A phone monitor can be your weapon in protecting your children from the increasing cyber bullies roaming the world wide web. If adults have been victims of these manipulative and harm-inflicting persons, your children can be even more so.

Adults as Victims of Cyber Bullying

Your confidence can be crushed by a single attack from a cyber bully. These bullies may be known to you or not, and they come to you through your social media, where everyone can see the degrading comment or post. The stress and other emotional consequences of the bullying can lead to depression, and unfortunately, suicide. This consequence even has a name now: bullycide.

And while parents do their best to protect the younger generation from this harmful act, they themselves are not safe from it. Take these examples of adults being victims of cyber bullying.

  • A mother and father of three children were tagged as the worst parents for their unique yet safe parenting ways.
  • Adults are being threatened when they stand up for their strong political views.
  • A single mother was called a whore and a slut for posting a “sexy” picture.
  • Another single mom was made a laughing stock when someone made a new Facebook account with her name and profile. Posts on the said account were embarrassing and degrading.
  • An employee was mocked and bashed online for being promoted ahead of of his co-workers who worked for the company longer than he did.

There are more depressing stories of perfectly capable adults being bullied online. Fortunately, most of then can stand for themselves and don’t fall into depression. Or worse, into suicide.

Now, the case is different for children.

Children and Cyber Bullies

Parents do their best to protect their kids from cyber bullying because of its devastating effects. This, the use of the best cell phone spy software so they can monitor the young ones’ online world. Children are far from adults in the sense that they can’t cope effectively with stresses such as bullying. This can lead to the horrifying effect of depression and taking their own lives.

But with the help of the best cell phone spy apps like Auto Forward, cyber bullying can be identified and stopped before it can do the worst. Make use of Auto Forward in protecting your children from cyber bullies. Learn how to use it now.

A free remote cell phone spy allows parents and guardians to keep track of their children’s activities even when they are far from each other. Because of this tool, guardians can check on their kids and know if they are safe or doing something they shouldn’t be doing. Like harassing their teachers at school.

It is quite depressing how many teachers are suddenly quitting and leaving their jobs at state schools. And all because of students who are taking disrespect to a whole new level. Not to mention being overworked and underpaid.

However, it is mainly the change in the students’ behaviors that became the final blow to teachers and have them packing their bags and leaving as soon as another opportunity comes to them. And school administrations’ lack of support for the teachers amidst the students harassment and threats give them more reason to stand by their decision of quitting.

Teachers Increasingly Face Threat in Schools

More and more teachers are suffering in schools because of students’ attitude problems. Unfortunately, this does not just end with minor squabbles and academic failures. It goes as far as threats to kill and physical harm to the educators.

  • One teacher read on her fifth-grade pupils notebook: “kill ms. Turner”.
  • A 200-pound student chased a teacher and punched her continuously, breaking her glasses.
  • A student throwing a chair at the teacher.
  • A student pouring chocolate milkshake over the teacher’s things.

These give parents all the more reason to check on their children regularly with a free remote spyware for cell phones that lets them know what their kids are up to even when they’re in school.

Monitoring Children Remotely

The changes that society have undergone are massive. What we are today is far from what was years before, thanks to advanced technology.

However, the younger generations’ have also changed a lot, in unfortunate ways. And it is up to parents and guardians to correct their ill manners.

Luckily, technology is on our side and we have the best cell phone spy, Auto Forward, that an help us monitor our children’s activities wherever they may be.

These software gives you access to your child’s device where all his secrets can be found. Features sure as GPS tracking lets you know where they are and you get to know their activities on social media.

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This is the age of advanced technology and, in this age, many parents are struggling with the negative effects that mobile devices have on their children, thus the use of an easy cell phone spy. With this software, parents can diligently monitor their children’s activities on their gadgets and intervene when their use gets out of hand.

Scary Things that Cell Phones Do

The digital age has allowed gadgets to manipulate people. And we are all very willing participants. Even children get in on the all the action that mobile devices have to offer. And while these technology make life easier and more comfortable for us, the things they can do are quite scary, especially for children. And this is why many parents have been using a spy device for cell phone of their kids.

Take a note of these the next time you reach for your cell phone.

  • It leads to phubbing. Phone+snubbing. Yes, it’s a thing. And it is quite annoying. Imagine talking to someone and they just casually check their phones or text. It’s not a pretty sight.


  • It gets you hooked on social media. Ever wonder why you can’t easily get off Facebook or Instagram? These platforms are actually designed to get you hooked. They manipulate you into taking on addictive behaviors.


