Everywhere you look today, somebody is playing video games. This activity offers people endless hours of entertainment. But be prepared for the consequences that this technology has. Arm yourself with a phone monitor like Auto Forward so the dangers of gaming won’t seriously affect your child. This article will give you some great ideas to help you get the most from your video game experience and keep safe, as well.

When playing video games for long periods of time, make sure your child takes a stretch break every fifteen minutes. You might get cramped if you keep playing in the same position. Thus, muscles should be stretched to prevent clotting and cramping. However, it would be better to limit his playing hours. With a cell spy, you will be able to know how long your child has been on the device and you can remind him to stop.

Look at the ESRB rating before buying a game for your kids. Lots of games appear to be good for kids, but they are actually quite inappropriate. Make your purchase decision after you have reviewed what aspects the rating is applied on, like violence or language. Even so, always check up on the games your children play since they can borrow from their friends or buy on their own. Utilize cell phone monitoring for this.

Turn off the chat if young children are playing. A very young child does not need the interaction of a strangers and it can cause them to hear language that is not appropriate for their age. You can reinforce this rule by using a phone and text spy to keep your children from stranger danger and online predators.

Sit down and play some video games together with your children. You will get to know your children better and find out more about things they like. When you like the same things, you can strike up a conversation with your kids. Choosing the right games to play with your child can also foster his physical and intellectual development.

Thanks to these tips, you would never worry about your child’s games again. This article should guide you into his world of gaming and keep him safe from the negative consequences that this activity has. Just make sure you use the best spyware like Auto Forward for it.

Venturing into the world of business is a huge decision that people make. Everyone knows how hard it is to pierce through the countless brands and products already available in the market. And when you do decide to start your own brand, a great degree of planning, preparations, marketing, and of course, resources are needed. Plus, investing in a software for cell phone monitoring is highly recommended.

What does cell phone monitoring app like Auto Forward have to do with your business, you might ask. Here’s how having this technology helps you in the long run.

  • In businesses, there are confidential information and secret data that you need to protect. Screening employees for their outgoing communications is highly crucial in order to protect these data. Of course, you need to keep such information safe, even from employees. But with the impressive tech abilities of people today, it won’t be a surprise if someone hacks into your system and steals data.
  • Your employees’ safety is a priority. With cell phone monitoring, you get to keep tabs on their location and activities during working hours. This allows you to know if they are around the company premises or if they are engaging in harmful acts, wherein you can promptly act for their safety and security.
  • Working hours should be spent doing just that, working. This is what employees need to know. And as the employer, you should reinforce this and make sure they don’t waste their time doing nonsense, such as engaging in social media activities, games and chitchat.

The first thing on the list may just be the most important reason why you need to use cell phone spy equipment in your business. When others, especially your competitors, get ahold of your secrets, expect a huge loss or even the closure of your company.

But while this is a major reason for using a phone and text spy, protecting your resources, your employees and keeping them on track with their work is also very important. The growth of your business lies on these factors, after all. And cell phone monitoring will definitely help you get the job done.

Now, do your research and learn how to use one of the best cell phone monitoring software, Auto Forward, to drive growth to your business and achieve success.

Reading for pleasure has always been a significant factor in a child’s academic excellence at school. Children who love to read are known to do better with their school work and exams as compared to those who don’t. However, today’s digital era, with the popularity of cell phones and other mobile devices, make it harder for children to read for pleasure. And digital reading has become the trend. What effects does this have on kids? Use a phone monitoring app like Auto Forward to find out now.

As always, reading feeds a child’s imagination and makes him more resourceful, with great problem-solving skills. This is a plus when your child goes out into the real world and deal with real-life situations. But is this the same case with online reading? And what kind of writings does your child read online?

When you utilize cell phone monitoring and find out what your kids read online and how long they have been on their device, you will know what effects this activity has, whether they are positive or negative.

But do think about these when you allow your kids ample time to use their mobile device for reading.

  • They can read fake news and be influenced to think negatively of something that wasn’t verified.
  • E-reading takes up more mental energy and decreases actual content retention.
  • It can be disorienting to kids and can cause headaches.
  • Eye strain, dry eyes and neck pain are among the physical effects of online reading.
  • It has more negative effects on young children which can lead to even more problems.

A study revealed that children who read books offline are found to perform better when it comes to concentration, comprehension, absorption and recall. While those who read digitally are only better at one criteria: number of words consumed.

