Android users have nothing more to wish for from their operating system in terms of the programs and applications it makes available to its users. Most likely, you already have the popular social media apps on your Android phone – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But how about apps for organizing your notes; are you using Google Keep, or you’ve got Simplenote or Evernote? Of course, there are so many other mobile phone apps you want to have, even some free cell phone spy software without installation.

Now let me provide you with a list of some of the best apps you should have on your Android device.


This is one of the most sophisticated yet easy-to-use photography apps that give a variety of options, presents and an automatic feed of other people’s photographs, which you can use for inspiration. With its recent upgrade, you can now sync images using different platforms.


Considering how huge the internet is as a source of information, it could be quite a challenge to keep up with everything, but Pocket makes it easy to do that. This app lets you save all those interesting videos and web content so you may view them at a later time.


This is considered as perhaps the best app for saving everything you want to save on your device. You can make your shopping list, receipts and any notes you want to remember.


Snapseed is a photo editor that allows you to make those changes to your photographs that didn’t use to be possible using a mobile phone. It comes with an array of simple tools that allows for easy and simple editing of photos.


If you are always on the move and need to have access to your computer files almost all the time, this app is what you need. You just have to sync your PC to this app, and you will then be able to upload , download and edit your files through your mobile phone.


While your Android phone may already have a standard weather app, there are still good reasons to have Yahoo Weather app – it offers more details, daily notifications, and unique design.


This app gives you instant access to all your notifications on your phone. You can turn of your WiFi, Bluetooth and make changes to your settings quite easily with this app.

If you’re wondering how to spy on cell phone without access to phone with Android, it’s quite unlikely. You need to have access to the target phone in order to install such software as Auto-Forward.

Auto-Forward is a cell phone monitoring app that gives you access to another phone’s SMS and call logs. It has so many other powerful features that make monitoring so much easier.


Domestic violence is acceptable in any society. It is a form of abuse that takes place inside a home, be it between couples, or it may also involve children. Domestic violence does not only involve physical abuse, but may also be in the form of psychological and emotional abuse. Sadly, modern technology is likely to become a tool for some abusers. One good example of this is when you spy on a cell phone from your computer to know your partner’s mobile phone activities.

What’s the growing trend in using mobile spyware?

Mobile phone spy software programs are meant to serve as a monitoring tool for those who have a legal authority of another phone. Parents and employers are the ones who used to benefit most from this technology, as it allows them to keep track of how their underage children and employees use their mobile phones. The sad thing is that now, even abusers are using it to spy on their partners.

How do cell phone spy programs work?

With the use of such high-tech device, people now have remote access to the mobile devices of another individual. Domestic abusers now have the ability to trace their partner’s location, and they could even listen to any conversations made on the target phone. In short, mobile phone spy is used by those who want to know how to track a cell phone without access to it.

One feature of mobile spyware apps that seems to make using it a violation of another person’s rights is the fact that you need some sort of access to a target phone in order for you to install it. If you want to spy on your girlfriend, for instance, you will have to secretly access her phone so you can download and install the app. It only takes a couple of minutes, after which she would not know that you’re starting to spy on her through her phone.

What types of information are gathered using a spyware?

Cell phone tracking apps like Auto-Forward come with several sophisticated features that allow users to gather information that will help them determine whether or not the person they are spying on are lying to them or not. The program gives you access to the target phone’s SMS logs, call logs, web history, and even its camera settings. You will also know where the user of the target phone exactly is with the use of the GPS locator.

Auto Forward is a powerful program that lets you spy on a cell phone from your computer. It should be mentioned, however, that it is legal to use it only if you have legal ownership of or authority over the target phone.



The Global Positioning System, or GPS, is a space-based satellite navigation system that offers time and location information anywhere in the world, which is a vital asset especially for commercial, civil, and military users in every country. Primarily maintained by the US government, this system is accessible for free to any individual equipped with a GPS receiver. What makes this technology special is that it allows even ordinary people to monitor another mobile device user through a cell phone spy software download.

GPS Phones

Almost all mobile phones today have built-in GPS receiving capability. For those units that don’t have such capability, they can still connect to a server to determine and analyze their location. Through this, mobile phones can transmit a user’s location to a Public Safety Answering Point or PSAP whenever they dial 911.

So what can GPS receiver-equipped mobile devices do? Well, such devices are able to understand programming languages, such as Java, and therefore can receive directions or certain information about attractions and businesses nearby.

Mobile Phone Spy GPS Feature

You must have heard about cell phone spy software; one that allows users to monitor or spy on another person through their mobile phones. One of the most popular features of such software, like Auto-Forward, is its GPS locator. With a GPS locator, you may track the location information of the person with the target phone. This is such an important and powerful feature of cell phone spyware as it lets authorized people know the exact whereabouts of the people they are spying on.

