Important Security Tips for Your Samsung Galaxy S5

Compared to Apple, Android gives its users a lot more freedom to control and customize their devices. While this is something that many people appreciate about Android devices, like Samsung Galaxy S5, there are drawbacks to this as well – security issues. When you are able to download and install almost anything on your device, there is no doubt it will be at risk of security breach. Meanwhile, security is what Apple guarantees their users through the exclusivity of their iOS. Now the question is if it’s enough to know how to monitor a cell phone to keep your Galaxy S5 safe?

How to Secure Your Samsung Galaxy S5

1. Enable an alphanumeric password.

By enabling the alphanumeric password feature of your phone, you are making your device inaccessible to anyone but you. The exception to this, of course, is for emergency calls. You should also enable a password to encrypt your phone, which is an excellent way to boost your phone security. When choosing a password, make sure that it cannot be guessed by anyone who want to access your phone without your consent.

2. Install mobile antivirus software.

Although Android malware and other mobile phone viruses are not that common yet, it’s always better to be prepared by installing a free antivirus app. You can check online for a variety of reliable antivirus software for mobile devices.

3. Activate ‘Find My Mobile’.

This is an anti-theft feature that is applicable to all devices running on Android. Through this app, you can remotely locate your device through its GPS chip. You may also lock your device remotely using a password, and the best of all, you can control the device so that it would emit a loud ring.

4. Install a mobile monitoring software program.

To take your phone security measures to a higher level, it is recommended that you install a program that allows you to monitor a cell phone from your computer. Mobile monitoring software is very popular these days as a means for some individuals to monitor another mobile device. You will download and install the software on your own phone.

With a mobile phone monitoring app, you will be able to use its features to locate your phone just in case it goes missing. You will be able to see the text messages in it, the call logs, and even its real time location through its GPS tracker.

All these amazing features and functions are available in an Auto Forward phone tracker. This is your most important tool against thieves who would want to steal your personal and confidential information.

Author: Michelle Whalen

I am a mother two who has had her ups and downs raising them. I want to share my words of wisdom with other struggling parents.