Keep Track Of Your Teens’ Cell Phone Use With A Cell Phone Spy Tracker And Limit Their Screen Time To Keep Them From Being Miserable

If scientists warning you to keep your teenagers’ use of their mobile devices to as short as two hours a day or they’ll grow miserable doesn’t push you to use a cell phone spy tracker, I don’t know what would. Cell phone addiction is quite rampant and very obvious with teens these days. They wouldn’t get caught without their cell phones no matter where they are. And this gets our warning bells ringing.

Cell Phone Addiction and its Consequences

Scientists are recommending that teenagers use their phones for only two hours per day in order to boost happiness. Cell phone addiction has been cited as the reason why many teenagers become miserable today.

The results of a recent study on over one million US children from thirteen to eighteen years old have led experts to believe that the smartphone is creating a generation of unhappy children. The study revealed these significant results:

  • The happiest teenagers were those whose digital media interactions are limited to slightly less than one hour per day.
  • Unhappiness with children rose steadily as screen time increases.
  • Historical trends from the same age group in previous years coincided with a general decrease in happiness in teenagers.
  • The increased use of digital media gave way to a decline in inter-personal activities as well as sleep.

The decrease in teenagers’ psychological well-being due to their use of mobile devices is quite alarming. This warrants the use of a cell phone technology like Auto Forward that lets parents track their kids’ use of the device and limit their interaction with it.

Being able to monitor your children’s use of smartphones with the best phone spy will help you set rules and limit their use of it. Along with proper guidance and encouragement, children can stay away from the negative side of technology.

Keep your youngster healthy both in body and mind by limiting their screen time and keeping them active with exercise and the outdoors. Give them activities to enjoy with others which will not only keep them busy and happy but will also improve their social skills.

Let phone monitoring apps like Auto Forward help you with this parenting task. Learn more about this helpful tool and keep your teens happier and healthier. Visit Auto Forward now and know how track your kids’ use of their mobile devices.