Micro-Cheating and Its Signs That Could Insinuate Infidelity

The rise of the digital age, with its advanced technology, sophisticated mobile devices, and platforms that somehow tolerate cheating, brought about a new take on the age-old relationship taboo of adultery. The case of micro-cheating is what couples today are wary of and make them want to use a cell phone spy tracker to make sure their relationship is safe from this threat. If you see the signs that tell of this new type of cheating game, then it is time you do a little investigation.

But what is micro-cheating really about? And what are the signs you should be looking for?

Micro-cheating and the Signs to Watch Out for

The modern population is now obsessing over the term “micro-cheating” and are actually freaking out about it, those who are in relationships, specifically. Are their partners guilty of such an act? But what is it really? And how can you tell that your partner is guilty of it?

Micro-cheating, as defined by data expert Melanie Schilling, is “a series of seemingly small actions that indicate a person is emotionally or physically focused on someone outside their relationship.” This would include acts like lying about your relationship status, especially on social media, and consistent contacts with past lovers or another person without the knowledge of your significant other.

While people who engage in this activity may argue that they are not in any way romantically involved with the other person, it can snowball into such a situation. And a strain on the relationship and the partner will be felt significantly. If not prevented, it can cause the destruction of the couple and their relationship.

This is why you should be aware of this and keep it from breaking you and your partner apart. Once you see the signs below, start investigating and confirm it with the help of a cell phone spying app like Auto Forward.

  • Your partner is being secretive.
  • You can see your partner always on his phone, seemingly stalking someone on it, especially on social media.
  • Your partner is quite close to someone else.
  • Your partner starts to distance himself from you.
  • You have a specific person in mind that makes you worried about your partner.

When these signs are present, don’t hesitate to learn how to spy on a cell phone remotely to confirm your hunch. Or it may be too late to prevent micro-cheating from ruining what you and your partner have.

Learn how to use Auto Forward now so you can start investigating any time the signs show themselves.