Get To Know Auto Forward Mobile Phone Spy App

A mobile phone spy app that can access someone else’s cell phone is right at the tip of your hands. Auto Forward is apparently among the best spyware out in the market. I bet you’re looking forward to knowing about its major perks.

Whether it’s for tracking your kids at school or for monitoring your employees in the workplace, Auto Forward is something that you are going to require in making sure that your household and your workplace are running smoothly.

What makes Auto Forward special?

Auto Forward is different from other competitors because it provides its users the easiest program that a cell phone spy app can ever have. All first-timers are tempted to use it the moment they heard of it. The design of the dashboard is not complicated to manage. You can identify all the buttons without much difficulty. Rest assured that you will be able to operate on the app without much hassle and inconvenience.

How to use Auto Forward

In order for you to use Auto Forward as a mobile phone spy app, you must secure a host device. The host device could be a cell phone, a tablet, a laptop, or a desktop. This device is what you’re going to use in monitoring the target phone remotely. You will also need a stable internet connection in order for the app to function in general.

Auto Forward Installation

Follow the easy and quick installation process:

  1. Purchase the software from a reliable source. Make sure that you choose a trusted website.
  2. Download the purchased file into the host device.
  3. A link will be provided for the initiation of the installation in the target phone.
  4. Enter the license key and the required information about the target phone.
  5. Configure the app settings. Specific arrangements can be applied according to your preferred notification schedule.

Amazing Features

These are the features of Auto Forward:

  • Spy on phone number and other phone storage details such as photos, videos, etc.
  • View all calls logs, caller details, and date and time of the call
  • Read all recent, old, and deleted text messages
  • Read all recent, old, and deleted emails with complete contact information
  • Prompt a GPS location tracking system
  • Review search history in the mobile browser
  • Notifies on recent searches
  • Monitor social media activities
  • Access all installed and running mobile applications
  • Camera stealth feature
  • A remote phone lock feature
  • Remote uninstallation and blocking of prohibited apps especially for kids

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Author: Laura Burke

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