The digital age has not only brought numerous advantages to the whole population, it has also caused an increase in the dangers that users of technology face, but thanks to cell phone monitoring, these dangers are easier to handle. With the surge in the popularity of mobile devices, especially with young children, it makes them vulnerable to the harmful consequences that these tools bring.

Its negative effects which include being exposed to inappropriate content, to online predators, cyberbullying and more are what pushed a great number of parents to make use of a cell phone spy software in order to fully monitor their children’s activities on their gadgets. With these parenting method, guardians can keep their children safer and better protected from the evils of the online world.

Now, if you are not yet a part of the number of parents who keep tabs on their children’s cell phone activities with the use of a spy software and you heard about the online game where a child’s avatar was gang raped by other players, what do you do?

Online Game Exposed for Its Sexual Content

Roblox is a massively multiplayer online game recreation platform that allows players to maximize their imagination and encourage creativity by creating avatars and worlds where they can interact with other players. It has privacy settings that parents can control in order to protect children from other characters.

Unfortunately, the game’s privacy settings is not as strict as parents thought it would be.

One mom was alarmed when she saw her 7-year-old daughter playing the game on her iPad and it showed her avatar being raped by two other players in a playground of the digital game. It was just fortunate that her child showed her what was happening. She was able to alert other parents who let their children play online games about the incident.

Now, if you were in her shoes how would you react?

It would be expected that mobile device monitoring software such as Auto Forward will increase in use after this story breaks out.

Don’t let your child be a victim of such content and use a phone and text spy early on. You will never know when such incident will occur, so it is better to be safe than sorry.

Learn about the best cell phone spy apps such as Auto Forward now and keep your child well away from dangerous situations int he online world.

Auto Forward is known to provide parents with access to their children’s mobile devices, which is a very effective parenting method of keeping children safe in this digital age. These cell phone monitoring apps are a great way of keeping tabs on children and keeping them away from the dangers they face in the world wide web, and also of keeping them out of trouble.

As we all know, social media and the internet in general is not a very good place for kids. No matter how well you may seem to guide them with their use of these technologies, they will always be exposed to things you don’t want them to know.

And so, the best spy apps for cell phones, like Auto Forward, have become a parent’s greatest weapon to block off inappropriate content.

Inappropriate Contents Online and Its Dangers to Kids

The internet provide endless opportunities for children to learn. Unfortunately, it also has a wide range of unhealthy material that kids can be exposed to when they go online. These content includes:

  • Adult or sexual content (pornography)
  • Controversial content such as criminal activities
  • Illegal drugs websites
  • Gambling sites
  • Alcohol and tobacco

Because of these content that children can accidentally stumble upon, or maybe even purposely research about, parents make it their priority to block such material from their children’s views. And one popular way in which they can achieve this is through the help of spying devices for cell phones. In fact, a survey revealed that a significant majority of parents are using monitoring software for cell phones just for this purpose.

Parents know that it is quite dangerous for kids to know about sensitive and unsuitable topics if they are not yet ready for it. These inappropriate content can manipulate their innocent minds and get them to do things they shouldn’t, out of curiosity perhaps. Even so, being exposed to such content can get them in trouble, maybe even in danger. And so, parents resort to using a phone and
text spy.

Being able to monitor children’s online activities on their phones, which is a feature of Auto Foward, can effectively help parents to protect their kids from inappropriate content. And this is why you should know all you can about this amazing spyware and learn how to use it now. Check out Auto Forward today.

Many parents have been using a spy cell in order to keep their children away from the dangers that cell phone and internet use can bring. If you don’t know it yet, these technologies can bring your kids closer to criminals such as sexual predators and kidnappers. These can also expose your children to inappropriate subjects like violence, pornography and other unsuitable content.

But while these are the most common and more important reasons why parents resort to learning how to spy on text messages and cell phones of their kids, there are also other things that you should be aware of. Things like what they post and comment on their social media. Because these can get them in trouble with the law.

Social Media Posts that can be Troublesome with The Law

Social media can be a great way for kids to connect and widen their social circles. This platform can help them interact with family, especially those who are far away from them. Moreover, it can be a form of entertainment. And it gives teens an outlet for their emotional excitement and struggles.

