Messaging Apps Bear The Brunt Of Spying On Cell Phones Text Messages Controversies

Reports of certain messaging apps spying on cell phones text messages have circulated the web recently. In fact, one popular messaging platform has been fined for keeping tabs on its users’ messages. The app owners were quick to deny the accusations but it was evident from the company’s statements that they have indeed been monitoring and keeping chat logs for government surveillance purposes.

The public is crying foul over this revelation and wants their private conversations to remain just that, private. Moreover, this controversy has placed other cell phone messaging programs under suspicion of spying.

Is your messaging app spying on you?

Cell phone spying scandals have instilled fear in many people and have them asking “is someone spying on my cell phone?” “Are my private messages compromised?” “Are all messaging apps spyware?”

Because one social media app was confirmed to spy on its users’ private conversations, people have been reviewing their downloaded and installed apps just to make sure nothing invades their privacy. As it was revealed, many spyware are hiding under the pretense of being an app just so they can spy on you.

These apps are able to access your:

  • Text messages
  • Call logs
  • Location
  • Social media activity and messages
  • Browsing activity

Depending on the spy software, they can access more or less data than those mentioned above.

This situation has caused messaging apps to rethink and revamp their programs so they can change the way users are thinking about them and the negative impact that spying controversies tainted them with.

What can you do to avoid these types of spyware?

Just make sure your device security is tight. Use a password and update your operating system as soon as an update is available.

These spyware do invade a person’s privacy, especially when you don’t know it’s already doing that. Certain cell phone spy app has also been tainted with the negativity that these programs caused.

Although cell phone spy apps were made for monitoring purposes of parents over their children as well as employers over their workers, some use it for the wrong reasons. As long as you have nothing to hide from legal authorities and your reason for the use of a spy app is noble, there is nothing to be worried about.

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