protect_your_teens_using_auto_forward.jpgWith the advent of mobile and computer technology, we are now given a unique opportunity to do so many different things online. We can shop, do business, and even meet new people on the internet. There is no question that the internet has benefited us in a variety of ways. But how about the consequences? Is it always good that the internet is always accessible to everyone? If so, why is there a growing need for spy mobile monitoring software?

More and more people are gaining interest in various mobile spying softwares, and surprisingly, most of them are employers and parents. In this article, we will discuss the reasons why such a monitoring tool is so popular these days.

Employers Need to Monitor Their Workers

It is common for companies to provide their workers with devices such as mobile phones to increase productivity. Employees usually don’t have to worry about the expenses as they are shouldered by the employer. The problem, however, is that there are just so many things that can be done on a mobile phone, especially if it is connected to the internet. Many people go online to chat with friends, for instance, through their social media accounts. The time they spend doing this equals the amount of time they are not giving for their work.

This has prompted many employers to use the best spy mobile phone software to make sure their workers are using their mobile phones for business purposes only. Employers can now get a record of all the text messages on the phone, as well as a record of calls made in it.

Parents Want to Monitor Their Kids

One of the things children and teenagers of today do not lack is a mobile phone. For many parents, it is too difficult to convince their kids not to use the internet and any device. And considering the kinds of activities their kids may do online, parents can’t help but worry.

Instead of spending time studying or being physically active, kids today tend to spend a lot of time browsing the web and meeting so many different people. This is one common reason why parents opt to invest in some mobile spying softwares.

Auto Forward spy mobile monitoring software, for instance, comes with some great features that allow for easy monitoring. Through this tool, you may be able to see the text messages sent to and from the target phone. You can also access the web browsing history of the phone, and its GPS feature also lets you track the location of the target phone. Indeed, this is a monitoring tool that can help you keep your kids safe online.

Auto Forward is definitely the best spy mobile phone software in the market today. Visit and explore its many amazing features.


legality_of_using_spy_software_for_mobiles.jpgPerhaps the first question that comes into your mind when it comes to using spy software for mobiles is whether this is legal or not. Especially after knowing the capabilities of such programs and apps, it is likely that you’ll feel cautious about using it. The good news is that it is perfectly legal to use such a monitoring tool, but under certain conditions of course.

There is nothing wrong about using mobile spying softwares, but you have to justify why you need to do so. You don’t have to fall for those ads promoting the use of mobile spy apps for spying on your partner or kids. Fortunately, there are now many reputable companies that focus on the legal ways these programs can be used.

Is it legal where you live?

One important thing you should consider before investing in any spy mobile monitoring software is the privacy laws in your country or state. All you need to do is check online what your laws say regarding keeping an individual’s privacy. If you are still in doubt about the legality of using spy software, the safest thing to do is to abide by the main principles of such software. First of all, you need to have ownership or legal authority over the mobile phone you want to monitor. Second, any adult user of the target phone must be notified that their cell phones are monitored.

What are its legal uses?

While so many different companies keep advertising the several ways you may use their spy mobile monitoring software, there are just two ways this product can be used legally. First, you can install a spying program on your child’s mobile phone. Many parents are worried about how their children are using their cell phones. By installing a spy app, you will have access to the messages that are sent to and from your child’s phone. You may also see the record of the calls your child makes and receives through the phone. Some advanced features of mobile phone spy programs also make it possible for you to know the exact location of your child through the phones GPS.

Another justifiable reason for using a spy program for cell phones is to monitor how your employers are making use of their company phones. We all know that companies are the ones that pay the monthly bills of their employees. But there are times when workers use their company phones for personal reasons. By installing spy software on their phones, you will know how your workers are utilizing company resources.

Using the spy software for mobiles responsibly is very important so that you won’t end up with legal sanctions.