However, posting on social media can get your children in trouble with the law. Yes, they can be above it since they are minors, but what they post can give them a great deal of problems. But spy apps like Auto Forward can help you with these problems.

But what are these things that you should prevent your kids from posting?

  • Threats on others, whether jokingly said or not
  • Organizing public riots and other disruptive activities
  • Unclean thoughts, especially those involving other people
  • Sick jokes about others
  • Assassinations and the like

These are serious issues that, no matter if in jest, when posted can bring the authorities right to your doorstep.

You should be aware of what your kids post on their social media. Use a remote cell phone spy if you must, since kids usually keep their parents out of their online world. So, if spying is the only way you can use to monitor your child’s social media posts, then use it.

It is better than being surprised with the law in your face. You also need to teach your children that authorities take the security of their constituents very seriously, and posting threats will have a severe consequence.

The Auto Forward can help you monitor your children’s social media activities and can help you prevent a serious encounter with the law. Learn about these software now!

Cell phones have been blamed for the many negative effects it has on people, especially on children, which is why the phone tracker spy became a very in demand tool used to combat the dangers of the mobile device. Ever since smartphones have been available and easily accessible to children, the cases of depression and suicide among young people gradually increased. And now, the statistics are spiking up alarmingly.

Experts are saying that children are literally dying because of excessive use of their devices.

What has led to this and how can spying on text messages and phones of your children help prevent the negative consequences of cell phone use?

Serious Consequences of Excessive Cell Phone Use

Parents have reported that their children are on their cell phones eight or more hours a day, when it should only be limited to two hours, as per experts’ recommendations. Not only does this activity expose kids to the dangers of cyberbullying and being at increased risk for online predators, but it also puts a huge strain on their mental health. And so, monitoring software, such as Auto Forward, are being used by parents increasingly in order to stop this serious effects.

The excessive use of cell phones are putting kids’ mental health at great risk, which leads to their deaths, literally.

Here is how this happens.

  • Kids are easily addicted to the updates in social media which leads to the social condition called “FOMO” or the fear of missing out.
  • Unable to check social media and messaging apps causes great anxiety and mood swings.
  • And when these conditions aren’t treated, it leads to depression and even death by suicide.

Although the correlation of cell phone use and the above effects don’t really directly point out a cause and effect action, it can be a by-product of excessive use of technology. Cell phones and the internet can both connect and isolate its user, which is why proper guidance, especially of young users, is needed to safely use this device.

And the best cell phone spy apps such as Auto Forward is what you need to stop these seriously negative effects.

Find out how Auto Forward can help you protect children from the dangers of cell phone use. Visit their website now.

Careful monitoring and strict guidance of online activities, made possible by cell phone monitoring software such as Auto Forward, is what children need in this digital age. But why do they have to be monitored when they go online?

Everyone is aware of how big an influence social media has become today. Unfortunately, this influence is not all positive. Its negative side can be quite serious. And children are the ones most vulnerable to it. Their innocence and young minds can be manipulated easily and controlled into doing something they should not be doing.

In fact, it has been reported that social media is the reason for a number of serious violent and sexual attacks on others done by young people.

So, will you start using a remote spy software to combat this negativity?

Kids and Cyber Crimes

Authorities have warned about the way the internet influences young people do commit attacks on their fellow children and even on adults. Experts say these actions are directly related to what kids do on their social media.

So, if your child sees violent content, they can easily be influenced to do the same. And this should prompt you to be aware of everything your child watches on their device. Spy on text messages and the phone of your kids!

Alarmingly, children are plotting their attacks online, using their cell phones and other mobile gadgets. These attacks usually start from arguments online, from posting violent content to threatening their rivals, which quickly escalate into physical assault when the parties meet each other face to face.

What is worse it that these kids can directly go where their “enemies” are and cause trouble. They can do as much as go to someone’s house just to intimidate.

While the police are on high alert for these kinds of crimes by young people, it is better to be on the safe side and guide your children on their use of the internet, especially of social media. This is why you need the help of free cell phone spy apps for Android and iPhone, which will give you access to everything on your child’s device, from his text messages to his social media activity.

And the best cell phone spy app, Auto Forward, is your best bet in monitoring and guiding your children better. Learn about this top monitoring software now. Visit Auto Forward.

