Parents, Start Using a Free Remote Cell Phone Spy Because Sexting is Becoming Too Common with Teens

Parents are becoming too concerned about their kids’ obsession with mobile devices and the web that the use of a free remote cell phone spy is increasing among them. Who wouldn’t want to monitor their children’s cell phone activities when news of this technology’s negative effects are frequently reported?

And sexting is one of these harmful effects that is, sadly, becoming too common among teens.

What is Sexting?

The emergence of new words is coming at us at a fast pace. And the word “sexting” is among these newly invented terms. Many people haven’t even encountered this word, but its impact is huge among teens and their parents.

What is sexting exactly?

According to Wikipedia, sexting is “sending, receiving, or forwarding sexually explicit messages, photographs or images, primarily between mobile phones.” So, with 73% of teenagers today having their own smartphones, it’s no surprise if most of them engage in this activity.

And because of the negative impact that sexting has, most parents resort to monitoring their cell phone activities with the help of a cell phone spyware such as Auto Forward. Having access to your kid’s device is a great way to put a reign on inappropriate activities and keep them away from its harmful consequences.

But what does sexting really do to kids?

The Consequences of Sexting

Studies have shown an increase in sexting among teens with 15% of them saying they send sexts and 27% receiving it. It is reported that, currently, 1 in 4 teens say they’re sexting.

This is depressing because, while kids don’t realize the impact of this activity, its consequences are quite compromising, even after the teens have reached adulthood. That’s why most parents keep tabs on their kids’ devices and monitor cell phone activity without installing software.

These are some of the effects of sexting that you should keep in mind and teach your children about.

  • Sexting can turn into revenge porn.
  • It has legal consequences.
  • Its psychological effects are quite serious.
  • It can ruin future relationships.

Making use of monitoring devices for smartphones like Auto Forward early on will help you screen any inappropriateness from getting to your kids. But also be proactive and talk to your child about the proper use of their gadgets as well as the dangers they can get into while using it.Learn how to use Auto Forward now and don’t let your child sink into sexting.