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how_to_jailbreak_an_iphone.jpgWhen we speak of jailbreaking an iPhone, it sounds all too common, yet too complicated. While it is true that you can find several tutorials on the web on how to jailbreak an iPhone, many of them require you to be technically minded to understand. But why do you need to jailbreak your iPhone in the first place? For some, this enables them to use any iPhone products on their phones. But there are many people who also need to do this in order to use spy software for mobiles like Auto Forward.

What happens when you jailbreak an iPhone?

iPhone smart phones are designed to work only with applications and software provided and sold by Apple. This is how most companies make profit and control the market. But for ordinary iPhone users like you, perhaps, spending on such apps is not practical at all. Especially if you are planning to use spy mobile monitoring software on your iPhone, you would need to jailbreak it first to use the advanced features of such software. Jailbreaking an iPhone simply means enabling the phone and the user to download software programs and applications from other companies aside from Apple.

What are the benefits of jailbreaking an iPhone?

Mobile phone applications are used in so many different ways, and are generally designed for entertainment. On the other hand, there are mobile phone applications also that you can use to make certain tasks easier for you.  Mobile spying softwares, to be specific, are very popular these days for those who want to monitor another person’s use of cell phones. Company owners are now relying on such programs to track their workers’ cell phone activities. Parents also benefit a lot from this software as it enables them to monitor how they children use their phones. And the only way they can maximize the potential of such software programs is to jailbreak their iPhones.

Is unlocking an iPhone the same as jailbreaking it?

Unlocking and jailbreaking an iPhone are very different concepts. You need to first jailbreak your iPhone before you could unlock it. When you unlock your iPhone, you simply enable your iPhone to be used on different telecommunications companies. This means that after you have unlocked your iPhone, you may use a different SIM card on it. This process is not necessary if you want to use Auto Forward spy mobile monitoring software.

Is jailbreaking an iPhone easy?

There are many tutorials online that will help you do the jailbreaking on your own. Be sure, however, that you do a complete backup of your phone data before you proceed with the process.

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best_spy_app_company.jpgFinding a legitimate cell spy mobile company is not easy. I know many customers who have fallen prey to unscrupulous companies that do very little to provide the desired level of service. Having used many of the well known spying applications, I have gathered a thorough understanding about choosing the right company. In this brief discussion, my only intention is to share my knowledge so that you can stay safe from companies that are only interested in grabbing hold of your money.

There are certain factors that you need to consider while judging the credibility of a mobile phone spying software company. Mentioned below are the factors that will help you find out the company that can offer you what you need.

Website of the company:

The company’s website is a great indicator of its legitimacy. You should always avoid websites that are not easily accessible and frequently display time out errors. Also, a good company’s website will have lots of high quality information for its visitors. The best cell spy mobile websites have device compatibility charts, support forums, and a knowledge base section. A website with inadequate information could well be a scam.

Payment Options:

A reputable provider will always offer you plenty of payment options to choose from. Some of the best spy software companies have yearly, as well as monthly plans for their customers. In order to remain safe from scams, it is a great idea to sign up initially for a monthly plan. It is also important that the company has options for making payments through PayPal and credit card.

Guarantee and Cancellation facilities:

Before signing up for a product, do not forget to look for information relating to cancellation of your subscription. All legitimate companies offer this facility to their dissatisfied customers. Also, be hundred percent sure that your mobile spy company offers refund guarantee to safeguard you, in case you have a problem using their product.

Technical Support:

Proper support facility is extremely important while using a technology based product. Therefore, you should only deal with a company that has proper phone and online support facility. Many a times, people use these facilities only when they face a difficulty. It is a great idea to try out the support phone number or email address before signing up. Stay away from the company if your call goes unanswered, or your email remains unanswered for a long time.


I am happy to let you know that Auto Forward is one mobile phone spying software company that satisfies all these conditions with flying colors. This is undoubtedly the company that can help you in case you are still not sure about how to spy on a cell phone without having it.