So, are you ready to substitute traditional reading with e-reading? Check on your child with a spy cell phone tracker and see if online reading affects him negatively. When it does, entice him to limit digital reading and make him love books more.

A phone and text spy can help parents know of their children’s activities on their gadgets and help them to promptly step in when their actions compromise their safety and health.

And the best monitoring app, Auto Forward, is your perfect parenting ally for this. Check this software out today.

One of the reason why parents started to spy on cell phone of their children is because of the countless inappropriate content that these kids can be exposed to while using their device. Indeed, with all the content available on the world wide web, even age restrictions on certain sites cannot stop children from accessing information that are not suitable for them. And the consequences of this can be quite damaging for their young minds.

Unfortunately, to add to a parent’s worry, pornographic content can be accessed by their kids on many social media platforms. And we all know how most kids today have their own social media accounts. So, when they view these kind of content on their social media, we can only hope it doesn’t influence them in a grave way. This makes cell phone monitoring quite essential.

Sexual content can manipulate a child into thinking it is alright for young kids to experience it.

It can manipulate a child into doing things he or she should not do.

Being exposed to pornographic content can taint an innocent child’s mind.

This kind of content can be used by sexual predators into grooming your children.

With 40% of boys between the ages 14 and 17 admitting to regularly watching porn, the problem with social media and this kind of content will only worsen the statistics. Fortunately, the government is already doing something about it. However, it can only stop one accessible way of viewing such content. Kids have a lot of other ways to find them, and this makes a phone and text spy all the more important in guiding children.

This loophole in social media channels is yet another addition to the many reasons why parents learned how to track a cell phone. Incorporating this method into your parenting ways is an easy but effective way of monitoring your children’s activities on their device, from being able to see what they see online to accessing their conversations.

The benefits of using the best spy apps like Auto Forward impacts a child’s safety in the greatest way possible. No wonder this tool is a top choice by parents when it comes to protecting their kids from the countless dangers that cell phones and the internet bring. So be sure to check out Auto Forward today and learn more about this amazing software that can help you keep your children safe.

The digital age has not only brought numerous advantages to the whole population, it has also caused an increase in the dangers that users of technology face, but thanks to cell phone monitoring, these dangers are easier to handle. With the surge in the popularity of mobile devices, especially with young children, it makes them vulnerable to the harmful consequences that these tools bring.

Its negative effects which include being exposed to inappropriate content, to online predators, cyberbullying and more are what pushed a great number of parents to make use of a cell phone spy software in order to fully monitor their children’s activities on their gadgets. With these parenting method, guardians can keep their children safer and better protected from the evils of the online world.

Now, if you are not yet a part of the number of parents who keep tabs on their children’s cell phone activities with the use of a spy software and you heard about the online game where a child’s avatar was gang raped by other players, what do you do?

Online Game Exposed for Its Sexual Content

Roblox is a massively multiplayer online game recreation platform that allows players to maximize their imagination and encourage creativity by creating avatars and worlds where they can interact with other players. It has privacy settings that parents can control in order to protect children from other characters.

Unfortunately, the game’s privacy settings is not as strict as parents thought it would be.

One mom was alarmed when she saw her 7-year-old daughter playing the game on her iPad and it showed her avatar being raped by two other players in a playground of the digital game. It was just fortunate that her child showed her what was happening. She was able to alert other parents who let their children play online games about the incident.

Now, if you were in her shoes how would you react?

It would be expected that mobile device monitoring software such as Auto Forward will increase in use after this story breaks out.

Don’t let your child be a victim of such content and use a phone and text spy early on. You will never know when such incident will occur, so it is better to be safe than sorry.

Learn about the best cell phone spy apps such as Auto Forward now and keep your child well away from dangerous situations int he online world.

In today’s highly digital world, a stealth cell phone spy is a parent’s best tool to prevent the dangers of technology to affect their children. Technology has indeed come a long way and has made our lives more comfortable, with daily tasks and other activities becoming a lot easier to do.

Unfortunately, not all it brings is positive, especially where children are concerned. Moreover, researchers have found a negative link between the use of mobile devices and teens’ happiness.

Let us find out the connection between these two and how the best cell phone tracker like Auto Forward can prevent any negativity.

The Relationship Between Cell Phone Use and a Teen’s Happiness

Jean M. Twenge, a professor of psychology, believes that cell phones contribute to a teen’s unhappiness. It should be understood, though, that it is not unhappiness that leads to a child’s excessive use of cell phones. In fact, it is the other way around.

