is given to you via email once the product is purchased.

As a parent I have to say the GPS tracking feature was honestly my favorite feature as well. This brings me to the story of my 14 year old daughter trying to sneak out when she was supposed to be sleeping. I will never forget this day. It was about 3 in the morning and my 8 year old son was coughing non-stop so I woke up to give him his medication. After I gave my younger son his medication, something told me to check on my daughter. No sign of her in her room so I thought maybe she was in the bathroom or kitchen. Checked the restroom and the kitchen, and she wasn’t there either. In my head I’m thinking where in the world could my daughter be.

Here I am going crazy, in the middle of the night. Sometimes my memory gets the best of me because the whole time she was next door at my mother’s house, which she told me earlier that day that she was going there!

With Auto Forward I found her exact location in just 2 minutes. I was so close to calling the cops and reporting my daughter missing. Some parents are skeptical about “spying” on their children’s cell phone but according to, swap out the word “spying” and call it monitoring, and then there’s absolute nothing wrong with monitoring your child’s phone.

Not only do parents love this feature, but a lot of employers have also been raving about this feature as well. Do you have a busy contracting company? Or are you afraid of your employees selling company information?  Monitor your employees to make sure they are arriving on time to your client’s houses and that your company information stays private! This app is the most useful app on the market today and can be used for so many reasons. 


women in business can benefit from cell phone monitoring software

Celebrities like Blake Lively and Jessica Alba are doing more than red carpet appearances and make-up ads. They’re actually flexing their star power muscle in the areas of business and entrepreneurship. A recent E! article touts that Blake Lively even wants to attend Harvard Business School! “’There are a lot of women in business, but they don't get enough opportunities,’ the actress argues. ‘If you look at the facts, women spend the most on e-commerce sites, yet less than 30 percent of the companies that venture capitalists fund are female-driven, even though female-run companies are the most successful. Women connect with other women. So why are we are not looking at the numbers?’” And Jessica Alba is one of the co-founders of the Honest Company, a family company, focused on organic and eco-friendly services, such as diapers. Jessica says on the Who We Are Page: "When I became a mom, I finally became the person I am, that I always should have been," she says. "It's the most satisfying job in the world. But, it can also be overwhelming and confusing. I created The Honest Company to help moms and to give all children a better, safer start."

These are just two examples of the explosion of women in the forefront of business ventures. Gone are the days of women spending their days as homemakers or teachers, now they’re leading the pack.It’s revolutionary thinking for women who grew thinking they’ll only make fifty cents to every one dollar that a man makes. Opportunity is more ripe than ever for women. But the old-fashioned thinking has been ingrained in females for decades.

How can modern women jeopardize what other business women worked so hard to create? By not empowering the current climate and taking the work place seriously – whether it’s spending too much time on shopping apps while they’re supposed to be working, or making personal calls when they should be at an important meeting. What if a female takes advantage of an employer’s work hours by too many coffee breaks or disappearing for an hour each morning? These type of actions encourage men to dismiss women as a coffee-drinking, shopping-obsessed gender and not taking the job seriously. Not to say men don't take advantage, too – of course they do. But for women, the fight for equality is always on the forefront of their corporate behavior.

Autoforward is a cell phone monitoring software that tracks a mobile phone and can be viewed from multiple devices, such as a cell phone, tablet of desk top. With Autoforward, you can track all photos, videos, social media activity, GPS locations and more of an employee’s phone. Now Amy at work who thinks she can get her 50% off fix for multiple pairs of shoes on a company mobile device can be intervened with before it gets out of control. And most employers know that retaining company talent is extremely important, and everyone can make a mistake.

Don’t let a rogue female employee ruin what our sisters have worked so hard for since feminism began!

there is a definite need for teenage cell phone spyware in today's world.

Why is it still concerning to  monitor your child’s cell phone in the name in safety? Although viewed as “spyware,” limiting the content that your teenager is exposed to is a precautionary measure that has been around for decades. Look at the recent Baltimore riots “smack down” mom – it’s up for debate whether or not her son deserved that type of public shaming, but many parents could relate, and were in favor of her actions: the shock of seeing her son confronting the police, taking control of the situation, and ultimately trying to send a strong message. Whether you agree or not with the way she executed her message, we can all agree that sometimes kids and teenagers need to be monitored. The cell phone is just the latest device that teenager’s all use.

