minspy review

Minspy Review

According to Pew Research, 95% of teens have a cell phone with about 45% of them feeling addicted to their devices. With these scary statistics, what’s a parent to do to prevent their child or teen from becoming addicted to their cell phone? The answer: cell phone tracking. 

Yes, the thought of using a cell phone tracker app may seem intimidating, but it is really simple to do. There are various cell phone tracking and monitoring apps for parents. One such phone spy app is Minspy. 

Below, we thoroughly examine this cell phone tracker app and provide our Minspy review. We answer parents’ burning questions like is Minspy safe and is Minspy the best cell phone monitoring app?

What Is Minspy?

Minspy is a cell phone spy app for iPhones and Android devices. The Minspy app for Android and iPhone allows the user to view the data and activities happening on the target device. Phone tracking can be done remotely from one’s device. However, to install the Minspy app on the target device, physical access is needed briefly.

The Minspy phone tracker app includes all of the essential monitoring features needed by someone wanting to spy on a phone. One can view text messages, phone call history, the device location, and more via their Minspy login. However, the features included will depend on the plan you purchase and the target device type (iOS or Android).

Pros & Cons of Minspy 


  • No jailbreaking or rooting is required to install the Minspy app. 
  • Remote monitoring and viewing of the target device’s data and information. 
  • Plan purchase includes a 60-day money-back guarantee. 


  • The Minspy phone tracker doesn’t enable monitoring of all popular messaging apps like Kik, Skype, and Telegram. 
  • Doesn’t allow the monitoring of TikTok messages. 
  • The app doesn’t include a blocking feature for websites and apps. 
  • The plan pricing is quite expensive when compared to one-time payment cell phone monitoring apps like Auto-Forward. Pricing varies based on 1, 3, and 12-month plans. 

On the Minspy website, we noticed two things we wanted to expand upon further. One, they state several times you can hide the app icon for stealth monitoring. This means the person you’re monitoring will not notice the app on their phone. However, spying on a device without the owner’s knowledge and permission (except when parents monitor their children) is illegal. 

Also on the Minspy site, they include a button on various pages stating “Sign Up Free”. However, after some investigating, there is NO way to use Minspy for free. This is very shady and misleading on their part. 

Minspy Features

As stated previously, Minspy includes features parents and employers are looking for. 

  • Social Media Messages: View messages sent and received on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. 
  • Text Messages & Private Messaging App: View texts sent on the phone and through messaging apps like WhatsApp and Viber.
  • Call History: See the call history of the target phone – call duration, time/date stamps, and other call details. 
  • Device GPS Tracking: With the Minspy location tracker feature, know the target device’s approximate location in real-time. 
  • Geofence: Highly useful for parents, receive an alert when your child exits a safe zone.
  • Web Browser History: See what sites were visited on the target device.

Auto-Forward vs. Minspy: Which Is The Better Cell Phone Monitoring App?

auto forward vs minspy

So, the question remains – Is Minspy the BEST cell phone monitoring app? From our extensive knowledge of this product and similar ones, we believe Minspy is a good option, but there are better apps out there like Auto-Forward

Auto-Forward exceeds Minspy in several instances including:

  • Price: Auto-Forward is highly affordable only requiring a one-time payment of $29.99 or $69.99 depending on the plan you avail of. 
  • Message Monitoring: Auto-Forward provides messaging monitoring of more apps than Minspy including on Telegram, Tinder, and Skype. 
  • Viewing Photos & Videos: Auto-Forward allows users to view media files stored on the phone. 
  • Blocking: Auto-Forward users can block specific websites and apps from being accessed on the target device. 
  • No Hidden Icon Option: Auto-Forward does not provide the ability to hide the app icon, making the app legal to use. 

Besides the above points, Auto-Forward has been on the market for quite some time while Minspy is newer. Auto-Forward has proven itself as a leader in the cell phone monitoring industry by staying true to its promises, having loyal customers, and continually updating its app to keep up with the times.

As you can see from comparing Auto-Forward to Minspy, Auto-Forward is the clear winner. Minspy isn’t a bad option, but it does lack in several areas it could improve upon. For now, to satisfy your cell phone tracking needs, we recommend you opt to use Auto-Forward. (

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