Children cannot be stopped from using technology. After all, we are living in the digital age, where cell phones are indispensable and gadgets are common everyday items. But in letting children use these technology, there are serious consequences that we need to face. It’s not just the dangers of health risks but of online predators, as well. This is where the best cell phone spy software such as Auto Forward comes into play.

When children are exposed to mobile devices and the internet, they can face a variety of online predators who are lurking in every corner of the world wide web, waiting for their next victim. It is not just social media and messaging apps or chatrooms that exposes children to these dangerous people. Now, many parents have come forward with stories of how their children where contacted by strangers while playing online games.

As we all know, kids love to play games with their gadgets. But parents need to learn how to monitor a cell phone and keep track of their children even while they are only playing games. It may appear harmless, but strangers can easily communicate with your child during these games. But with the spy app, you can easily check if this happens with your child.

The police say they have been receiving many reports of potential predators who use online games to set up meetings with children. This is definitely alarming. Imagine what would happen if your child meets up with someone whom he thinks is a friend but is actually a kidnapper or pedophile. This would really warrant the use of a phone and text spy so your child does not fall prey to these criminals.

Roblox is one of these games that allow strangers to contact other players, even with privacy settings set to the maximum. It was also under fire for showing inappropriate content, such as violence and sex, to its young users. So if your child play this games or others like this, you should really make use of monitoring software like the Auto Forward app. Doing so will help you protect your child from online predators who take advantage of children’s games.

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When you give your kids their very own mobile device, you are exposing them to a new world full of dangers and this gives you enough reason to spy on a cell phone and know your kids’ activities on it. You may be aware of Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram and have already warned your children of its dangers. But do you there are a lot more on the web and countless apps that your children can get into that are more dangerous than the more common online programs you know?

Unfortunately, there are these platforms that have serious consequences when children begin using them. And parents should definitely be aware so they can prevent any harm from coming to their kids. If they need to spy on cell phone without installing software to keep their kids safe, then so be it. Right?

Who Does Your Child Talk to Online?

The saying “don’t talk to strangers” is something that parents should put strict emphasis on in this digital world. And that includes who children talk to on the web. From talking to strangers on social media, messaging apps and other networking platforms, many children have been put to danger.

It is all good if parents step in at the right time and prevent something nasty from happening. But what if they are not aware and their kids’ lives are put on the line? This is something that parents should prioritize, knowing who their children talks to on their phones.

Because if you don’t, these consequences may come back to haunt you.

  • Pedophiles can contact your kids and your kids may agree to meet with them.
  • They can be “groomed” into child pornography and other sexual relationship.
  • They can start sexting.
  • They can become victims of child abduction and trafficking.

Stranger danger is as serious online as it is in the real world and can bring the above dangers. But you can prevent these from harming your child with the help of the best cell phone spy software such as Auto Forward. Knowing what goes on in your child’s online world and who they talk to does a world of good. So be sure you make this a part of your parenting way and learn about Auto Forward now.

The many dangers and negative consequences of technology, especially where teenagers are concerned, gave rise to the use of a spy mobile. The teenage years are, after all, where rebellion usually happens. And it is a difficult time not only for these kids, but also for parents who struggle to get inside their world and be involved in their activities.

Teens and Rebellion

Talking about teenagers is usually synonymous to rebellion. Kids usually go through a lot in their teenage years. And this is why they find it hard to let their parents or other family members into their world.

But what causes this rebellion?

  • Search for identity
  • Struggle for independence
  • Peer pressure and acceptance
  • Attention

These factors contribute to a teen’s rebellion. When they don’t achieve what they aim for then the trouble starts and everyone is usually affected.

And what does the online world have to do with this?

The Internet, Dating Sites and Teenagers

A phone spy tracker like Auto Forward is what parents turn to as a modern parenting tool for their teens. Since getting through to kids in this age group is a struggle, parents find ways to keep track of their online world, where they are not usually welcome. With all the dangers we hear about the web, keeping tabs on children is a must, especially so when you’re dealing with teenagers.

Teens try to find their place in the world and join different groups, finding one where they can belong and feel free to be themselves. This is where the internet comes in and problems usually start, since they don’t let their parents know about their activities.

Unfortunately, adult dating sites are one of the most common places where teenagers find people they can connect with.

It is easy to get into these dating sites. But the consequences can be devastating. Teenagers can be forced into sexual acts, meet ups with strangers and other kinds of inappropriate activities, which is why parents should be vigilant.

Even if teens refuse to let their parents in on their online activities, they have to make sure their children are safe. And the best cell phone spy software, Auto Forward, is their answer to this problem.

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A phone monitor can be your weapon in protecting your children from the increasing cyber bullies roaming the world wide web. If adults have been victims of these manipulative and harm-inflicting persons, your children can be even more so.

Adults as Victims of Cyber Bullying

Your confidence can be crushed by a single attack from a cyber bully. These bullies may be known to you or not, and they come to you through your social media, where everyone can see the degrading comment or post. The stress and other emotional consequences of the bullying can lead to depression, and unfortunately, suicide. This consequence even has a name now: bullycide.

And while parents do their best to protect the younger generation from this harmful act, they themselves are not safe from it. Take these examples of adults being victims of cyber bullying.

