Parents Should Know How to Monitor a Cell Phone and Check if their Kids have These Apps on Them

Cell phones are definitely the “in” thing when it comes to the younger generation, which is why parents should know how to monitor a cell phone and see what is in their child’s online world. With numerous news stories about children getting harmed because of social media and other activities on their cell phones, this parenting way is a must in this modern world.

Apps that shouldn’t be in Your Child’s Cell Phone

Do you know what your children do on their smartphones?

In Jefferson County, Colorado, the Sheriff’s Office revealed that they have arrested 15 sexual predators who use social media to lure children into sexual acts, which is why there has been a surge in parental use of free remote cell phone spy.

This figure is alarming. Imagine how big this figure is in the whole United States?

However, it has been found that it is not only social media that is dangerous to children. Authorities have identified certain cell phone apps that they believe parents should know about and shouldn’t let their children use.

  • Calculator% – looks like a regular calculator but functions as a secret vault for pictures and videos.
  • Omegle – a free online chat app that lets anyone chat anonymously to strangers.
  • Yellow – the Tinder app for teens.
  • – lets users ask any question and they get an answer. It has been linked to severe forms of cyber bullying.
  • Wish Bone – allows users to compare kids and rate them on a scale.
  • Burn Book – lets people post rumors about others anonymously.
  • Hot or Not – lets strangers rate your profile which eventually leads to a hook-up.

Don’t stay in the dark when it comes to your child’s activities. If you think apps are safe, think again. There have been plenty of cell phone applications that caused the demise of teens. Don’t let these evil apps get to your child and learn cell phone spying without installing software now.

Being able to monitor your child’s cell phone activities, whether offline or online, does a lot to keep the dangers of technology at bay.

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