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Phone Monitoring App – A Must-Have Tool

The internet, smartphones, and similar devices are among the most revolutionary innovations we now enjoy. These things have allowed people easy access to a great wealth of information in just a few keystrokes. Like most great innovations, however, there are downsides that people should be wary of – from exposure to inappropriate content to data breaches and safety concerns. Fortunately, technological innovations have also provided ways to curd these downsides and keep dangers at bay. One such innovation is a phone monitoring app.

Phone Monitoring Software – Why get one?

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So what exactly is a phone monitoring app? In essence, it’s a type of software that allows its users to have access to certain information and activities on a target device. This means that you will be able to see phone activities remotely as if you are holding the target device itself.

Phone monitoring software or spy apps create a secure connection between the target device and its servers. Information is then extracted from the target mobile phone or device in stealth mode. The said information is transferred to their servers and monitoring reports are provided to their users. Information extracted can range from text messages and call logs to social media and other online activities.

The use of phone monitoring software is still questioned by some claiming that they are simply spying on apps that violate one’s privacy. Now, this claim is based on people who have nothing better to do than abuse technological innovations for selfish reasons. In truth, phone monitoring apps are helpful tools, especially in the following situations:

  • Child Monitoring

A reliable phone monitoring software is a perfect parental control app. It allows parents to keep tabs on their child’s in-phone as well as online activities. This includes monitoring texts, chats, and calls which would allow parents to know who their minor children are talking to. Phone monitoring apps also let parents monitor their kid’s social media apps and other downloaded apps which help parents keep inappropriate content at bay. Another great feature of phone monitoring apps is their ability to monitor the real-time location of your child’s mobile device.

  • Employee Monitoring

Employers and business owners could also greatly benefit from utilizing phone monitoring software. This employee monitoring tool serves as a layer of protection against possible company data and security breaches. Whether done deliberately or unwittingly, employees sometimes leak valuable information that could compromise the whole company. A phone monitoring software can help keep tabs on all data that goes out and comes in through company-issued devices. Moreover, phone monitoring software encourages employees to use company devices properly thus increasing the quality of work and overall productivity.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Monitoring Apps

There surely is no shortage of phone monitoring apps in the market. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should just purchase the first one you see. Take note, that not all monitoring apps are created equal. Do some research before purchasing a monitoring app to ensure that you get the best fit for your needs.

We strongly recommend that you take the following things into consideration when making your purchase:

  • Features

Make sure that the software supports the features that you need. Assess first whether you need more advanced features for your purpose or if basic features would suffice and then choose your software accordingly. Also, check just how user-friendly the software is especially if you are not exactly technological-inclined. If you do have the budget and wish to do in-depth monitoring, it’s best to get software with advanced features.

  • Compatibility

Make sure that you get monitoring software that’s compatible with your target device. For instance, if the device you want to monitor is an Android and you have an iPhone, get software for Android devices. People often overlook this and regret it in the end.

  • Subscription Plans

Check out the price packages and subscription plans. Choose one that suits your budget while still providing you with the information you need.

  • Customer Support

Always check out the developer’s track record when it comes to customer support. More specifically, check out their after-purchase tech support and customer service.

Auto Forward – Your Ultimate Phone Monitoring App


Are you still undecided on what software to get? Are you not satisfied with your current monitoring app and are looking for something better? Well, you can check out Auto Forward, one of the best ones in the market right now. Auto Forward is a powerful and versatile phone monitoring app that allows for real-time and hassle-free monitoring. 

Auto Forward is a great app, especially for child monitoring and employee monitoring. It has a user-friendly interface and well-rounded control panel for convenient monitoring. Using this app, you can keep tabs on the following data and/or activities:

  • Text Messages and iMessages
  • Call Logs
  • GPS Location
  • Photos, Videos, and Other Multimedia Files
  • Running Applications
  • Emails
  • Social Media Platforms (Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more)
  • Web Browser History
  • Search Alerts (Web Filter)

Auto Forward comes with great Customer Support and a lifetime free upgrade for an affordable one-time payment for as low as $29.99.

Phone monitoring apps, when used properly, serve as the perfect partner for that extra layer of safety and security. Such apps work greatly as child monitoring and parental control apps as well as employee monitoring tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do phone monitoring apps do?

Monitoring apps keep tabs on various activities on the target device. The app will then extract said data and provide monitoring reports to the client.

  • Is there an app to see what someone else is doing on their phone?

Yes, there are a lot of monitoring apps and software designed for the purpose of monitoring activities on a target device. Just make sure to do your research and get the app that will provide you with the data you need.

  • How can I monitor my employees remotely?

You can use a reliable phone monitoring software to remotely monitor employees. Take note that such apps must be installed on company-owned devices and explicitly discussed with the employees.

  • What is the best app to monitor your child’s phone without them knowing?

Monitoring apps are usually geared toward specific purposes. One of the best apps for child monitoring is Auto Forward. It supports much-needed features to effectively monitor your child’s phone.