Spy On Your Child’s Phone, She May Be The Next Victim of Sextortion

There are so many reasons to spy on phone of your child. And one of these is to prevent them from being victims of sextortion. With the way kids are today and how technology is influencing them to make the wrong decisions in the online world, it is not hard for kids to fall victims to sexual predators who are on the lookout for vulnerable children to prey on.

Fortunately, there is a way to combat such a disastrous situation. If you are able to keep track of your child’s cell phone activities, you can make sure no poser strikes up a conversation with her and end up making her a victim of grooming and, eventually, sexual abuse.

But what is sextortion really all about and how can spy phone and spy SMS help stop this?

Kids and Sextortion through Cell Phones

Just last December 5, 2018, the FBI was able to expose an international child exploitation ring across the country and got eight men sentenced to federal prison. It has been known that these men convinced at least 100 children to bare themselves and perform sexual acts on camera, whether on mobile devices or on personal computers.

This is what sextortion is about.

  • At first the grown men would pose as teenagers and befriend children who are online playing games or looking for people to talk to.
  • Once they earned a child’s trust, the men would prey on her emotional attachment and natural curiosity for sex and will groom her.
  • Soon, they will demand for sexual acts and will blackmail a child if she refuses.

This has been the cause for a number of attempted suicides and self-harm by the victims. If this kind of situation is not apprehended by parents, who know what could happen?

And this highlights how important keeping tabs on your child’s cell phone is. If parents are able to spy to mobile of their children, they would know of anything suspicious and dangerous that they could get into. And they can stop it before it gets out of hand.

The best cell phone spy apps such as Auto Forward allows parents to monitor their kids’ messages, call history, contacts and online activities among others. With this information, they can easily know if their children are being preyed upon by sexual predators and other criminals. And it is quite helpful in keeping children safe in this digital age.

Along with the right education, proper guidance and the help of Auto Forward, children can have a better experience with technology. Learn how to use Auto Forward now!

Author: Michelle Whalen

I am a mother two who has had her ups and downs raising them. I want to share my words of wisdom with other struggling parents.