Learn How To Monitor A Cell Phone And Keep Your Kids From Being Suspects Of Sexual Crimes

Children as young as 10 years old are now being investigated by the police for sending nude pictures of themselves to other people which leads to parents quickly learning how to monitor a cell phone in order to know what their kids are up to. With cell phone spy apps, parents can easily and remotely track their children’s mobile device activity and keep them from doing anything dangerous and foolish, such as sending their naked pictures to just about anyone without thinking of its consequences.

Sending Nudes: A Criminal Offense

Taking, sending or possessing a naked picture of a child is a criminal offence, even if the child himself took the photo. Because of this, hundreds of primary school children are now being investigated by the police for this crime. And they are being treated as suspects even if it means criminalizing pupils.

Young children have been using the internet, their mobile devices and social media platforms to send naked pictures of themselves in return for other’s nudes. The reason behind this may not be clear, but children’s curiosity and the influence of others are cited as the reasons.

Furthermore, the names of the children involved in these cases may be permanently etched on their database. This means they may risk having their chances at employment in the future ruined. We certainly hope this is not the case.

Spy Apps to the Rescue

As one of the main reasons why spy apps exist, being parental tools to monitor children’s cell phone use now comes in hand during these cases. And it is during these situations when spying on cell phone is justifiable.

Spyware like Auto Forward will help parents track their children’s cell phone activity by:

  • Having access to all data on the target phone such as photos and videos.
  • Seeing browser and social media activity as well as messaging apps.
  • Being able to read text messages and see call logs.
  • Monitor location through GPS.

The features of a mobile phone spy app are quite helpful and can stop cybercrimes from happening to your child as well as being committed by them. And with these tools, you won’t have to worry about your child being involved in crimes and police investigation. You will be there to guide their use of the internet and their devices responsibly.

So make use of the best spy software today, Auto Forward, and keep your children away from the negative side of technology. Learn more about Auto Forward today. Visit their website.