Here’s what studies on this subject have revealed.

  • Teens who spend more time on their cell phones are a lot less happy than those who don’t and play in the real world, with more actual interaction with other people.
  • More social media use leads to unhappiness.
  • Depression and suicide among teen girls increased the more and longer they use their mobile devices.
  • An abrupt change in the behavior of teens, as well as their emotional states, have been seen with the dawn of the smartphone.
  • Teens who spend 4 to 5 hours on their phones increase their risk for suicide by 71%.
  • Children’s satisfaction to life and self esteem dropped significantly since their exposure to mobile phones increased.

These results are shocking and is definitely a cause of concern. But how can parents address this issue?

One way is by cell phone monitoring, which has become an popular parenting method.

By using a phone and text spy, you get to see what’s inside your child’s world and know how much he uses his phone. This knowledge will help you understand you child better and guide him effectively so that cell phone use will not affect him negatively.

Now that you know how the best cell phone spyware Auto Forward can help prevent the effects of cell phone use on your child’s happiness, be sure to use it as a parenting tool. Learn more about Auto Forward now and visit their website.

Cell phone spying can be beneficial to parents when it comes to the safety of their children. But what happens when you or your child becomes the target of an unknown spy? This can spell danger and serious consequences, especially when these spies use your data against you or for criminal purposes.

And this is exactly what the app Chatwatch can do to WhatsApp users. And parents are gravely concerned with how it can affect their children since most cell phone users have the messaging app WhatsApp on their devices, their kids included.

What is Chatwatch?

Chatwatch is a sophisticated software that is recently available on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. However, as soon as it was released on these platforms, it was also removed by Apple for unnecessary reasons.

But why the attention on this new app?

Many WhatsApp users are screaming foul over Chatwatch. That’s because this new app has enabled its users to monitor people on their WhatsApp contacts. And that is something to foul, indeed. It acts as a phone spy!

  • Chatwatch uses artificial intelligence to let its user know whether two of his or her contacts are communicating.
  • It lets users known how often their contacts use WhatsApp.
  • What’s worse is that it can even monitor a WhatsApp user’s offline activity.
  • It reveals what time they go to sleep and wake up each day.

It’s just a relief that this app comes expensive and not everyone can afford it. For $1.99, Chatwatch can let you spy on two of your WhatsApp contacts for one week.

Even so, using it is still a breach of someone’s privacy. And now, WhatsApp users are waiting for a feature to block this app from spying on their activities.

Because of this development on mobile apps that allows them to spy on their users, parents need to monitor their children’s cell phone activities closely so they can keep dangerous people away. But since children keep their devices quite personal and don’t even let their parents touch it, remote cell phone monitoring is needed.

Auto Forward is your best bet when it comes to knowing what apps your child uses. This ultimate data extractor gives you access to your child’s cell phone and online activities which is quite helpful in keeping the dangers of cell phones at bay.

Learn about Auto Forward and how you can use it today by visiting their website.


A cell phone monitoring app gives you the ability to spy or monitor someone’s phone activity remotely. Because you don’t actually have to hold the target phone to view private information, you are given the power of anonymity when using the said software.

The Best Features

Aside from a possible “spying”, the spy mobile software also gives you the ability to locate the mobile phone or device on the map. This is through the help of a cutting-edge GPS tracking system that gives off specific location and distances of the device you are monitoring.

Why Need a Remote Spy App?

There are a lot of reasons why you should purchase a remote spy app or what they commonly refer to as a phone monitoring app. You may ask yourself these questions and personally determine if you need such tool right now.

  1. Are you looking for a software you can use to secure your phone in case it gets lost or stolen?
  2. Do you want to monitor someone without them knowing about it?
  3. Do you want to find out where your partner goes to most of the time? 
  4. Do you want to secure your child’s current whereabouts?
  5. Do you want to monitor your parents and make sure they are safe despite their old and weak condition?
  6. Do you want to block websites on your child’s phone which are inappropriate for his or her age?
  7. Do you want to check on someone’s social media activity remotely?
  8. Do you want to make sure your child stays in the company of good people?
  9. Do you want to find out whether your child or spouse is telling the truth or not?

