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How To Block Inappropriate Content Online

The internet is an excellent place for our children to learn and connect with friends or family all around the world. With millions of sites and people using the internet, parents need to make sure that their children are safe while surfing the web. Every time your child is online, they are exposed to explicit content. Thankfully, many sites and apps are being updated to have parental controls and safety features. Now let’s take a look at what inappropriate content is and ways that you can protect your child from it.

What Is Inappropriate Content?

The term inappropriate content refers to anything on the internet that is not suitable for children. It may depend on the age of your child to determine which content is not appropriate. The content can appear in the form of images, videos, articles, and websites. This content may include but is not limited to pornography, swearing, vandalism, racism, bullying, terrorism, violent content, gambling, or related to animal cruelty. 

How To Tell If Kids Are Exposed

It is hard to monitor all online activities children participate in. One way to check what your children are doing on their internet is to view their browser history or recent activity on their devices. By looking at their browsing history, you will be able to see the websites they have been viewing or the latest activity on the device.

However, this may not show you if they are accessing inappropriate content because you can clear browsing history from devices or specific apps. Kids are going to continue to browse the internet freely, but as parents, we need to be educated and aware of what our kids are doing online. 

Tips To Block This Content

Many parents are using various techniques to block this content on computers and smart devices. Many apps have created parental controls and safety settings to help parents and make technology use safer. The internet and social media are filled with content, but how are parents able to filter out all of the content they don’t want their kids to be exposed to?

– Check Browser History

By checking the browser history, you can see what your kids are looking at online. You’ll be able to see if they’re visiting sites they should be. If they continue to visit these sites, you may want to block them altogether.     

– Use Website Blockers

Many parents have invested in browser monitoring software that will help block out content and sites that are not suitable for younger kids. All apps have different features that are tailored to business or personal use. This will eliminate any access to places online that you don’t want your kids to go to. Make sure to know the best website blocker apps and keep all inappropriate sites blocked.     

– Use A Phone Monitoring App

Another useful tool parents are using is cell phone monitoring apps that can help track mobile device activities. There are many valuable features that can help parents make sure their kids are not doing anything that they shouldn’t be. One popular monitoring app parents love is Auto Forward

– Enable SafeSearch

SafeSearch will filter out any explicit content in the Google search results. This way, any explicit results that appear such as websites, videos, and photos will not appear.

– Use Kid-Friendly Apps

Many apps like YouTube and Facebook Messenger have versions of apps that you can install on your child’s smart devices. For example, there’s YouTube Kids for viewing kid-friendly video content, and Messenger Kids for safe messaging with friends and family. 

Parents are always worried about protecting their children, including with what they see online. By many parental controls, safety features, and specific apps, you can block your child from viewing inappropriate content. Using these tips, you can make the internet and smart device use safe for your children. 

Laura Burke

Author: Laura Burke

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