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auto_forward.jpgWith all the many mobile spy programs available in the market today, you may find it hard to choose the best one. But after reading several reviews on the top rated cell phone monitoring software and programs, you will be convinced that Auto Forward is the best cell phone spy and tracking software today.

Here are the unique features of Auto Forward remote phone spy app:

Text Messages

Believe it or not, Auto Forward will upload all the messages that come in and out of your device. This way, you will be able to see even the text messages that have deleted already.

GPS Location

One of the best things you will read from auto forward reviews is its ability to track the target phone within 50 feet of its exact location. Auto Forward uploads GPS positions every 10 minutes, so you can be updated on the location of the device.

Call Recording

Auto Forward allows you to hear every conversation that takes place on the target device. You will be amazed by how clear the recordings of the conversations are.

Live Control Panel

Auto Forward remote phone spy app gives you the ability to modify the advanced settings for logs, display options, time triggers, and so on. The control panel is very easy to access, so you can get the information that you want instantly.

Stealth Camera

Yes, using this top rated cell phone monitoring software, you can secretly activate the camera of the target phone. This means that you can take photos of the surroundings if you want to.

Call Log

If you need a remote phone spy app to monitor your employees or your children, the call log feature of Auto Forward is a big help. You can see who have called them and who they have called.

Browser History

This feature allows you to see what websites the owner of the target phone has visited.

Photos and Video Log

Auto Forward gives you the ability to see all the photos taken using the target phone.

Social Networking Logs

You will have access to all the information received from any social media network through the target phone.

Remote Uninstall

If you wish to finish your spying activities on the target phone, Auto Forward will let you uninstall the app silently through this feature.

Email Log

Auto Forward remote phone spy app allows you to have access to the emails sent and received on the target phone. You can get the email addresses and messages as well.


When you use Auto Forward, you will be able to see every single contact listed on the target phone.

Auto Forward is definitely the best tool for secretly spying and tracking any mobile phone! Click here to make your purchase now!

People often ask me about the legal status of hundreds of mobile phone spy applications available in the market. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this question. The use of these spying applications is certainly legal, but certain conditions should be taken into account while using them.  The legal status of mobile phone monitoring programs depends a great deal on where they are being used. The privacy policies and laws are different across the U.S states. The legality of spying application usage also varies accordingly.


In this brief discussion, I will provide you some idea about how to approach this problem because I have been using a spying software since quite some time without any issues. Apart from the legality, it is also important to consider the moral side while purchasing a mobile monitoring program. You may consider reading my Auto Forward spyware reviews to find out more.


What do the Companies have to say?

Anyone looking for a mobile spying program must have come across hyped up headlines and flashy sales pages telling us how these programs can help keep track of an unlawful partner, etc.  Do not get too impressed by these marketing jargons because these are meant to divert your attention from the legal concerns.


In most of the websites, there is a disclaimer section at the bottom of the page. All websites have more or less the same things to say. They say that it is the responsibility of the users to ensure that the software is used in a lawful manner. You can certainly install these spying programs in the phone. However, you are required to inform the target user that his or her phone is being tracked. This may, however, not serve your purpose of using the software.


The moral issues:

I have observed that many people simply ignore the legal requirements and use these mobile phone spy programs for purposes that companies advertise. They often get away with it because these applications are extremely difficult to detect. However, one must remember that the penalties can be severe for someone who gets caught while using such programs.


What are the legal uses of  mobile phone spy?

Luckily, the use of mobile spying programs is not always against the law. As an example, I know many people that use these programs to make sure their children’s mobile usage habits are known to them. There are many companies that use a spy software to minimize personal use of company phone and prevent the loss of sensitive business information. There is nothing to worry about if you are planning to buy a spy software for these purposes.



At the end, I would only say that please do not consider this discussion as a session of legal advice. To be hundred percent sure about the legal status of your intended use, please consult a legal expert.