Nobody questions parental controls on remotes. Nobody questions a rated R rating on movies. There are reasons there is a minimum age for alcohol use and driving licenses. These parental warnings have long been accepted in American society, and are widely exercised. And now there are even parental controls on tablets so little Sarah doesn’t buy thirty apps from the Google Play store when you’re not around.

According to a recent safe& article, “In our global survey of 15 countries, 78% of parents reported being concerned about their kids being exposed to content like porn, violence, racism and drugs online. But only 40% said they actually use software tools that ensure safe Internet use on computers their children use.” With all the unsafe internet threats that exist, cell phone monitoring software is the right choice in today’s dangerous digital world.

Reach back to the dark ages of movie ratings. The MPAA movie rating system was created in 1968. A Wikipedia entry cites “On November 1, 1968, the voluntary MPAA film rating system took effect, with three organizations serving as its monitoring and guiding groups: the MPAA, the National Association of Theater Owners (NATO), and the International Film Importers & Distributors of America (IFIDA).” Parents concerned about the content their kids are exposed has been around forever, but American movies were age monitored in the late 60s. Is it any doubt that cell phone monitoring software is now relevant?

With Autoforward, you can download, install and monitor the software application, and then have instant access to your teenager’s photos and videos. The stealth camera gives you a snapshot of the camera’s view. Social media activity? You can read every Facebook, Twitter or Instagram post with this software. You can also track text messages (even the deleted ones!), chat conversations and more. The GPS locator makes it easy to find your teenager if Sarah says she’s going to the library to study, but really ends up in at a party you never knew existed. It happens! Just ask Smack Down Mom – sometimes we assess the situation, intervene and protect our children before they become a casualty of poor decision making.


cell phone spyware helps millennial's protect their privacy.

Cybersecurity has been an issue since the advent of the computers. Due to sites like Facebook and Twitter American society has lowered not only their standard of privacy but also inhibitions about who we share personal information with.

Prior generations were adamant about keeping a tight check on revealing personal data. To people of my grandparents' generation it was a faux pas to even ask what neighborhood you lived in, let alone a store making an unsolicited request for name, phone and email to put on their mailing list. To them, personal information was supposed to be freely given not drawn out.

Not the case for millennials. They Facetime, YouNow, and Instagram every detail of their life.I don’t blame them entirely. Not when advertisers and marketing executives, who immediately recognized the value in getting people to open up, made it hip to do so. They were extremely successful at making it the new norm to share. With the lure of coupons and 10% off our initial purchase we naively handed over emails and our privacy.

At the grocery checkout, the bookstore, the pharmacy, or even when we are just buying a cup of coffee we are bombarded with request to share our personal information and we do, tenfold. We sign up for newsletters, websites, and social media.

Is it simply that we are looking to connect? To feel relevant? That we matter? We broadcast our name, where we live, family history, sickness, vacations, pets, products we like, favorite music, recently watched movies on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Sharing our story with anyone who is out there.

But even with all this sharing psychologist say the millennials are the loneliest generation in history.

A fact I can attest to. As a high school coach I've watched teenage girls have pretend conversations on their cellphones just to avoid awkward social situations. Bus rides are no longer filled with noisy banter and laughter, but silence, except for the sounds of fingers tapping lightly on keypads.

We recently moved to a new city. We haven’t even had a chance to meet our neighbors yet, but really, do I need to? Not if I’m just hoping to uncover a little info about them. A little dirt. A light back ground check just to make sure they aren't criminals or drug lords. I don't need to meet them to do that. Nope. All I need to do is a basic search. Thanks to county records I can uncover their name, address and phone number. Once I have that uncovering anything else is child's play. In minutes I can find out where they work, who they are married to, if they have children, if they are on social media. So, why take the time to knock on the door and introduce myself? Why when I can find everything I want to know about my neighbors in minutes without any awkward small talk. It's easy but it shouldn't be.

So is it any wonder that social media users are more frequently becoming victims of crime? In fact social media related crime is up 780% in the last four years! 


Harassment, sexual offenses, stalking, fraud and burglary, to name a few. The latest trend are thieves targeting vacationing social media users. Checking Facebook status’ is becoming the new way to case a house. Even the police will attest, we are sharing too much. With Autoforward cell phone monitoring, some of that privacy can finally be protected.