Uses of GPS-Equipped Phones

If you’re wondering why so many people prefer to have GPS on their mobile phones, you should first understand what this application is commonly used for. Here are some of the many ways GPS is useful:

1. Location Tracking – Today, many business owners turn to cell phone spy software download to utilize its GPS feature for the monitoring of their workers’ locations. What the software does is send a report to the owner every time a report is requested. Apart from employers, it seems that parents also benefit from this feature. It allows them to track the location of their children using their mobile phones.

2. Directions – By paying a service provider a monthly fee, you can use GPS to get turn-by-turn directions so you could reach a specific destination. This can also serve as a map just in case you are in a place you’re not familiar with.

Auto-Forward is a reliable cell phone spy program that lets you use the power of the GPS system to spy on a target phone or device. The software is easy to install in a target phone although you can’t use cell phone spy without phone access. Check out to learn more about its capabilities.


How the Cell Phone Detector Software Saved My Daughter During Prom Night.jpg

Peer pressure is one of the major forms of bullying. When you have teenagers at home, you know that during this stage, adolescents are doing their best to find their own identity and explore the world.  As teens, they meet new people and gain new friends.

In a good way, peers can provide positive influences on your kids. Remember how you were once helped by a friend regarding your math assignment? Remember how together with other people, you created a study group to improve your academic standings? How about that basketball teammate who taught you cool tricks and inspired you to become good in basketball. Sounds great, right? But not all peers are like this.

In life, there is what you call peer pressure that has a negative effect on people.  There are teenagers who would try to get their classmates to cut class, get even with rival groups or worse teach kids to shoplift or smoke.

Being a father of three kids, I trust my two teenagers and my youngest son with their daily life. What I do not trust is the society that we are in. A blatant example of this is what happened to my eldest daughter during prom night.

You know those crazy stories about some teens spiking the drinks with booze, drugging teen girls, kidnapping them and bringing them to motels There are even stories of groups of teens coaxing and taunting their friends to would reluctantly go and have premarital sex in closets or in a friend’s house? These are horrific scenarios that do happen in real life and truth be told, it almost happened to my daughter.

During the night of the prom, my daughter did not know that I keep tabs of her and her siblings through phone by using a spy app that includes a cell phone detector software. I am not only able to listen to the various communications that they send and received, I also have real time GPS logs of where they are.  

When I noticed that my daughter’s phone was being transferred to another location than the school grounds, my wife and I acted fast and fetched her.  It turns out that a friend of hers forced her to go with them in a popular guy’s house. She was about to abused but my wife and arrived in the nick of time and brought her home safely.

The cell phone detector software is a great way to know where your kids are especially when you cannot keep an eye on them all the time. This app will help you to know where your love ones are whereabouts are in real time to relieve you of unnecessary stress when it comes to my kids’ safety.


If you’re an iPhone user, you must love the way the Apple Company has always tried to give the best features to their users. Just a couple of months back, they announced another upgrade to the iOS, which is expected to come with very interesting refinements and additions. So you must be wondering if it’s now easier perhaps to download various applications like a cell phones spy program.

What’s New in iOS 8.1?

After Apple announced that they will be releasing the upgraded iOS 8.1, users looked forward to having a number of new cool features and bug fixes. For one, the upgrade paved the way for the possibility of using Apple Pay. The update also activated the iCloud Photo Library, as well as the new Continuity Features. Listed below are some of the other minor changes that came with the iOS upgrade:

Continuitywith the OS X Yosemite and the iOS 8.1, certain Continuity features were activated, particularly the Instant Hotspot and SMS Forwarding.

Siri – the new iOS also features Siri, which now has the ability to open credit cards and debit cards, but only for use with Apple Pay.

Camera Roll – another interesting feature of the iOS 8.1 is the availability ‘once again’ of the Camera Roll Feature, which was previously removed by Apple. This feature allows for the viewing of all the photos taken using the iPhone.

Other Cool Features of iOS 8

One feature that appears to be loved by many iPhone users is the ability of the iOS to send the phone’s last known location before the battery dies. Why does it matter? Well, if you ever lose your iPhone, the last thing you want is for its battery to drain as this will prevent you from detecting its location. The new iOS, however, can detect the last location of the phone and hold the data for 24 hours, giving you more time to find your lost phone.

Another amazing addition is the Shazam integration. In the new iOS, Siri can identify what song is playing. You can ask her what song is currently playing, and she will use Shazam to determine what music it is.

If you love shopping online using your phone, you will surely love the credit card scanning capability of the new iOS. You just have to use the camera to scan your credit card number, so you don’t have to manually enter the numbers.

If you don’t think the iOS upgrade gives you the freedom to choose which apps or programs you want to use, jailbreaking your iPhone is your only option. By doing this, you can even perform remote cell phone spying using Auto Forward. You can then start to enjoy the powerful monitoring features of this cell phone spy software.



