Installing A No Jailbreak Cell Phone Location Tracker App

Android VS iOS

Searching for a cell phone locator free online can be a dangerous thing especially for iPhones. There’s a big chance that it will backfire and cause trouble with your phone. Before you attempt any phone monitoring, you have to understand the differences in phones, operating system and software.

This is for people that don’t know the operating system or OS of their phones. There are two main operating systems in the market. There’s the android OS phones and the iOS for Apple devices. There’s a third operating system that’s being introduced which is Tizen and another old OS for very old phones which is Symbian. For now, we’ll talk about Android and iOS.

Monitoring Android Phones

If your phone belongs to brands such as Samsung, Oppo, Asus, Sony, Motorola and more, chances are it’s running on Android OS. You can find monitoring apps in the market for Android phones such as PhoneSpector or Highster Mobile. What’s great about android phones is that a build is easy to modify and monitor. However, it also means you have to use a different method for every build out there and every phone model has a different one. That’s why monitoring apps like PhoneSpector work because it can target all those builds.

Monitoring iOS or Apple Devices

Moving on to Apple devices. The iOS is a special operating system that is exclusive only to iPhones and iPads or most of the Apple devices. There can be one build for that Apple devices which would make it vulnerable to hackers in theory. Since Apple knows that, they’ve beefed up the security protocols which make it harder to install pirated or modified apps and even a cell phone location tracker.

If you really want to install those type of apps, then you need to jailbreak the phone. This means getting root access to be able to install a monitoring app. Unfortunately, it’s costly to jailbreak an iPhone or you could do it yourself for free but the risks of destroying the phone is high.

How to Monitor an iPhone without Jailbreaking

Thankfully, there is a way to monitor an iPhone without jailbreaking. The Auto Forward app is capable of no-jailbreak installation to the target phone. You can see text messages, pics, videos and more with the monitoring app. You can find out more about the app at the Auto Forward website. It has information on no-jailbreak installation as well as how to monitor an iPhone with or without Apple ID and password.

Author: Liam King

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