To enjoy hassle free use of your phone spy program within the legal boundaries, please visit

choosing_the_best_spy_apps_auto_forward.jpgIf you have been searching the web for the most reliable cell phone spy software program, perhaps you have come across those websites promoting remote install spy software. You may then feel so intrigued and interested to know how to spy on a cell phone without having access to it. Well, as exciting as it may seem, this is just not possible. There is no way you can spy on someone else’s mobile phone without actually getting hold of it, accessing it and downloading the software in it.

Mobile phone spy apps or software could be quite an investment. Thus, you prevent yourself from falling victim to scammers who only want your money. Read on and learn how you can be a smart consumer.

Things to Watch Out for When Buying Cell Phone Spy Software

Onetime payment/no monthly charges

If a website offers cell spy mobile programs that you need to pay for only once and with no monthly charges, you should think twice. Legitimate mobile phone spies or trackers come with a license that you should pay for a certain period of time. This is vital for companies to continue with their development of new and more modern versions of their software.

Sales page

When dealing with an online merchant, it is important that you check the website to verify its existence, validity and reliability. Look for the company details, particularly the contact details. You would also want to see several articles on the site to see how long it has been in the business.

Very low price

You will surely be pleased to receive special offers from online sellers, but to be offered an extremely inexpensive mobile spy program should make you suspicious. Be aware also that many scammers sell spy apps and software at low prices and in combination with other bonuses. Do not be blinded by all these offers because this is a classic strategy used by online scammers.

Payment methods available

Legitimate sellers of cell spy mobile programs usually offer various payment methods. Scammers, on the other hand, would often require that you pay only through credit cards. The best thing you can do is deal with a website that makes it possible for you to pay through PayPal, which is a very reliable payment gateway.


Knowing how to spy on a cell phone without having access to it and actually being able to do it can have a lot of great benefits for you, especially if you are an employer or a parent. While it is a good thing that many websites are offering various types of cell phone spy apps and software programs, you have to make sure that you deal only with the legitimate ones.


WhatsApp-Spy-AppApparently, almost everyone finds it really important to have a mobile phone. While it is true that having a means to constantly communicate is a necessity, you wouldn’t agree that your young kids also need to have their own cell phones. If it is unavoidable for your children to use a mobile phone, perhaps the best thing you could do is monitor how they use it. In this case, knowing how to spy on a cell phone without having it will be very helpful.

The use of mobile spy apps has become really common these days. Basically, this is because such software is relatively inexpensive. Plus, you can buy one for yourself without breaking any laws. If you are planning to purchase such software to keep track of your children’s cell phone activities, there is no reason to worry that they would find out you are spying on them. The signs that one’s phone is being spied on are very subtle indeed. Here they are:

Strange phone behavior – one thing you will notice after installing apps that spy on you is the odd behavior of the cell phone. It will be normal for the phone to light up suddenly even when it is not in use. It may also make beeping noises or shut down all of a sudden. These are things that may happen to any regular phone every once in a while, but such things will happen regularly on a phone that has spy software installed in it.

Shorter battery life – it is also common for spy software apps to cause battery rundowns. This is because they increase the use of mobile phone batteries. Take note also that cheaper software programs may run the phone’s battery down more quickly, so investing in more modern software is a much better option.

Unusual text messages – spy software programs come with a remote control feature that sends secret coded text messages to the cell phone, which can actually be seen if the software isn’t working correctly.

Increased usage of data – having spy software apps that spy on you will result in increased data usage of the mobile phone. The reason for this is that some apps need additional data in order to send the gathered information from the phone being spied on. But then again, if you opt for the better types of programs, this should not be something to worry about.

If you have decided that learning how to spy on a cell phone without having it is the best way you can keep an eye on how your kids use their mobile phones, it is definitely beneficial that you first learn what such programs may do to a mobile phone.

avoid_online_scams_by_choosing_a_reliable_company_like_auto_forward.jpgIf you are looking for a company to offer you the services or products that you need, you’ll be glad to know that there are so many of them you can choose from. The sad truth, however, is that not all companies around are reliable enough in providing services to their clients or customers. Thus, if you are searching for quality spy phone software, for instance, you need to do some good research to know what qualities to look for.