  • A mother and father of three children were tagged as the worst parents for their unique yet safe parenting ways.
  • Adults are being threatened when they stand up for their strong political views.
  • A single mother was called a whore and a slut for posting a “sexy” picture.
  • Another single mom was made a laughing stock when someone made a new Facebook account with her name and profile. Posts on the said account were embarrassing and degrading.
  • An employee was mocked and bashed online for being promoted ahead of of his co-workers who worked for the company longer than he did.

There are more depressing stories of perfectly capable adults being bullied online. Fortunately, most of then can stand for themselves and don’t fall into depression. Or worse, into suicide.

Now, the case is different for children.

Children and Cyber Bullies

Parents do their best to protect their kids from cyber bullying because of its devastating effects. This, the use of the best cell phone spy software so they can monitor the young ones’ online world. Children are far from adults in the sense that they can’t cope effectively with stresses such as bullying. This can lead to the horrifying effect of depression and taking their own lives.

But with the help of the best cell phone spy apps like Auto Forward, cyber bullying can be identified and stopped before it can do the worst. Make use of Auto Forward in protecting your children from cyber bullies. Learn how to use it now.

Social media can both have positive and negative effects at the same time, and concerned parents who fear the dangerous consequences of this internet addiction choose to monitor cell phone activity of their children. This way, they can strictly track any danger that comes creeping in to unsuspecting youngsters.

Even cell phone companies acknowledge the negative side of their sophisticated tools and they have taken steps to counter its negative side. Unfortunately, these steps aren’t enough. And the “blue whale” game is proof of this.

What is the Blue Whale Game?

At least 130 teen deaths across Russia have been linked to the dangerous social media game, Blue Whale. Horrifying as it may sound, it has been happening. And this is one side of social media that parents don’t want their children to come in contact with. Thus, parents learned how to spy on cell phone without having the phone of their children even if their kids are strongly against it.

But how can something from social media lead to so many deaths?

Here’s what you need to know about the Blue Whale game.

  • The Blue Whale game is a social media phenomenon that started in Russia but is known to  exist in several countries since 2016.
  • This game consists of challenges that social media accounts run by an “administrator” assign to participants over a 50-day period.
  • One task is given per day, with the starting tasks seeming non suspicious and harmless but soon leads to self-harm.
  • Its final challenge requires a player to take his or her own life.

It is sickening and depressing to know that certain people can use social media and lure the unsuspecting youth into suicide. Beneficial as social media can be, sick people can turn it into something dangerous.

This is why many parents turn to the best cell phone spy software, Auto Forward, to look into their children’s online world, something that kids tend to hide from their parents. Because being able to extract data from your kid’s own device even if you’re not together will let you in on what’s happening with their social life. 

Along with proper guidance and confident advice that it’s okay not go with what’s trending, the use of the ultimate data extractor will be your weapon against the evils of social media, the internet and mobile devices. So learn how to use Auto Forward now and keep your children safe.

spy software

If you are in search of the best mobile phone monitoring software then this is the right place. Cell phone monitoring spywares are no longer news to most ears. Many people are downloading and using them for various purposes such as monitoring kids, and employees. Anyone can use these apps because they are very easy to use. Parents are the ones who mostly use this software to monitor their children and especially teenagers. With so much happening in the digital world, leaving your teen unattended would be like leaving a piece of meat to a pack of hungry lions. They will pounce and devour it without mercy. So what is so good about Auto Forward monitoring app? What features does it carry? Is it a cell phone spy software free of having to physically touch the phone?

Monitoring texts and SMS

No text comes and goes through the phone being spied on without auto forward recording it. Every text message your teen receives and sends will be fed to your daily report. You will be able to view it, see who sent it and what time it was sent. Even if the message was read and deleted, you will still be able to view it. Doesn’t that by itself make Auto Forward an amazing spy app?

Every single call is recorded

You will not only be able to know who has been calling your teen daughter or son in the wee hours of the night, you will also be in a position to hear what they have been saying. Every call sent to your data base can also be downloaded and stored for future use.

Social media, social media, social media

Social media is one place you don’t want to leave your child/teen unsupervised. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are very fun to use and quite addictive as well. There are all kinds of people out there who use it. Some are good and some join these sites with evil intensions. With an Auto Forward spyware, you can now see every friend request sent and accepted, every post updated and every inbox conversations.

GPs tracking

Worried where your teen goes after school or during the holidays? Fret no more. With GPs tracking devices on both phones, you won’t have to be stressed about such matters anymore. Not just that, if you or your son/daughter lost your phone at some point, you will be able to track it down and find it in no time.

Read all emails sent and received

You will also be able to view every email sent and received on the device being tracked.

View all phone contacts

Every phone number saved on that device can also be viewed using this spyware app.

See all websites accessed

Every website that has been visited though out the day can also be seen from your side. This means you will be able to stop your child from visiting any inappropriate sites and if they don’t listed, you just go ahead and block those sites with a worry free cell phone spy app for Android and iPhone devices.


All these are useful features that can help one spy on anyone they want. This app goes for $69.99 and once you make the payment, there aren’t any additional charges. It may seem like much to some but the features above are definitely worth the price. If you ever have any problem with this app, their customer care team is always there 24/7 ready to help and guide you through the steps. With over 5 years in the market, you can be sure that you are dealing with a mature app. Get yourself the best cell phone spy software and say good bye to unnecessary worries.