Studies Show Too Much Screen Time Affects Brain Development In Children

There are so many advantages that technology gives us. Unfortunately, with it also comes disadvantages, which is why parents are advised to keep a close eye on their children’s cell phone activities. And this can be easily and effectively done with the help of a spy software such as Auto Forward.

Now, we all know the many dangers that cell phones and the internet brings. This would include cyberbullying, sexting, sextortion, identity theft and more. And if this isn’t enough, the negative effects of such technology to the health of its users are also numerous.

Screen Time and Its Effect on Brain Development

Studies have revealed that the more time a child spends on mobile devices, computers and even on television, the more negative effects it has on him.

Let us take these results of several researches as examples.

  • More screen time is associated with changes in the brain and changes in cognition.
  • Kids who spend more than two hours of daily screen time score lower on language and thinking tests.
  • Children become easily addicted and chose to stay indoors, sometimes even refusing to eat just to stay on their devices.
  • Sleeping habits are affected and children find it hard to fall asleep resulting to sleep deprivation and other negative effects.

There are more harmful effects to a child’s health that excessive screen time brings. Because of this, parents are recommended to carefully monitor their children’s cell phone activities to ensure they don’t exceed the suggested hours of use per day.

And this is where the Auto Forward spy comes in. With this tool, parents will be able to thoroughly monitor their children’s usage of cell phones and step in when rules are being broken.

With the Auto Forward spy, parents can spy text messages, check their children’s online activities, GPS location, the apps they use and even the games they play. With it, not only screen time can be monitored but also every other activity on the device, which can therefore prevent the dangerous effects associated with cell phone use.

And so, parents should take advantage of cell phone spy software to protect children from the disadvantages that technology brings, most especially the negative effect it has on a child’s development. Along with proper education and guidance, children will be able to have a better experience with mobile devices and the digital world, in general.

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Author: Liam King

I am a tech writer looking to share with the world all of the latest gadgets, apps, and news.