how to monitor a cell phone without having it

How To Monitor A Cell Phone From Your Own Device

One of today’s hottest topics is cell phone monitoring. It’s common for parents and employers to do this in order to protect their children or businesses. Parents don’t want their children at risk of being cyberbullied or targeted by online criminals. Employers want to protect their business from bad employees or private information being leaked. However, it is often asked if it’s possible monitor a cell phone from your own device? Below, we discuss this question further and how to properly monitor a cell phone.

Is It Possible To Remotely Monitor A Phone? 

Yes! It’s completely possible to monitor a phone remotely. Using a phone monitoring app, you can view a smartphone’s data from your own cell phone, tablet, or computer. One such monitoring app you can use is Auto Forward

With it, you’ll be able to view practically all of the information stored on a cell phone. This includes text messages, installed apps, photos, videos, call logs, and more! The data is accessible via your personal Auto Forward control panel.

Auto Forward excels above the rest by having the ability to work on the latest Android smartphones and iPhones, along with their operating systems. Below, are devices you can use this cell phone monitoring application on. 

  • Compatible Android Devices:
    • Runs on Android 3 – 9
    • LG, Motorola, Samsung, HTC, Google Pixel, and other Android smartphones.
  • Compatible iPhones (all versions):
    • Runs on iOS 7 – 13 
    • iPhone 5 – 11

Now that you know that it’s possible to monitor cell phone from your own device, let’s discuss how you can use Auto Forward to do so. 

How To Monitor A Cell Phone

For iPhone:

Prior to purchasing, make sure the iPhone you’re looking to monitor is compatible. You don’t need physical access to the target iPhone, and you can monitor it from any device. 

  • Purchase the Auto Forward iPhone Monitoring App, download and install the app. 
  • Open the email you received from the company and log onto your control panel. 
  • Enter the target iPhone owner’s iCloud credentials (Apple ID and password). 
  • Request that the iPhone monitoring software extract the target iPhone’s data. 
  • After this, double check that the monitoring app is properly connected to the target device. You should now be able to view the information on your control panel. 
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For Android:

Just like with the iPhone software, check to make sure the target Android device is compatible, and you will be able to spy on it from any device. Side Note: You will need physical access to install Auto Forward’s Android Monitoring App. However, monitoring can be done without the phone in-hand. 

  • Purchase the Auto Forward Android Monitoring App
  • Open the email sent by Auto Forward after your purchase was made. 
  • Text message or email the provided over-the-air link to the target Android smartphone. 
  • Click the link on the target phone, and enter your product license key.
  • Follow the prompts as directed, and installation is complete!
  • On your own device, log into your Auto Forward control panel to ensure the data is being retrieved and can be viewed. 
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What Smartphone Activities Can You Monitor? 

There are countless cell phone activities you can monitor using Auto Forward spy software. The data you can view does depend on what type of device you’re spying on, and what Auto Forward package you purchase. As a side note, this app cannot be used as a call recorder as it is not permitted by law. 

Key Features: 

  • Call Logs:
    • View incoming and outgoing phone calls. 
    • Restrict the phone from receiving calls from certain numbers. 
  • Text Messages and Messaging Apps:
    • Read and view the contents of SMS, MMS, Hangouts, iMessages, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Kik, LINE, Skype, and Whatsapp messages. 
  • Photos and Videos: View multimedia files received and stored on the target device. 
  • Phone Location:
    • View the target phone’s real-time GPS location. 
    • Set safe locations using the Geo-Fencing feature. 
  • Emails: Read all inbox and sent emails. 
  • Contacts & Calendar:
    • See a person’s upcoming calendar events. 
    • View the contacts saved on the cell phone. 
    • Read all notes taken. 
  • Online Activity:
    • See Wi-Fi networks the phone is connected to. 
    • Set-up online search keyword alerts. 
    • View browsing, search, and bookmark history.
    • Block the target phone owner from visiting certain websites. 
  • Phone Apps:
    • Using the keylogger feature, you can obtain the login information for apps. 
    • View all apps installed on the cell phone. 
    • Block the use of certain applications. 

Now you know how to spy on a cell phone without having it and what it entails. If you need any help understanding Auto Forward phone monitoring software, the installation process, or features, visit or contact their support team

Author: Liam King

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