Everyone knows that cell phones are not all good and that it’s negative effects can be deadly especially to kids, and this has gotten parents to use a cell phone spy app on them. Using this technology on kids’ smartphones allows parents to monitor their kids’ activities both online and offline. And this is quite helpful and effective in protecting them from the dangers that cell phones bring.

However, is this strategy enough? Will monitoring your children on their device and using a cell phone tracker keep them completely safe?

France doesn’t think so.

And now, they will be banning the use of cell phones in schools all over their country.

France Would Ban Cell Phones at School

Just recently, France’s education minister passed a bill that would ban all cell phones in schools. Students will just have to do without their favorite gadget at school soon.

The education minister said this bill is the solution to students’ distraction from their academics, as well as the answer to cyber bullying that is quite rampant at schools.

In France, more than 90% of children who are 12 years old and above have their own mobile device. This percentage covers almost all children aged 12 and above. And the negative effects of using cell phones on this children can be strongly felt at school. This is why school officials and the government hope the bill would be in effect by the next academic year.

If parents haven’t been following the news and keeping tabs on their children through cell phone and text spy, they would miss knowing that cyber bullying, child pornography and other dangers of cell phones are worsening in the country.

And they would definitely be in favor of this bill.

Even so, using the best cell phone spy apps such as Auto Forward, can be enough to keep children from being the victims of cell phone addiction and its other negative consequences. These software can monitor children’s activities remotely and discreetly, which is quite convenient to parents.

So, would you be using Auto Forward or would you ban your children from using gadgets?

Know how the best spy apps can help you win over the dangers of cell phones first. Visit Auto Forward now.

It is no secret how the internet can be full of bad people just as much as the good, and this can be quite dangerous for children, which is why authorities urge parents to know their children’s online activities with the help of the best monitoring software such as Auto Forward. With more and more children becoming victims of cyber crimes, parents need to be at their most vigilant and guide children with their use of the internet quite strictly.

Teen Rescued After a Month of Being Kidnapped by People She Met Online

The world wide web has been a venue for human trafficking for years. And, no matter how the government and police try to fight this crime, it still happens today.

Just recently, a 15-year-old girl has been rescued from kidnapping by people she may have met online. This situation is not new. Kids meeting strangers online, through social media or online games, can spell disaster. And this news just makes warning bells rings louder for parents.

The government is urging guardians to know and monitor children’s activities on their mobile devices. And this can be done with the help of spy apps for cell phones. Knowing what you children does on their device may just be the reason for their safety in this highly digital world.

In the case of the above teenaged girl, she went missing for a month because she met with people she knew online. She was kept with these people for a month before being rescued.

What happened in this time-frame has yet to be explored, but imagine the scare and horror her parents went through. And this is why parents should really be aware of what happens inside their children’s world.

Being able to spy on text messages and the online activities of children will give parents a glimpse of their world and help them whenever problems arise.

This is what makes spyware on phone, like Auto Forward, effective in keeping children safe from the dangers of the online world.

Auto Forward gives you access to whatever is inside your child’s device and let’s you see what he or she does online. This can save them if ever something goes wrong. So be sure to learn about Auto Forward and use it to protect your children.

A phone monitor can be your weapon in protecting your children from the increasing cyber bullies roaming the world wide web. If adults have been victims of these manipulative and harm-inflicting persons, your children can be even more so.

Adults as Victims of Cyber Bullying

Your confidence can be crushed by a single attack from a cyber bully. These bullies may be known to you or not, and they come to you through your social media, where everyone can see the degrading comment or post. The stress and other emotional consequences of the bullying can lead to depression, and unfortunately, suicide. This consequence even has a name now: bullycide.

And while parents do their best to protect the younger generation from this harmful act, they themselves are not safe from it. Take these examples of adults being victims of cyber bullying.

  • A mother and father of three children were tagged as the worst parents for their unique yet safe parenting ways.
  • Adults are being threatened when they stand up for their strong political views.
  • A single mother was called a whore and a slut for posting a “sexy” picture.
  • Another single mom was made a laughing stock when someone made a new Facebook account with her name and profile. Posts on the said account were embarrassing and degrading.
  • An employee was mocked and bashed online for being promoted ahead of of his co-workers who worked for the company longer than he did.

There are more depressing stories of perfectly capable adults being bullied online. Fortunately, most of then can stand for themselves and don’t fall into depression. Or worse, into suicide.