  • Cell phone addiction! It is not just a made-up thing. It is real. And its consequences are scary.


  • It can get you sick. Radiation is detrimental to your health. Unfortunately, cell phones have it. Therefore, cell phones can make you sick, especially when you use it more than you should.


  • It can get you to all sorts of dangers. You can be a victim of cyber criminals, sexual predators, cyber bullying and more. And the effects of these are definitely scary.

The things that cell phones can do to people are annoying, harmful and quite dangerous. Which is why you shouldn’t let your kids, and yourself, as well, to be victims of these sophisticated tools. Always watch your children while they use their gadgets. And when you’re not around, spy programs for cell phones can help you out.

The Bestcellphonespyapps, like Auto Forward, can be your weapon against the dangers of technology. Learn how to use Auto Forward now!

The popularity of cell phones and other mobile devices has brought about serious physical and mental consequences especially to its younger users and this has gotten parents to make use of a spy program that can help them keep these harmful effects at bay. Spy programs enable parents and guardian to keep track of children’s device use especially on how long they’ve been on their gadgets.

This is quite helpful since too much screen time has serious damaging effects, both physically and mentally.

Effects of Too Much Screen Time

Mobile devices have become too popular in this modern times and is already considered an indispensable tool for everyday life by some adults. Indeed, cell phones and the like make communication easy and fast, not to mention having unlimited access to any information and having a portable entertainment device. All these in a small hand-held device.

Unfortunately, with these benefits come horrible and even dangerous consequences, particularly to children. Too much use of technology can put a strain on its young users body and minds, and on adults as well. Because of these effects, parents have learned phone tracking free of charge and monitored their kids’ gadget use.

  • Just see what happens to children when they get exposed to too much screen time.
  • Poor development of young children’s eyes
  • Digital eye strain and dry eye syndrome
  • Poorer language connectivity and cognitive control
  • Has higher risk for depression
  • More thoughts and plans on suicide

With these serious health effects, it is no wonder why many mobile device developers don’t even let their children use their creations. Will you let it harm your child? 

How to Combat the Negative Effects of Gadget Use

The physical and mental effects mentioned above are not the only consequences of too much cell phone use. Exposure to these gadgets also exposes kids to cyber criminals and cyber crimes.

Now, what can you do to keep your children safe from all of these?

  • Monitor your child’s device use and limit their screen time.
  • Set restrictions on their cell phone activity and guide their use.
  • Teach responsible use of technology and inform children of its consequences.
  • Encourage physical play and healthy habits.

These and the perfect monitoring software, Auto Forward are your weapons against the negative effects of too much cell phone use.Keep your children happy and healthy in this digital age and learn how to use Auto Forward now. Visit their website.

Currently, to spy cell phone of your children is a crime in many states. As a parent, you are not free to eavesdrop or monitor their cell phone activities regardless of your motive. You are required by law to acquire consent, even from your own children, if you need to keep tabs on their activities.

But this is all set to change in the coming days as a Bill that allows parents to monitor the communications of their children freely has just been passed in the Michigan House with an overwhelming 105-3 vote.

In short, parents can now spy on kids cell phone, especially with regards to the messages and calls they make and receive.

The Bill that Allows Parents to Eavesdrop on their Children

The House Bill 4891 has taken a few changes and was proposed to exempt parents from being prohibited to eavesdrop on their minor children. Just last April 12, it has passed the Michigan House and is now headed into the State Senate.

Here’s what you need to know about this law.

The Bill basically allows parents, foster parents, guardians and anyone who has the legal responsibility and authority over a child to eavesdrop on their conversations.

These responsible adults are now free to look into the internet or use tools that help them keep tabs on their children’s communications.

It gives parents a chance to protect their children from bad influences and possible harm better in this digital age.

Under this Bill, parents are not allowed to monitor their children’s communications with a lawyer, investigator and other persons.

It is no surprise how the Bill has earned an overwhelming 105 votes compared to the 3 that are against it.

The modern world we are living in right now is full of advanced tools that can either benefit or harm young minds. Proper guidance is needed when children use the technology that are offered them. And this Bill is a godsend at this time.

Spy listening devices for cell phones, text message monitor and a phone monitoring software like Auto Forward are among the tools that parents can make use of freely today.

Let us just hope that with this Bill, children can be more protected and lesser kids get in trouble and danger. 

Learn how to use Auto Forward now that we have this Bill. Visit their website today.

