If Facebook Spies on Your Messages, Shouldn’t You be Spying on Cell Phone of your Child, too?

Facebook is facing a lot of crisis when news of the popular app was revealed to be spying on cell phone and messages on Messenger. It was news that rocked the whole world, and still does as of the moment, especially when Facebook revealed that they will continue to monitor call and text data of Android users who allowed it to access their phone contacts.

Although, this breach of confidentiality was revealed to the world, people still continue using the social media app. After all, Facebook justified their act by saying collecting data was an opt-in feature intended to help users find and stay connected with friends and family.

The Facebook Spying Controversy

Facebook’s collection of call and text metadata was revealed by a software developer, Dylan McKay, who tweeted his discovery when he was able to download his own data.

The in-demand social media app said that they are scanning users’ Messenger conversations, including text chats, pictures, and links, in an effort to ensure that people play by its rules. And they will continue to do so. They even went as far as saying that most of their 2 billion users should assume that their data is compromised in one way or another.

So if you are not bothered by the fact the Facebook monitors your messages, then you can continue using the app.

Spying on your Children’s Phones

Facebook has confirmed the spying scandal as true and that their monitoring of messages on Messenger will continue. So, if other people have been spying on your messages, shouldn’t you also be cell phone spying on your children?

The world wide web is a dangerous place for kids. That’s why it is important for parents to keep tabs on what their children are doing on their phones.

Be aware of these dangers that children can face while they are on their phones.

  • Cyber Bullying
  • Sexual Predators
  • Identity Theft
  • Child Pornography
  • Inappropriate Content
  • Anxiety and Depression

And this list is not complete. It just goes to show that parent’s guidance is essential when they decide on handing their children their own mobile devices. They should be able to know a phone cloning software that lets them track their kids’ activities so they can protect them from cyber criminals.

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