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Is Kik Safe To Use? 2022 Guide

Every device like cell phones comes with a text messaging app/feature built-in. However, many people opt to use third-party applications from the App Store or Google Play. The most popular ones utilized today include Skype, WhatsApp and Kik Messenger.

With the Kik App, the users are not only adults but children as well. However, is Kik safe to use? Read on to learn the answer and about this chat app.

What Is Kik?

The Kik app allows users to group chat, chat one-on-one, and chat with a bot. Within chats, users get access to platform GIFS and emojis and can share links, texts, photos and videos. On a Kik user’s profile, they have the option to share personal information including their name, birth date, and more. Upon signing up, they could connect their Kik account with their phone number to find friends on the app.

Current Kik Security and Privacy Features

Block List

With Block List, Kik users can block other accounts on the app. The reasons for this can vary, but typically include harassment, not knowing the person, and receiving spam/unwanted messages.

Block Unwanted Messages

Just like most messaging apps, Kik users will often receive unwanted messages directly or within public or private groups. If you no longer want to receive messages from someone, you can choose to stop receiving messages from them.

Report A User or Message

If it has gotten to the point that a user is harassing, threatening, or spamming you, you can utilize the reporting feature. With it, you can report a user or message and will be prompted to provide a reason (I don’t want to talk to them, this is a spam bot, this person is being abusive, and includes chat history.)

Safety Concerns With Using Kik

Unwanted Messages From Other Users

People utilize messaging apps to communicate with friends and family, not to receive unwanted messages. Most of these messages are innocent, but often they are not. They could be from people wanting to sext, obtain your personal information or spambots. These messages could lead to some serious issues like harassment, identity theft, and account/device hacking.

Kik Account Getting Hacked

Any account is susceptible to being hacked, including on Kik. Kik, just like most apps, has done what it can to ensure its platform is secure against hackers. However, individuals could expose their accounts to being hacked without realizing it. They could share their account login information with a friend or connect to a public Wi-Fi network that’s compromised.

Children Being Exposed To Dangers

As we have stated, Kik is commonly used by children to message with friends and like-minded people. However, apps like Kik open them up to dangers including scammers, identity theft, hacking, child exploitation, and sexual predators.

Kik Code

Kik users can generate a code for their account that links to their profile. This makes it easier for them to connect with friends and family within the app. However, if the Kik code gets into the wrong hands or is publicly shared online, anyone will know a specific person’s Kik profile.

Public and Private Groups

Groups are great to connect with friends, family, and those with similar interests. However, those within the same Kik group can view other user’s profiles and send them messages. This can develop into a sticky situation if the person sending the messages is a predator, hacker, or spammer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kik Safety

Why Is Kik So Dangerous?

Similar to other messaging apps, Kik risks users being the victims of hacking, predators, identity thieves, scammers, and spambots. As long as users utilize the app safely, they should not encounter these dangers.

Can You Be Tracked On Kik?

No, Kik and Kik users cannot track platform users. However, law enforcement tracking Kik users will vary on a state-by-state basis.

Can You Be Scammed On Kik?

All Kik users are susceptible to being scammed on the platform. Starting with a simple message, scammers may message users to try and obtain their account or personal information.

Is Kik Really Anonymous?

Yes and no. When you sign-up, you can create any username and upload any profile photo to hide your identity. However, if you are in someone’s phone contact and they link their phone number to their Kik account, it will let them know you are on the app.

Does Kik Give Out Your Location?

Kik cannot give out your location. Users are only able to share their current location with those they are chatting with.

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Author: Michelle Whalen

I am a mother two who has had her ups and downs raising them. I want to share my words of wisdom with other struggling parents.