Smart phone users, especially those with iPhones, are nothing but happy with how their devices make their lives easy. They shop online, make business transactions, and even do banking through their mobile phones. Performing such activities, however, require that you be connected to the internet, which then means you have to look for a connection wherever you go. And as you turn on your phone’s WiFi, are you aware that you’re actually broadcasting your location to marketing companies, analytics firms and even government agencies? You might think they are using the best spy cell phone software to do this, but they’re not!

Media Access Control Address (MAC Address)

If you go to a shopping mall, for instance, and connect to its WiFi, you unconsciously allow firms or individuals to collect information about your device, its manufacturer, and your MAC address, which is a unique identifier that comes with iPhones. It is through these pieces of information that companies are able to get your personal information for the purpose that only they know! Of course, you can raise the issue of invasion of privacy in this case because details about you are gathered without consent.

What Does Apple Do about It?

Apple has actually found a solution that will address its users concerns over security and privacy. In their recent iOS 8 upgrade, a new system is to be implemented wherein random MAC addresses will be generated whenever a single user is scanning for WiFi networks. This way, agencies and companies that intentionally get such information won’t actually have an idea which device is actually being used for a particular activity or transaction.

Does It Guarantee Total Security?

While Apple has always been active in finding out ways to offer ultimate security to their users, there always emerge threats and challenges to their system! Well, this is not something we can blame Apple for because this is just the reality of life! Each one of us runs the risk of being spied on. The best that we can do is actually protect our devices as much as we can.

How Do Mobile Spy Programs Work?

One thing you should consider doing is to install a cell phones spy program on your own phone. This kind of technology comes with a lot of features that will allow you to take control of your mobile phone even if you don’t have it.

Auto-Forward is an establish cell phones spy manufacturer that has helped thousands of people to track their lost or stolen phones. It comes with so many great features that will also allow you to monitor a target phone, which could be your child’s, partner’s or employee’s.


This may come shocking to many, but it’s a sad truth that men are certainly prone to cheating, and that includes your boyfriend or husband. Many people say that it’s because of men’s biological makeup of being instantly attracted to women based on their looks. If you’re a woman, this is definitely alarming and could cause you to feel disturbed. Of course there is no reason for you to be paranoid about your partner’s fidelity, but you’ve got all the reasons in the world to be cautious at all times – even if it means investing in some good spying cell phone without installing software.

Is your husband or boyfriend cheating on you?

This question is so difficult to answer, especially with the way technology is improving. The internet, mobile phone technology, and the emergence of numerous software programs give people the ability to access different kinds of information and meet various people online. This means that your partner has several ways of meeting women, whatever his purpose may be.

If you take a look at the trends in communication technology, you will notice that people rely too much on their mobile phones in order to access the internet or do transactions online. This may work to your advantage, of course. With the help of mobile phone spying without access phone, you can get all whatever information you need from your partner’s mobile phone.

How does mobile spyware benefit you?

Well, there are many things a cell phone spy program like Auto-Forward could do to help you catch your cheating boyfriend or husband. First of all, it allows you to keep track of who your partner chats with, exchange emails with, and send text messages to. With the help of Auto-Forward’s GPS tracking feature, you could see where he is, and if he is where he says he is. If you’re partner is using an iPhone, it is likely that he will use iMessages to exchange sweet messages with his girl pal. You shouldn’t worry, though, because mobile spyware has the ability to track even such messages.

How do I use cell phone spy software?

After subscribing to Auto Forward mobile spy, all you need to do is install it on your boyfriend’s or husband’s phone. This should not be a problem for you as you can have access to it. He will then have no idea what you have installed in it. By logging in to your account on your PC, you will be able to access the features of the software. You will also receive detailed reports of the target phone’s location, and whatever it is that you want to know.


Compared to Apple, Android gives its users a lot more freedom to control and customize their devices. While this is something that many people appreciate about Android devices, like Samsung Galaxy S5, there are drawbacks to this as well – security issues. When you are able to download and install almost anything on your device, there is no doubt it will be at risk of security breach. Meanwhile, security is what Apple guarantees their users through the exclusivity of their iOS. Now the question is if it’s enough to know how to track a cell phone without access to it to keep your Galaxy S5 safe?

How to Secure Your Samsung Galaxy S5

1. Enable an alphanumeric password.

By enabling the alphanumeric password feature of your phone, you are making your device inaccessible to anyone but you. The exception to this, of course, is for emergency calls. You should also enable a password to encrypt your phone, which is an excellent way to boost your phone security. When choosing a password, make sure that it cannot be guessed by anyone who want to access your phone without your consent.

