Is Instagram Safe Like They Say? Or Do I Have To Get Spying Devices For Cell Phones Of My Kids?

Facebook may be full of evil when unsupervised kids use it and is probably the reason why many parents use spying devices for cell phones just to monitor their children’s social media activity. But what about Instagram? Do parents have to worry as much as they worry about Facebook?

Dangers of Social Media to Young Children

It is no secret that social media does have a lot of negative sides and is quite dangerous to innocent minds, especially to young kids. We wouldn’t want our children to be exposed to many explicit and inappropriate content as well as be subject to cyber bullies and sex offenders like many have experienced with Facebook. These are just some of the dangers you will be introduced to once you start using social media

However, as long as you know how to handle these things and use social media responsibly, you will enjoy what these programs can give you. And this is where the problem arises from. Children often forget the proper use of Facebook and Instagram which leaves them vulnerable to cyber criminals.

So to keep children protected from the risks of using these technologies, parents resort to using the best spy apps for cell phones, like Auto Forward.

Instagram and Its Risks to Children

Instagram, as compared to Facebook and other networking sites, is a little less scary for kids. It is actually the most popular social media platform for teenagers and pre-teen kids. And parents think “it’s just pictures”. What they don’t know is that their children are also at risk when using this networking app. Here’s why:

  • Kids can get bullied and the bullies don’t usually get caught.
  • Other social media platform and search engines can be accessed without leaving Instagram.
  • Children can see video sex and other X-rated content.
  • Parents can’t set any restrictions since there are no parental controls on Instagram.

As you can see, there are many risks associated with using Instagram. Parents should indeed be worried just as much as they do with Facebook and use a software to spy on cell phone of their children.

Having something to monitor your children’s cell phone activities with no matter where you are is a great help. Not only will you be able to protect them and keep them safe, but you will also be able to guide them well. Keep track of your kids with the best spyware today, Auto Forward. Learn more about this amazing program that parents can use on their kids. Visit Auto Forward now.