Tracking a Lost Phone and Other Advanced Features

The GPS tracking system is one of the finest features of the best spy apps commonly sold in the market nowadays. There are also brands which would teach and lead you on retrieving a phone that has been lost. All you have to do is to login on the server and click on “Find the Phone” button. After which, the app will attempt to locate the target mobile unit and provide data about the phone’s current location.

Some highly-advanced spy app brands allow you to listen to actual conversations as they happen on the target phone while there are also Keylogging functions which displays the actual activities done on the device.

AutoForward is one of the most trusted brands in cell phone monitoring. It has advanced tracking features which works well for both Android and Apple devices.



Cell phone monitoring apps, otherwise known as spy apps or mobile phone spyware, are rapidly increasing in popularity due to the numerous benefits they are capable of giving to the user. One of the most important features of spy apps include the ability to monitor someone’s mobile activities remotely – with or without the owner knowing about it.

To Pay or Not to Pay?

Spy mobile apps may either come as free trial options (which normally lasts for 3 to 7 days) or as premium packages. With the latter, you may choose from a flexible payment plan which may take in the form of a one-time fee or in most cases, a monthly installation type.

Free trial options only offer basic tracking services inclusive to texts or calls. This gives potential users the chance to have a feel and experience of how monitoring takes place. Premium packages on the other hand offer extensive tracking services.

Different Forms of Installation

There are different forms of installation offered by different brands but the most common type includes personal access to the target phone during this initial phase. Just as long as the OS version of the phone falls into the category covered by a specific spy app brand, then installing the app on the phone takes around minutes to complete. 

However, in case the OS version is not covered, there is a need to jailbreak the phone. This can be a disadvantage for some, the reason why some of the best spy apps offer Cloud installation as another alternative.

Cloud Installation

Cloud installation requires the Cloud username and password of the target phone owner. With this kind of installation, the spy app software is downloaded to the Cloud platform and all details of the target phone is then inputted into the system. Once all required data has been verified and approved by the system, tracking can then commence.

Features to Keep in Mind

Knowing the most advanced features offered by specific spy app brands gives you better edge when it comes to getting the information you want to track.

Commonly, information that can be obtained by a powerful spy app brand include the following:

  • Calls
  • Texts
  • Emails
  • Messages on Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, Google Hangouts, WeChat, etc.
  • Phone browser activity
  • Social media activity, messages and calls
  • Phone media gallery
  • Phone location (with the use of a GPS tracking system)

Make sure to read reviews about a certain spy app brand of your choice. Lastly, verify local rules and use proper discretion when using a spy app software to free yourself from future legal implications.

Having employees work in alternative workplaces has been the corporate structure of companies for years now, but lately it’s expanding past just the movers, plumbers and electricians. A recent trend sees more and more companies allowing employees to work off site, such as from their house, a library or a local coffee shop. According to the survey of Income and Program Participation, the number of people who worked at home at least one day per week increased from 9.5 million in 1999 to 13.4 million in 2010. With this many people working out of the office you would think that problems or questionable working habits may start to arise.


As an employer you might be thinking does Becky not seem like she gets enough work done in the day? Does she only answer half of the times you call her? Is she messing around on her Facebook during normal working hours? Is she even working the whole day or is she out to lunch with her girlfriends? Is Becky snoozing through her work day? With the most popular days of the week to work from home being Monday and Friday is Becky spending her Fridays planning her weekends and her Mondays recovering from them? If you ask yourself these kinds of questions, just know you’re definitely not alone. For some employers this is all too real and as these disturbing questions start to circle around, you might be looking for a way to find out which of your workers are actually doing their job and which aren’t. In salary.com’s annual Wasting Time at Work Survey, 89 percent of people admitted to wasting some amount of time at work. For companies that can police their employees in the office that doesn’t seem like too big of a deal, but for off-site companies that can’t peek over their employees shoulder during the day this admission could be extremely threatening. There’s a technology that allows you to do just that and more!


Through mobile phone tracking software you can track every text, call, email and all social media activity plus much more of the things Becky is doing with your company phone. By using Autoforward you can see if Becky is texting her girlfriends about meeting up, if she’s commenting and sharing the latest “top 10” post on her Facebook or if she’s getting the confirmation email for the dress she was just shopping for. You can also see exactly where Becky is, whether she’s actually at her house or the diner on the corner with her gal pals, with the GPS location feature.  Now, with Autoforward, you can spy on a cell phone without actually having access to it. Protect your company and your dedicated employees by weeding out the bad eggs.