Snoop on Anyone Using Remote Spyware for Cell Phones

Do you have a target person who you want to spy on using a phone monitoring app? Do you already know which spyware to use? Do you know anything about its features? Are you wondering if you can download the app or do you prefer a spyware on the cell phone without installing the software? You don’t have to ask anymore. We are going to give you a list of the best phone monitoring apps loaded with premium features perfect for your target smartphone.

Rated Top 5 Phone Monitoring Apps

  1. Phone Spector

The best all-around undetectable spyware with a record of 100% data collection rate for all Andriod and iPhone/iPad devices.

  1. Highster Mobile

Uses OTA (over-the-air) data collection method for a faster and easier way of cell phone monitoring. It is also compatible with Android and iPhone/iPad devices.

  1. Auto Forward Spy

The easiest phone monitoring app to navigate with LIVE customer support services. It operates on Android and latest iPhone/iPad devices.

  1. Surepoint Spy

Low-cost and user-friendly? You got it on this mobile monitoring app! This is also available for Android and iPhone/iPad devices.

  1. Easy Spy

By far, this is the simplest phone monitoring app you can manage. Keep tabs on your target smartphone with a touch of convenience.

Basic Features

The following are the basic features available on the list of first-rate phone monitoring apps:

  • No possession needed- you can manage the spy monitoring app without direct access to the target phone
  • Read text messages and iMessages- an exact copy of incoming and outgoing messages and deleted messages
  • View call logs- includes caller number and duration
  • Call recording- on-call recording of conversations
  • Access to phone storage- includes phone, videos, and documents
  • Real-time GPS tracker- approximately within 50ft. of the actual location of the target phone
  • Monitor social media activity- check message contents on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Skype, Snapchat, etc.
  • Access to installing and running applications- monitor all downloaded and currently used apps by phone holder
  • View browser search history- check all the web pages opened by the phone holder
  • Customer service support- a customer hotline is always available for contact in case any unexpected issues will arise

Special Features

  • Camera stealth- only top-of-the-line cell phone spy apps include this kind of advanced feature.
  • LIVE customer service support- not all cell phone spy apps have Live customer relations officers.
  • No-jailbreak solutions for iPhone/iPad devices- some cell phone spy apps require iPhone/iPad devices to undergo jailbreaking for it to function into its optimum level.