2. Install mobile antivirus software.

Although Android malware and other mobile phone viruses are not that common yet, it’s always better to be prepared by installing a free antivirus app. You can check online for a variety of reliable antivirus software for mobile devices.

3. Activate ‘Find My Mobile’.

This is an anti-theft feature that is applicable to all devices running on Android. Through this app, you can remotely locate your device through its GPS chip. You may also lock your device remotely using a password, and the best of all, you can control the device so that it would emit a loud ring.

4. Install a mobile spy software program.

To take your phone security measures to a higher level, it is recommended that you install a program that allows you to spy on a cell phone from your computer. Mobile spyware is very popular these days as a means for some individuals to monitor another mobile device. You will use it, however, not to spy on your partner or your staff. You will download and install the software on your own phone instead.

With a mobile phone spy app, you will be able to use its features to locate your phone just in case it goes missing. You will be able to see the text messages in it, the call logs, and even its real time location through its GPS tracker.

All these amazing features and functions are available in an Auto Forward phone tracker. This is your most important tool against thieves who would want to steal your personal and confidential information.


how to install cell phone spy software

In this guide, you will learn how to install an app for spying on cell phone. This is going to be very helpful especially to those who have no experience using this kind of software. While it is true that downloading and installing software programs on computers and even mobile phones are very easy, you’ll be shocked to know that many still get stuck due to some petty issues. So to spare you from any troubles, we’re offering this tutorial for you.

The Installation Process

Before we start with the installation process, you have to understand that there could be cases where the order of steps is different, due to the varying security measures being applied by manufacturers. Nevertheless, the gist is always the same.

Step 1 – Choose a reliable spy software provider.

After you have done enough research for the best spying cell phone app, all you need to do is sign up at their site. Always use a valid email address when signing up, and be sure you can access it anytime. Choose a package according to your needs, and finally, make the payment.

Step 2 – Set up an account.

In this step, you will have to fill out a couple of forms online. The system for this may vary according to the vendor. With some, you can go with just your name, username and password. There are others who will require you to provide your cell phone number and address.

Take note that setting up an account may come before or after your purchase of the mobile spy software, or perhaps after you have activated the software.

Step 3 – Check your email.

After setting up an account, you could expect to receive at least two emails. One will be a confirmation of your download or purchase, plus a receipt. Meanwhile, the other email will have the activation code or key, along with the download link of the software.

Step 4 – Follow the steps on the second email.

Make sure that you follow the instructions contained in the second email. Basically, you will have to download the software on the target phone. This could be as easy as opening the download link using the target phone’s web browser.

Step 5 – Run the application.

Once the download is complete, you may run the application. You will be required to type in the product activation code or key, or you may simply copy/paste it from the email.

Step 6 – Restart the phone.

Restart the phone where the software has been installed to see if it is running properly. Finally, make sure the owner of the target phone will not find out about it by clearing the browsing history of the phone.

Installing an app for spying on cell phone is pretty quick and easy. And by choosing Auto Forward, the process seems much easier. Auto Forward is one of the leading names in the mobile spy software industry.



If you’ve recently bought an iPhone 6, it is perhaps one of the most prized possessions you’ve got right now; and the last thing you would want to happen is to lose it! This is how many of us feel about their mobile phones, not only because it’s a kind of investment for us, but also because it contains a lot of personal information that we don’t want anyone to have access to. It is for this reason that many of us also invest in software to spy on cell phone from computer.

iPhones, in particular, are a common target for thieves. This isn’t surprising considering the popularity and value of such devices. Thus, if you’re an iPhone 6 user, here are some things you should to keep your phone safe and secure:

Upon Purchase of Your iPhone

1. Enable the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature.

Find My iPhone is an Apple app you can download from the App Store. What it does is enable you to locate and lock your device in the event it gets stolen.

2. Get mobile phone spy software.

There are a number of companies now offering software and apps that will allow you to spy cell phone remotely. Auto Forward, for instance, is one of the leading brands in the industry. By installing it on a target phone, you will be able to access its information, and you could also track its location using the GPS feature. Having this on your own mobile phone would mean you could get the location of your phone in case it goes missing.

After Your iPhone Gets Stolen

1. In case your phone gets stolen, you should access a computer and log into your iCloud account. Once you’re in, look for the Find My iPhone button and hit it. You will then see the ‘All Devices’ label, so click it. Then from the drop down menu, choose your stolen iPhone. It will then give you the details you need in relation to the location of your device.

2. Using Auto Forward, all you need to do is log into your account and activate the GPS tracker of the software. You will then receive a report that contains details of the whereabouts of your phone. This is very helpful because it is in real time. There are several other great features you can use to find your phone, such as the remote camera, call logs and text message tracking.

There really are a couple of reasons you would want to use spy cell phone remotely. Aside from using it to possibly spy on your partner, you may use it to protect your iPhone 6.