Now, the case is different for children.

Children and Cyber Bullies

Parents do their best to protect their kids from cyber bullying because of its devastating effects. This, the use of the best cell phone spy software so they can monitor the young ones’ online world. Children are far from adults in the sense that they can’t cope effectively with stresses such as bullying. This can lead to the horrifying effect of depression and taking their own lives.

But with the help of the best cell phone spy apps like Auto Forward, cyber bullying can be identified and stopped before it can do the worst. Make use of Auto Forward in protecting your children from cyber bullies. Learn how to use it now.

The popularity of cell phones and other mobile devices has brought about serious physical and mental consequences especially to its younger users and this has gotten parents to make use of a spy program that can help them keep these harmful effects at bay. Spy programs enable parents and guardian to keep track of children’s device use especially on how long they’ve been on their gadgets.

This is quite helpful since too much screen time has serious damaging effects, both physically and mentally.

Effects of Too Much Screen Time

Mobile devices have become too popular in this modern times and is already considered an indispensable tool for everyday life by some adults. Indeed, cell phones and the like make communication easy and fast, not to mention having unlimited access to any information and having a portable entertainment device. All these in a small hand-held device.

Unfortunately, with these benefits come horrible and even dangerous consequences, particularly to children. Too much use of technology can put a strain on its young users body and minds, and on adults as well. Because of these effects, parents have learned phone tracking free of charge and monitored their kids’ gadget use.

  • Just see what happens to children when they get exposed to too much screen time.
  • Poor development of young children’s eyes
  • Digital eye strain and dry eye syndrome
  • Poorer language connectivity and cognitive control
  • Has higher risk for depression
  • More thoughts and plans on suicide

With these serious health effects, it is no wonder why many mobile device developers don’t even let their children use their creations. Will you let it harm your child? 

How to Combat the Negative Effects of Gadget Use

The physical and mental effects mentioned above are not the only consequences of too much cell phone use. Exposure to these gadgets also exposes kids to cyber criminals and cyber crimes.

Now, what can you do to keep your children safe from all of these?

  • Monitor your child’s device use and limit their screen time.
  • Set restrictions on their cell phone activity and guide their use.
  • Teach responsible use of technology and inform children of its consequences.
  • Encourage physical play and healthy habits.

These and the perfect monitoring software, Auto Forward are your weapons against the negative effects of too much cell phone use.Keep your children happy and healthy in this digital age and learn how to use Auto Forward now. Visit their website.

Everyone knows how dangerous the online world can be to children, and this has led to the increase of parents’ cell phone surveillance on their kids. Strict monitoring of cell phone use, especially on social media is a necessity these days.

This small hand-held device is becoming quite indispensable, even for children, that restrictions and proper guidance on its use should be practiced diligently

And UNICEF just showed some kids how dangerous their online endeavors are, and shared it on their social media so everyone gets to see it.

This might just be the push some parents need so they start keeping tabs on their children’s social media and online activity with the use of an app to spy on phone.

UNICEF on Kid’s Online Activities

Just recently, UNICEF posted a video of some kids’ unexpected conference.These kids get a surprise conference complete with lights, cameras and a reporter asking them questions. As each child enters the room, he or she is greeted with flashing lights and the questions started right after he sits down.

It is not long before it becomes clear to the child that the interviewer knows so much about him.

And that’s when UNICEF imparts the message of “think before you post.”

It is so easy for everyone to see what you upload online. And criminals can get a hold of all these information and use it to their benefit or even against you. That’s why parents can’t be blamed for using a monitoring software like Auto Forward.

And this is why UNICEF is sharing this video for everyone to see the consequences of irresponsible posting. And that’s not the only danger that social media is capable of.

Social Media’s Dark Side

Getting access to someone’s social media and seeing everything posted there as well as the information you entered is no problem to most people in this digital age. A simple knowledge on computers is sometimes enough to get the data you need on some. And this can led to dangerous consequences.

  • Identity Theft
  • Predators
  • Cyberbullying
  • Sexting

There are so many more harmful effects that a child can get exposed to when going online and using social media. And it is a parent’s responsibility to protect her child from these dangers.

So start using the best monitoring software Auto Forward, and get inside your child’s online world. Protect them better with spy apps.