There are so many controversies about online pages that increase parents’ concern on their children’s exposure to the internet and led them to make use of a cell phone monitoring software. The use of this innovative tool is not new, especially in this digital age where mobile devices cause so many negative effects. Having this software to track your children’s online activity is a great way of keeping the harmful effects of technology away from them.

Now, to add to the list of parents’ concerns, one of the most popular sites that kids love to visit and spend hours on everyday, is being investigated for apparently invading its young users’ privacy and collecting data without consent from parents.

This favorite social media platform, YouTube, is currently under fire for violating children’s online privacy, consumer groups say.

So, are you ready to restrict your young ones from this site? Or will you use cell phone tracking to monitor their use of it instead?

The Problem with YouTube

Just like every other social media platform, YouTube also has its share of negativity. Many child advocates and consumer groups are pointing out that this site is violating the privacy of children online and allows ads to target them.

Specifically, these are what they say is the problem with YouTube today.

  • YouTube is monetizing the kids’ data.
  • They are selling advertising to kid-directed programs using a lot of data collection.

This is a clear violation of the 1998 federal law which states knowingly collecting data from children under 13 without their parents’ knowledge is prohibited.

Moreover, YouTube has these negative effects on kids.

  • Your kids can get addicted and spend longer hours on their device.
  • They can stumble upon inappropriate content, even pornography.
  • They can be influence by violence and bullying.
  • With this harmful side of YouTube, what can you do to protect your kids?

Since you can’t stop them from watching videos on it, you can monitor their activities on the site and anywhere else online through the best spy apps. Apps like Auto Forward allow you to see what your children are seeing on their devices. And this helps a lot in keeping them and their information from malicious people.

How can Auto Forward help? Visit their website and see how many parents have been helped by this software. Learn how to use Auto Forward now and protect your kids.

Social media can both have positive and negative effects at the same time, and concerned parents who fear the dangerous consequences of this internet addiction choose to monitor cell phone activity of their children. This way, they can strictly track any danger that comes creeping in to unsuspecting youngsters.

Even cell phone companies acknowledge the negative side of their sophisticated tools and they have taken steps to counter its negative side. Unfortunately, these steps aren’t enough. And the “blue whale” game is proof of this.

What is the Blue Whale Game?

At least 130 teen deaths across Russia have been linked to the dangerous social media game, Blue Whale. Horrifying as it may sound, it has been happening. And this is one side of social media that parents don’t want their children to come in contact with. Thus, parents learned how to spy on cell phone without having the phone of their children even if their kids are strongly against it.

But how can something from social media lead to so many deaths?

Here’s what you need to know about the Blue Whale game.

  • The Blue Whale game is a social media phenomenon that started in Russia but is known to  exist in several countries since 2016.
  • This game consists of challenges that social media accounts run by an “administrator” assign to participants over a 50-day period.
  • One task is given per day, with the starting tasks seeming non suspicious and harmless but soon leads to self-harm.
  • Its final challenge requires a player to take his or her own life.

It is sickening and depressing to know that certain people can use social media and lure the unsuspecting youth into suicide. Beneficial as social media can be, sick people can turn it into something dangerous.

This is why many parents turn to the best cell phone spy software, Auto Forward, to look into their children’s online world, something that kids tend to hide from their parents. Because being able to extract data from your kid’s own device even if you’re not together will let you in on what’s happening with their social life. 

Along with proper guidance and confident advice that it’s okay not go with what’s trending, the use of the ultimate data extractor will be your weapon against the evils of social media, the internet and mobile devices. So learn how to use Auto Forward now and keep your children safe.

Cell phone spying can be beneficial to parents when it comes to the safety of their children. But what happens when you or your child becomes the target of an unknown spy? This can spell danger and serious consequences, especially when these spies use your data against you or for criminal purposes.

And this is exactly what the app Chatwatch can do to WhatsApp users. And parents are gravely concerned with how it can affect their children since most cell phone users have the messaging app WhatsApp on their devices, their kids included.

What is Chatwatch?

Chatwatch is a sophisticated software that is recently available on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. However, as soon as it was released on these platforms, it was also removed by Apple for unnecessary reasons.

But why the attention on this new app?

Many WhatsApp users are screaming foul over Chatwatch. That’s because this new app has enabled its users to monitor people on their WhatsApp contacts. And that is something to foul, indeed. It acts as a phone spy!

  • Chatwatch uses artificial intelligence to let its user know whether two of his or her contacts are communicating.
  • It lets users known how often their contacts use WhatsApp.
  • What’s worse is that it can even monitor a WhatsApp user’s offline activity.
  • It reveals what time they go to sleep and wake up each day.

