panspy review

PanSpy Review

Spy software or more commonly known as spy apps aren’t all that bad. In fact, most premium monitoring apps are specifically created for security and protection. These programs are packed with essential monitoring and tracking tools, granting remote and real-time access to compatible devices. Through such advanced and smart programming, users can immediately identify and address issues, preventing further damages or worse consequences. These apps have been created for parents and employers, helping them ensure the safety of their kids and their employees. 

Then, of course, not all spy apps are created equally. This is why it’s important to thoroughly check a certain monitoring app or package before subscribing. Unfortunately, several spy programs available on the market offer the same basic features or underdeveloped functionalities. Read our in-depth PanSpy review to see if it’s okay to settle with this app or if you must consider other options.

What Is PanSpy?

PanSpy is a paid cross-platform monitoring and spy software designed with basic phone monitoring features. Like any other regular monitoring app, it promises remote and real-time access to the target device. From what we’ve experienced, however, there are several technical issues and certain delays with this monitoring tool. The extraction and transmission of data aren’t as seamless as advertised.

This Android monitoring app is compatible with devices running on Android OS 5 and up. Unlike other premium software, however, the PanSpy app isn’t capable of monitoring iOS devices yet. This is one of the initial downsides we’ve noted. 

Taking into consideration the features offered, PanSpy isn’t interesting. This is because it’s only capable of basic monitoring and tracking – features you can take advantage of from free apps. They offer parental controls but these aren’t as in-depth and as intricate as other programs like Auto Forward. Their web filters, for instance, are easy to bypass and deactivate.

The PanSpy account dashboard is quite straightforward though. It’s easier to navigate compared to other spy apps. Categories are shown per section and the overall interface is pretty much neat and organized. We would have liked it better though if the option on the left-side panel is arranged alphabetically or subdivided into easier-to-spot categories. Nevertheless, the general user interface is one of PanSpy’s strengths.

PanSpy offers a free trial or demo account, but of course, you’d eventually need to subscribe to paid plans should you wish to continue using their services. And mind you, this software is quite expensive. Plans start at $24.95 per month which isn’t reasonable especially if taken into consideration the features and services included.

Pros & Cons of PanSpy

After conducting a series of tests, it turns out the PanSpy app is one of those regular and underdeveloped device monitoring tools. This Android spy app doesn’t give justice to the hype their online website is trying to create. Moreover, it doesn’t give justice to its expensive package prices.

To give you a better overview of what this spy phone app has to offer, here are some pros and cons of PanSpy. 

  • Pros
    • Offers free trial.
    • Compatible with almost all Android devices.
    • Neat control panel dashboard.
    • Built-in basic parental controls.
  • Cons
    • Expensive.
    • Monitoring features for iOS devices aren’t available yet.
    • The installation process isn’t as straightforward as advertised.
    • Certain delays on updates and notifications.
    • Lacking intricate parental controls and security protocols.
    • Long wait-time for customer support.

PanSpy Features

So how does PanSpy work? Like any other regular phone monitoring app, it utilizes a virtual connection to link the target device to its remote servers. The said connection is set and established during the installation process. It then serves as a pathway to send and receive commands and data.

Unlike other premium monitoring apps, PanSpy’s programming is stuck with the traditional and basic ones. Its algorithms and codes aren’t as advanced and as modern as other spy tools. Hence, you can’t expect to conduct in-depth and intricate monitoring using this spyware. Even their so-called ‘advanced’ features aren’t reliable enough. Here are some of the things PanSpy has to offer.

  • Call Recording – PanSpy doesn’t just capture call logs, it records phone call conversations which is illegal in most places. So, be wary of this if you don’t want to end up facing some serious legal ramifications.
  • SMS Text Viewing – Allows you to view sent and received text messages but isn’t capable of retrieving deleted SMS.
  • Phone Tracking – Offers GPS location tracking but it isn’t always accurate and the updates aren’t reflected in real-time.
  • Online Activity Monitoring – Captures activities on certain digital platforms, including social media posts and web browsing history. However, this feature isn’t as in-depth as other monitoring apps.
  • Content Filtering – Enables you to filter inappropriate content but to date, they haven’t perfected this feature yet as we were still able to access mature content on certain pages even if this feature is activated.
  • App/Site Blocking – This is another failed parental control attempt as PanSpy’s web-blocking is easy to override or bypass.

Auto Forward vs. PanSpy: Which Is The Better Phone Monitoring Software? 

panspy review

Taking into consideration the key factors, PanSpy isn’t a wise choice. Sure, it offers basic mobile phone monitoring, but if you’re looking for more advanced tracking tools and more intricate parental controls, this isn’t the best app for you. 

As we were looking for an alternative, our attention was caught by Auto Forward. It’s also a paid monitoring software but it works well with Android and iOS devices. Plus, it showcases a robust collection of essential monitoring features, reliable tracking tools, advanced security settings, and efficient parental controls. It’s a powerful all-in-one monitoring app offered in an easy-to-access web-based dashboard. 

Unlike PanSpy, Auto Forward can capture all social media engagements and web browser activities even those logs that have been deleted. Also, Auto Forward only captures phone call logs and it doesn’t record phone calls. 

Despite the complexity of codes and algorithms used, the Auto Forward phone tracking app has a user-friendly interface. All processes involved have been automated and streamlined in a way the software requires minimum to no user input for it to function well as programmed. Aside from reliability and efficiency, this phone tracker offers convenience.

Above all, for as low as $35.88, you can start utilizing this software’s advanced features and modern solutions. The best part is that this is only a one-time fee with no recurring billing or additional charges. Indeed, not only is Auto Forward fairly priced but it also provides great value for your money. Hence, Auto Forward is a wiser option than PanSpy.

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