Know the Amazing Features of Auto Forward Remote Phone Monitoring App

auto_forward.jpgWith all the many mobile monitoring programs available in the market today, you may find it hard to choose the best one. But after reading several reviews on the top rated cell phone monitoring software and programs, you will be convinced that Auto Forward is the best cell phone tracking software today.

Here are the unique features of Auto Forward remote phone monitoring app:

Text Messages

Believe it or not, Auto Forward will upload all the messages that come in and out of your device. This way, you will be able to see even the text messages that have deleted already.

GPS Location

One of the best things you will read from auto forward reviews is its ability to track the target phone within 50 feet of its exact location. Auto Forward uploads GPS positions every 10 minutes, so you can be updated on the location of the device.

Live Control Panel

Auto Forward remote phone monitoring app gives you the ability to modify the advanced settings for logs, display options, time triggers, and so on. The control panel is very easy to access, so you can get the information that you want instantly.

Stealth Camera

Yes, using this top rated cell phone monitoring software, you can secretly activate the camera of the target phone. This means that you can take photos of the surroundings if you want to.

Call Log

If you need a remote phone monitoring app to monitor your employees or your children, the call log feature of Auto Forward is a big help. You can see who have called them and who they have called.

Browser History

This feature allows you to see what websites the owner of the target phone has visited.

Photos and Video Log

Auto Forward gives you the ability to see all the photos taken using the target phone.

Social Networking Logs

You will have access to all the information received from any social media network through the target phone.

Remote Uninstall

If you wish to finish your monitoring activities on the target phone, Auto Forward will let you uninstall the app silently through this feature.

Email Log

Auto Forward remote phone monitoring app allows you to have access to the emails sent and received on the target phone. You can get the email addresses and messages as well.


When you use Auto Forward, you will be able to see every single contact listed on the target phone.

Auto Forward is definitely the best tool for monitoring any mobile phone! Click here to make your purchase now!

Author: Laura Burke

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