It’s just a relief that this app comes expensive and not everyone can afford it. For $1.99, Chatwatch can let you spy on two of your WhatsApp contacts for one week.

Even so, using it is still a breach of someone’s privacy. And now, WhatsApp users are waiting for a feature to block this app from spying on their activities.

Because of this development on mobile apps that allows them to spy on their users, parents need to monitor their children’s cell phone activities closely so they can keep dangerous people away. But since children keep their devices quite personal and don’t even let their parents touch it, remote cell phone monitoring is needed.

Auto Forward is your best bet when it comes to knowing what apps your child uses. This ultimate data extractor gives you access to your child’s cell phone and online activities which is quite helpful in keeping the dangers of cell phones at bay.

Learn about Auto Forward and how you can use it today by visiting their website.

Everyone knows how dangerous the online world can be to children, and this has led to the increase of parents’ cell phone surveillance on their kids. Strict monitoring of cell phone use, especially on social media is a necessity these days.

This small hand-held device is becoming quite indispensable, even for children, that restrictions and proper guidance on its use should be practiced diligently

And UNICEF just showed some kids how dangerous their online endeavors are, and shared it on their social media so everyone gets to see it.

This might just be the push some parents need so they start keeping tabs on their children’s social media and online activity with the use of an app to spy on phone.

UNICEF on Kid’s Online Activities

Just recently, UNICEF posted a video of some kids’ unexpected conference.These kids get a surprise conference complete with lights, cameras and a reporter asking them questions. As each child enters the room, he or she is greeted with flashing lights and the questions started right after he sits down.

It is not long before it becomes clear to the child that the interviewer knows so much about him.

And that’s when UNICEF imparts the message of “think before you post.”

It is so easy for everyone to see what you upload online. And criminals can get a hold of all these information and use it to their benefit or even against you. That’s why parents can’t be blamed for using a monitoring software like Auto Forward.

And this is why UNICEF is sharing this video for everyone to see the consequences of irresponsible posting. And that’s not the only danger that social media is capable of.

Social Media’s Dark Side

Getting access to someone’s social media and seeing everything posted there as well as the information you entered is no problem to most people in this digital age. A simple knowledge on computers is sometimes enough to get the data you need on some. And this can led to dangerous consequences.

  • Identity Theft
  • Predators
  • Cyberbullying
  • Sexting

There are so many more harmful effects that a child can get exposed to when going online and using social media. And it is a parent’s responsibility to protect her child from these dangers.

So start using the best monitoring software Auto Forward, and get inside your child’s online world. Protect them better with spy apps.

Parents are becoming too concerned about their kids’ obsession with mobile devices and the web that the use of a free remote cell phone spy is increasing among them. Who wouldn’t want to monitor their children’s cell phone activities when news of this technology’s negative effects are frequently reported?

And sexting is one of these harmful effects that is, sadly, becoming too common among teens.

What is Sexting?

The emergence of new words is coming at us at a fast pace. And the word “sexting” is among these newly invented terms. Many people haven’t even encountered this word, but its impact is huge among teens and their parents.

What is sexting exactly?

According to Wikipedia, sexting is “sending, receiving, or forwarding sexually explicit messages, photographs or images, primarily between mobile phones.” So, with 73% of teenagers today having their own smartphones, it’s no surprise if most of them engage in this activity.

And because of the negative impact that sexting has, most parents resort to monitoring their cell phone activities with the help of a cell phone spyware such as Auto Forward. Having access to your kid’s device is a great way to put a reign on inappropriate activities and keep them away from its harmful consequences.

But what does sexting really do to kids?

The Consequences of Sexting

Studies have shown an increase in sexting among teens with 15% of them saying they send sexts and 27% receiving it. It is reported that, currently, 1 in 4 teens say they’re sexting.

This is depressing because, while kids don’t realize the impact of this activity, its consequences are quite compromising, even after the teens have reached adulthood. That’s why most parents keep tabs on their kids’ devices and monitor cell phone activity without installing software.

These are some of the effects of sexting that you should keep in mind and teach your children about.

  • Sexting can turn into revenge porn.
  • It has legal consequences.
  • Its psychological effects are quite serious.
  • It can ruin future relationships.

Making use of monitoring devices for smartphones like Auto Forward early on will help you screen any inappropriateness from getting to your kids. But also be proactive and talk to your child about the proper use of their gadgets as well as the dangers they can get into while using it.Learn how to use Auto Forward now and don’t let your child sink into sexting.