Kids’ Apps: Are They Safe Enough As They Say? Or Should You Still Use A Spy Software?

A cell phone spy software is most commonly used by parents to keep their children safe from the risks that the internet and mobile devices entail. But with the development of new apps designed especially for kids, should parents go completely worry-free? Or does this still warrant the use of spy apps in order to monitor and screen young children from inappropriate content?

Kid-friendly Apps

Many child advocates have expressed strong opposition and concern over young children’s use of technology and the internet. In this digital age, it is not surprising seeing children as young as 7 years old already on social networking sites and why many parents resort to cell phone spying. Child advocate groups are saying that kids are simply not ready for social media and that the likes of Facebook should set stricter limits on the younger age group of 13 years old and below.

Because of these, developers have created kid versions of popular applications such as YouTube and Facebook Messenger. But, although these versions are designed to keep children away from inappropriate content, many people are concerned about these programs letting such content slip through and be exposed to young users.

  • YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids is an app specifically developed for kids which makes it easier for them and their parents to find appropriate content that they are interested in.

Many parents, however, were displeased with the app and don’t recommend it to children especially when no parent is around. Countless reports of questionable content and advertisements have been revealed since the app’s launch and even more so this year.

  • Facebook Messenger Kids

Messenger Kids is Facebook’s attempt allowing children to chat in a safe way and gives parent’s control of their kid’s contacts and interactions.

The problem with Messenger Kids, however, is that it can be influenced by Facebook itself. And it is known to be manipulative in a way that it keeps users coming back for more, leading to more negative consequences.

This has led to many organizations campaigning for a commercial-free childhood and discouraging kids’ use of social media and mobile devices altogether. When it can’t be help, parents can use monitoring programs such as Auto Forward to keep track of their children’s device use and activity. With the help of spyware, parents can guide their children better and set stricter limitations on their use of the technology.

The internet is quite helpful but it can be dangerous too. So arm yourself and your kids with the protection that Auto Forward offers. Learn more about this spy software now and visit Auto Forward.