Make sure you take the reliability of the company into consideration when looking for a mobile phone spy. 

Does the Website Look Professional?

As you check a particular company website, you should be convinced that the company is legitimate. It is also important that you be able to access the site easily because you will be doing this many times to view reports. If you experience any trouble logging in to view the data, or time out errors occur too often, these are definitely not a good sign.

Make sure also that you look into the content of the website. What you want to find are knowledge-based files, support forums, and even charts to check phone compatibility. Beware of those websites that give very limited information about their spy phone software products.

What Are the Payment Options?

The biggest and most reliable service providers usually offer the same payment options and methods. Typically, monthly and yearly options are available for various data reporting. It is recommended that you go with a monthly option if you are a first-time user, just to make sure you wouldn’t be stuck with a product you aren’t happy with. Lastly, you would also want to be given an option to pay via PayPal or credit card.

What Are the Policies for Cancellation and Guarantees?

Before making any purchase, it is vital that you have a clear understanding about the company’s policy on cancellation of subscription. You should be concerned if a company website does not contain any information regarding this.

In terms of the guarantees for a spy phone software download, you may not receive the same guarantees that you may get from other physical products. Nevertheless, you still have your rights as a consumer, so the software provider should allow you to get a full refund if the product fails to perform as advertised.

Is Their Help and Support for Real?

It is not enough that you look around the website for contact information and online support. What you should do is make sure that the contact details they provide are real. Try contacting the customer support by calling them or sending an email. If someone answers your call and gives you the information you need, then you should feel more confident. If not, it is a sign that you better look for another service provider.

These tips apply not only when you start looking for a mobile phone spy company. Every time you use the internet to order or buy products and/or services, you have to be extra careful and smart to avoid becoming a victim of online fraud.

Confuseman-LargeBasically, a cell phone spy software is an application that allows you to covertly spy on or monitor the activities of a person using his cell phone. This is not without any restrictions though, as you may be penalized for spying on a person without his or her knowledge or consent. See post here for more info on the legality of using cell phone spy softwares. Most cell phone spy apps have varied features. The most popular ones are:

  • SMS tracking – this feature allows you to read incoming and outgoing text messages of the target phone. Some spy phone softwares even have the capacity to recover deleted text messages.
  • GPS tracking – with GPS tracking, you can tell the exact location of the target phone.
  • Call Recording – you can record calls and listen in on live conversations as though you are have installed a bug on the target phone.
  • Remote camera and mic activation – not only can you tell the exact location of the target phone, but you can also see and hear the environment at the touch of a button.
  • Email, Social Media and Website Monitoring – you can get all access pass to the person’s emails, Facebook posts and tweets, and as well as his website history.

A lot of people are still skeptical about these softwares, thinking that only government agencies can access powerful applications such as these. But these days, just about anyone can purchase and use powerful mobile phone spy apps such as Auto Forward Tracker and Spy.

Does it Really Work?

In most cases, cell phone spy softwares do work—just as long as you have purchased a legit application. But in all cases, for it to work, you must first install it on the target phone. Once installed, the application will gather information and send it to an online server. You can then access this information by logging into the server using a username and password given to you upon purchase. Aside from software installation on the target phone, there are also other requirements for spy phone softwares to work:

1. The target phone should be connected to the internet to transfer information to the remote server. Data plan is best so internet connection is not disrupted even during travel. If the target phone is connected to Wi-Fi, cell phone monitoring is also possible.

2. The make and model of the cell phone should be compatible with the mobile spying app. Top cell phone monitoring softwares have an extensive list of compatible phones. It can be installed on just about any smart phone.

3. The operating system of the target phone must also be compatible with the spy app. So, when buying a mobile spy app, you must first check the product website to ensure that the software can be used and installed on the target phone. Otherwise, it will not work. It will also help for you to contact their customer support to be doubly sure.