Monitor Your Employees So They Don’t Stay Distracted At Work

It has been revealed that more than half of employees are distracted by their mobile phones at work. And this distraction can have dire consequences not only to the company but to the employee as well. But would it help if employers monitor their  staff by using the best monitoring software for Android phones, such as Auto Forward?

With today dubbed as the digital era, smartphones are everywhere. Working people have their mobile devices with them all the time while at work. And while this is not prohibited, what they do with it during working hours is.

  • Most employees are known to check their phones at least 10 times a day during work.
  • They use their mobile devices at work to call or text others for personal reasons multiple times.
  • Social media and mobiles games are top reasons why employees become distracted at work.
  • Productivity in the workplace is decreasing because of distractions caused by social media and cell phones.

Because of this distraction, the company suffers and the employee also bears the brunt of it, which would include slow growth in career and even physical conditions brought about by too much screen time.

So, how can companies prevent this type of distraction at work? One of the most effective ways would be to utilize phone tracking free of charge. Of course, employers should inform their workers of this activity before going through with it. And when it comes into play, distraction caused by mobile devices will be greatly decreased.

When employers learn how to monitor someone’s cell phone remotely, employees are conscious that their work progress is being checked up on. This makes them focus on work better and it may even motivate them to work harder to please the higher ups.

Bosses don’t need to monitor text messages because when their workers know they are being monitored, they won’t think of doing anything wrong. Moreover, they can have peace of mind that their company’s secrets are safe from outsiders.

Just visit one of the best cell phone monitoring apps today, which is Auto Forward to know what employers think of it and how it has helped their businesses. The digital age is not slowing down, after all, so cell phone use will just increase. And with it, distraction at work. So stop it now with Auto Forward before it ruins your business.

Author: Liam King

I am a tech writer looking to share with the world all of the latest gadgets, apps, and news.