Stop Cyber Child Abusers Before They Get Started

A cyber child abuser or an online predator is a person who uses the internet or other electronic means to physically or emotionally abuse a child. Recent trends only show it to be increasing with advances in technology, and the occurrence of cyber child abusers and cyber predators are becoming more within the norm of internet worries. Most, if not all, offenders follow the same set of factors when choosing their victims. These factors are the pedophiles attempts at befriending the young child and ultimately winning their trust by showering the youth with flattery, sympathy, gifts, and other personal attention. These actions are the process called “grooming.” Child grooming is the process of emotional manipulation by which pedophiles prepare children and youth for sexual exploitation.

Children may be too naive or immature to realize what’s happening to them, but it’s your job as a parent or guardian to supervise the activity and protect the child. Without your child’s phone in your possession, you cannot have access to the child’s online activities, but through the use of cell phone monitoring software you can monitor everything they do online. EVERYTHING. By using the Autoforward software you can monitor and log every text message, phone call, email, social media activity, GPS location and all other cell phone data. The best features of this software is the ability to log data even after it has been deleted form the phone as well as the ability to be completely anonymous when tracking the phone.

The ability to cell phone spy without phone access may seem extreme, but it could also be the difference maker that saves your loved one from becoming another victim.